The night temperature fell quick but Lin Ruoxi felt exceptionally warm on Yang Chen’s back.
Because of that, Lin Ruoxi had fallen asleep somewhere in the middle of their journey to the top of the hill.
But in her defense, it was hard not to do so as the cool breeze on his warm back made her very drowsy. She felt as though she was being cradled and rocked rhythmically to the bounce of his steps.
Yang Chen gave an empty laugh when he realized it and resorted to carrying her back down the hill.
He chose to lift her at his front so that her chest wouldn’t keep rubbing against him. He wouldn’t have been able to hold himself back otherwise. She was just that attractive.
Yang Chen took off her slippers and placed her on the bed when he reached home. Before he left, Yang Chen pecked her forehead as a good night kiss.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t manage to get any amount of good sleep in the last few days due to Jane’s incident and not knowing how to deal with Yang Chen.
Exhaustion washed over her like a wave and she slept soundly, freed from her troubles.
Yang Chen took a cold shower when he returned to his room.
But before he could lie down on his bed, his phone rang.
He picked up his phone and realized the call was from Tang Wan.
“You heartless man!”
Tang Wan’s complaints were heard the moment he answered the call.
Yang Chen’s lips tightened. “Darling, what happened? Did Tang Tang upset you?”
Tang Wan grumbled. “You can accompany An Xin in the day and carry your wife up the hill but you don't have the time for me? Ask yourself, when was the last time you accompanied me ever since you got back from Beijing?! Do you think I’m an easy target just because I keep quiet about it? Why don’t I visit every day and piss your wife off!”
It dawned on him when he heard her complaints. She must have seen him carrying Lin Ruoxi up the hill.
That was understandable since their villa was right behind the hill.
Yang Chen laughed awkwardly. “Wan Wan, don’t be angry. You know how insensitive I can be at times. Plus I was worried that you would be awkward with me since Tang Tang was around.”
“Stop trying to find an excuse. If you really cared about Tang Tang being around, you wouldn’t have courted me, would you?” Tang Wan huffed. “Thank god I don’t need a man to pay my bills, so don’t find me ever again! We’re done!”
She hung up immediately after saying that.
Yang Chen got nervous when she said that. He thought, She’s obviously throwing a tantrum, looks like any woman would feel insecure.
Yang Chen wouldn’t let them be done for real. He knew that Tang Wan definitely didn’t mean it.
So he jumped off the balcony after throwing some clothes on.
Wasn’t this a perfect chance for a surprise attack since she hadn’t fallen asleep yet?
When he got to Tang Wan’s villa, just as he predicted, her room was still brightly lit!
Yang Chen smirked, as expected of Tang Wan for calling him over in such a special way.
It took a while for someone to answer the door after he rang the doorbell.
“Why are you here, didn’t I say we’re done?” Tang Wan stood by the door with a poker face.
Yang Chen didn’t reply. Instead, he stared at her sleeping gown which separated him from her body!
The gown flaunted her curves which were clearly visible under the thin layer of cloth. Her milky-white skin shone under the moonlight, seducing him alongside the amorous vibe that she was emitting.
“What are you looking at? Why bother looking at me when you have a hot wife at home?” Tang Wan said snidely, yet she couldn’t help but blush under his gaze.
Yang Chen licked his lips and said to her, ignoring her bitter tone, “Come on, I’m already here so stop acting like a kid. Where’s Tang Tang? Is she asleep?”
Tang Wan caught on quick. “Tang Tang slept ages ago. Are you here just to do that kind of thing? When was I acting like a kid?”
“That's the only thing I can do with you other than eat supper since it’s already so late. But you’re already curvy enough so supper is out of the question. Why don’t we do some exercise?” Yang Chen moved in closer to her. He couldn’t get enough of her fragrance.
Tang Wan stepped back instinctively, feeling slightly nervous. “You… Don’t act hastily, I’m still mad at you!”
“We can still do it even if you’re angry.” Yang Chen giggled and pulled her into his arms.
Tang Wan couldn’t help but moan when his hands caressed her body. Her body tensed and every part that he touched felt hot.
“Yang Chen you… you big bully! You’re only here for this and leave me after that. Am I just a plaything to you?” Tang Wan struggled to break free.
Yang Chen nibbled on her earlobe. “Don’t be angry, I’ll make sure to let you know next time no matter what, alright?”
“That’s better…” Tang Wan wasn’t really angry. She was just throwing a tantrum just so that he would pay attention to her.
Tang Wan was already submitting herself to him. At first, she would still struggle to express her annoyance but when Yang Chen snuck his hands under her gown and fondled her breast, she relaxed into him and allowed him to do as he pleased…
Her cherry lips pressed against his neck, leaving her marks everywhere.
Her body had been resculpted under Yang Chen’s care and training so now she had a seductive mature body yet it was filled with energy like a young lady!
Yang Chen twirled her around in excitement and pushed her down on the sofa!
Her sleeping gown rolled up her legs as she wrapped them around his waist.
“You… you’re so shameless. First it was the kitchen, now it’s the living room…”
Tang Wan huffed with a flushed face.
“It’s not the same. I mean if you’d like, we could also have a wild battle WIon the grass outside. It’s not like anyone could see us,” Yang Chen whispered in her ears.
Tang Wan whimpered and struggled to break free. She might not be young but she wasn’t experienced, so how could she win over him?
Yang Chen snickered and made his advances after taking off his clothes!
Moments later the room was filled with Tang Wan’s excited shrieks and Yang Chen’s heavy breathing!
Somehow they had changed their location upstairs and continued their lovemaking session on Tang Wan’s bed.
Once a woman of her age got aroused, it was like unleashing Pandora’s box!
Who knew that she could act so crazy underneath her cold and rational appearance!
It was as though she was caught in a typhoon, sinking inside a pool of wildness. Only Yang Chen could save her from her loneliness by penetrating her!
It was bound to be a long and sleepless night for both of them.