Their lovemaking session lasted till the early break of dawn. Her chest seemed to have grown in size from the continuous stimulation that she had endured.
Her face was flushed and she moaned continuously but it wasn’t enough to express what she was feeling on the inside.
Yang Chen kept penetrating her, which made her body feel as though she was a boat floating on rough waves!
Tang Wan couldn’t even remember how many times she had reached climax, each one more intense than the one before!
She could feel fluid flowing out of her, which showed how excited she was. In fact, it was the best lovemaking session she had ever experienced.
She was accepting Yang Chen with her own wholeheartedly.
But Tang Wan felt slightly disappointed that Yang Chen was still taking the lead. She wanted to know what it would be like if she took charge for once.
So she flipped their roles around and pressed on Yang Chen’s chest to keep him down. “I want to be in the lead this time. Play dead and don’t move!”
“Can’t I touch you?” Yang Chen pointed at her sensitive spot.
“No!” Tang Wan yelled. “You can only move when I say so.”
Yang Chen smiled lightly as he thought, Well, what’s the harm? I’m not tired but it’s an enjoyment to watch her performance.
Tang Wan straddled him and he went straight into her. She felt as though her soul was being ripped from her body and tossed into the atmosphere!
Tang Wan couldn't help but shudder and fell on top of Yang Chen’s broad chest!
“How much more can you take?” Yang Chen teased her and twisted his waist slightly.
“You… I told you not to move! Also, never ask a woman if she can continue!”
Yang Chen almost cracked up. Wasn’t that meant for guys?
Tang Wan grumbled internally. Dammit, did it grow bigger? Just how much can this man take?
But she couldn’t be bothered anymore, so she moved according to how she felt and the rest of her body followed…
Her flexible body was finally showing its true abilities as she twisted around. Slowly, she could feel herself entering into another realm. It was a beautiful and exciting one, causing her to fall deeper and deeper into it.
But at last, Yang Chen growled and shot his load inside her. Tang Wan moaned, unable to control herself. She shuddered while holding her breath, her face filled with an expression that looked like a mixture of pain and bliss.
Tang Wan rested her head on his chest while reeling in the last few moments of pleasure that she was able to endure. She could barely calm herself down. It was as though that blissful feeling was imprinted into her mind and she found herself being uncontrollably obsessed with it.
Moments later, Yang Chen sighed and caressed her hair. He felt warmth at his chest when he looked at her flushed cheeks.
Tang Wan opened her eyes and looked at Yang Chen with an affectionate gaze. He was greater than she thought. He was not only a skilled cultivator but a master in bed as well.
She might not be very experienced at this but she could fulfill her curiosity by reading it online. Through that, she knew that not all women would reach orgasm during lovemaking, but she did every time she was with Yang Chen. This fact alone was attractive enough, let alone that Yang Chen was her lover.
“Satisfied now? You’re not angry anymore right?” Yang Chen kissed her forehead while smiling.
Tang Wan chided and bit her lip while giving him a flirtatious look. “I’ll tell you when I’ve calmed down.”
“You look tired so why don’t we rest now? It’s already late!” Yang Chen caressed her hair and told her.

“Hmm…” Tang Wan twister her body and moaned suddenly. It was a long one and completely seductive!
“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen was startled.
“Your… your thing… It’s still inside me, and… it got bigger!” Tang Wan was about to cry as she stuttered with a flushed face.
Yang Chen sighed. “It's your fault since you didn’t take it out earlier.”
“What should I do then?” Tang Wan couldn’t think straight so she didn’t realize how dumb she sounded!
Yang Chen laughed wickedly in response. “Well, we better take care of it shouldn’t we?”
Obviously Yang Chen wouldn’t listen to her and minutes later another session had started.
The next morning, Yang Chen opened his eyes while lying on Tang Wan’s bed. The room was filled with the intoxicating scent of their lovemaking session.
Yang Chen felt so energized after having a good sleep.
He licked his lips when he smelled something tasty coming from downstairs. It seemed like Tang Wan had gone down to cook lunch.
Yang Chen ran downstairs excitedly after putting on clothes just in time for Tang Wan to exit the kitchen wearing a pink apron. She was carrying two dishes into the dining hall.
Tang Wan blushed as though she was reminded of the crazy night from yesterday, but decided to pretend like it was nothing and motioned toward Yang Chen. “Go wash your hands and have lunch, I made chicken soup.”
Yang Chen went behind her and chuckled while saying, “I’m not washing them.”
“Why not?” Tang Wan turned around in confusion.
“Because there is still the milky scent of your body on them.” Yang Chen smiled suggestively.
Tang Wan’s ears went red too and she yelled at him while pinching his waist. “Pervert!”
Yang Chen burst into laughter. He was not aware that Tang Wan had a weakness for teasing. This was a different side of her, a starking contrast from her usual generous appearance.
Tang Wan relaxed after a while and sat down on the table. She served rice with a chicken drumstick for Yang Chen and they enjoyed their lunch together.
“Where’s Tang Tang?” Yang Chen asked curiously.
Tang Wan gave him a look. “Look at the time now. Yuan Ye picked her up hours ago. They are so lovey-dovey now and I bet she can’t wait to get married even before she graduates from university.”
“That’s not surprising since Yuan Ye loves her so much that he would die for her. He's rich, handsome, and has a great personality to boot. A man like him will be welcomed anywhere. Sigh… my cousin is great like me except for the fact that he’s not really a philanthropist,” Yang Chen said boldly without a hint of shame.


Tang Wan choked on her food. She covered her mouth in annoyance, trying to clean the mess. She looked over and scolded him. “Can you not be so shameless at the lunch table?!”