People started staring at them in bewilderment.
“Hongyan, calm down and tell us what happened…” Lin Ruoxi’s face darkened.
Zhao Hongyan bit her lip and shuffled closer to Lin Ruoxi. She choked up and said, “Lu Yao… she’s… she’s dead!”
Lin Ruoxi froze. Her eyes widened with disbelief!
“How could this be? D—dead?”
Yang Chen heard what happened and immediately went into deep thought. He wrapped his arms around Zhao Hongyan’s shoulders and said, “Tell me what happened in detail.”
Tears pooled in her eyes and she shook her head vigorously. “I… I don’t know. I walked in and I saw her… She was covered in blood.”
Suddenly, high pitched shrieks were heard from the back!
A few waitresses ran into the hall while screaming, “There’s a dead person here! Lu Yao’s dead! She’s dead!”
The hall turned into a complete mess as people started panicking at the revelation.
Everyone looked towards Lin Ruoxi, seeking for a confirmation.
But they soon realized it was true when they saw her stiff and pale expression! There really was a dead person here!
Rich people were more often than not afraid to die. They were afraid to give up the possessions that they had worked for!
Some of the investors even threw their wine glasses away and tried to flee. They couldn’t be bothered to care about what really happened and only wanted to leave this place!
On the other hand, the reporters saw the commotion and quickly ran to the scene of the supposed crime!
The celebrity Lu Yao was dead. She was seen fine not five minutes ago but was now deemed dead! What better news would they receive than this?!
The whole situation fell out of control in a short moment and Lin Ruoxi stared at the crowd while grinding her teeth. She wasn’t familiar with situations like this, let alone dealing with it. So she looked at Yang Chen helplessly.
Yang Chen narrowed his eyes and said, “Contact the police and have them keep everyone in order. I’ll check out the place. Ruoxi, take care of the commotion here and I’ll settle the rest.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded firmly and brought Zhao Hongyan up onto the stage. It would be easier to give out orders using the microphone.
Hui Lin wasn’t afraid of things like this but she knew something was wrong. “Brother Yang, is there anything that I can help with?”
“You’re a public figure so it would be best if you stayed out of it. Take your manager and return home first…” Yang Chen told her.
Hui Lin had no choice but to leave the place with her workers since Yang Chen didn’t need her help.
Yang Chen then made his way to the back and brushed past the reporters. But no one saw him because of the commotion.
After a turn at the corridor, Yang Chen was already in front of the door that had a card that wrote ‘Lu Yao’. The door was slightly ajar, most probably because Zhao Hongyan was too shocked to close it.
Yang Chen walked into the room after confirming that the coast was clear.
He locked the door from the inside and began his inspection.
The design in this lounge had a classic but luxurious theme, probably because it was designed for VIPs. But the design was the last thing that he was there to examine. Lu Yao’s dead body was his primary concern.
She was still wearing the fiery red dress but had splashes of blood littered all over it!
There was a striking red wound on her neck, one that sliced through her carotid artery. Her face was completely twisted and her eyes were wide open.
Yang Chen looked around and saw the handle of a fruit knife sticking under the sofa.
Just when he was about to take a closer look, someone knocked on the door loudly.
“Open the door! Open the door! We’re reporters and we have the right to know the truth!”
It would seem that the reporters had found their way to the room.
Yang Chen frowned and with a mischievous glint in his eyes, he opened the door.
The moments he opened the door, he was greeted by camera flashes!
Yang Chen had already anticipated this but he took a swift glance at all the cameras in the room…
A series of explosions resounded throughout the room. One by one, the cameras exploded in the hands of the reporters!
Although he wasn’t planning on using his cultivation, Yang Chen was left with no other way to deal with the reporters.
And with that, all the photos went down the drain.
The reporters looked at each other in shock.
Yang Chen said with a mysterious voice, “As you all can see, Lu Yao died in a miserable way and I suspect that there's a ghost in the room. I wanted to take a photo earlier but my phone exploded too. You guys must have seen something like this before right?”

It sounded very superstitious and the reporters wouldn’t have bought such a far fetched story. But how else were they going to rationalize their cameras exploding in their hands?
They gulped nervously. The whole incident was mysterious enough and now that their cameras were ruined. It was obviously time to leave. After all, what was the point of writing news articles if there weren’t any photos to back themselves up?
“What the heck! This is crazy!”

The reporters couldn’t help but curse. They threw their ruined cameras and ran out hysterically.
The remaining reporters saw what they did and joined them too, realizing that their lives were more important than this.
Yang Chen guarded the room until Lin Ruoxi came over with the person in charge.

“Did you call the police? We need to run some tests on the things here…” Yang Chen said.
Lin Ruoxi nodded and looked into the room. She didn’t dare to stare too long at the corpse. it was still unbearable for her although she had seen a few just by being with Yang Chen.
She sighed and said worriedly, “Things are going to get worse. Based on her popularity, the whole of China would know that she died at one of Yu Lei’s events.”
Yang Chen sneered. “Isn’t that what the murderer wants?”
Lin Ruoxi thought about this too and she held her forehead. “I can’t think of anyone who would kill Lu Yao just to take us down. Plus the guards said they didn’t see anyone suspicious so how did the person do this without being caught on camera?”
“It’d make sense if he wasn’t human,” Yang Chen said with a detached tone.
Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes and whispered, “Are you saying that it might be the work of those that cultivate? The ones you mentioned?”
Yang Chen shrugged. “Don’t think so. He’s not that skilled. I’m not sure so let's wait for the detectives to run some tests. Anyway just relax, we can only find out the truth to prove our innocence in murder cases like this.”
Lin Ruoxi had no choice so she could only try to calm the others down and wait for Yang Chen to take care of things. No matter how tough she appeared to be, she was still an ordinary human.
Minutes later, Cai Yan showed up with a group of policemen.
She only made eye contact with Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi briefly before ordering her subordinates to lock down the site and start the search for evidence.
Immediately after that, Cai Yan questioned according to the protocol. “Who’s the first eyewitness?”
Zhao Hongyan raised her hand. “I am… I was here on President Lin’s orders to check on Miss Lu Yao, but all I saw was her corpse…”
“Did you see or meet anyone suspicious on your way here?” Cai Yan questioned.
Zhao Hongyan tried to recall but she eventually shook her head. “I only saw a few waitresses but they only came to check up on me since I was startled. Other than that there wasn’t anyone suspicious.”
Cai Yan then summoned the waitresses and questioned them. But her results seemed to indicate that there was nothing fishy about them.
One of the investigators came up to her and reported his findings. “Chief Cai, we speculate that Miss Lu Yao died from excessive blood loss due to a knife cut across the carotid artery. The murderer slashed through her neck repeatedly, indicating grudge or revenge. As for the time of death, we estimate thirty minutes or so ago. The suspected murder weapon is the fruit knife under the sofa. But weirdly, there was no sign of struggle on Miss Lu Yao.”

Yang Chen asked from the side, “She might have sustained other wounds. Did you guys manage to find any?”