The investigator glared at him. “We will undertake further investigation once we return. Plus, unless you have something to share, her cause of death is quite clear.”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to reply. He would have taken matters into his own hands if the murder had not been leaked.
Cai Yan looked at him apologetically and gave orders to the investigators. “Bring the evidence back and analyze them. I want a detailed report by noon.”
The investigator nodded and left with his assistants.
Cai Yan walked to Lin Ruoxi and held her hand. “Don’t worry, Ruoxi, I’ll solve the case as quickly as possible. I’ll stop the reporters from spreading the news so that they won’t alert the public. I’ll take care of things here so go back with Yang Chen first.”
Lin Ruoxi smiled forcefully “Sorry for troubling you again. This incident might damage our reputation and further collaborations with the entertainment industry. Contact me if you need my help and I’ll do my best.”
Cai Yan combed her short hair with her fingers and grinned confidently. “We’ve been friends for so many years. Don't you trust me?”
Lin Ruoxi nodded and gazed at Yang Chen. “Well, it's hard to say. Ever since this guy showed up, you’ve been losing my trust.”
“Ah…” Cai Yan blushed and lowered her head in embarrassment.

Yang Chen pretended to be busy with the case and feigned ignorance.
Lin Ruoxi gave him a look of resignation and giggled. “Alright, I was just joking. Call it a lame attempt at lightening the mood. She was still alive before that and now she’s dead at our party which is terrifying.”
Cai Yan exhaled in relief and nodded in understanding. “Then you two should return first and wait for my call.”
Zhao Hongyan asked from the side, “Chief Yan, can I go back too?”
Cai Yan shook her head. “No, Hongyan. I need to take your statement so you have to follow me back to the station. I’ll arrange someone to send you over and you can leave when you’re done.”
After everything was settled, Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi home and Zhao Hongyan, together with the waitresses, proceeded to the police station.
Back at home, Hui Lin had already explained to the others what had happened at the party since she came back earlier. Because of that, no one was in the mood to welcome the two back.
They got out of the sofa immediately when Yang Chen returned with Lin Ruoxi.
“Seriously, how could this happen? She was a famous celebrity and we just watched her movie a few days ago. If the news gets released tomorrow, wouldn’t that ruin Yu Lei’s reputation?! Could this be the work of her enemies? Or her competitors?!” Guo Xuehua asked.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “I have no idea… The police weren’t sure how she was killed either. Yanyan is investigating the case and I’m sure we’ll get the results soon.”
Yang Chen had some ideas but he knew now was not the right time to offer them up. Instead, he turned towards Lin Ruoxi and said, “Ruoxi, why don't you go up and rest? I bet you're tired so take a shower and sleep, I’ll take care of the rest.”
Lin Ruoxi frowned. “How can I do that, what if they need me later to answer some questions? I still have to wake up for it.”
At this moment, Lin Ruoxi’s phone rang and it was from Cai Yan.
“Yanyan, are the test results out?” Lin Ruoxi asked hurriedly.
On the other side of the phone, Cai Yan sounded reluctant. She sighed and said, “Ruoxi, don’t be shocked by what I’m about to say. I had the investigators re-run the tests and they got the same results…”
The moment she announced the results, Lin Ruoxi exclaimed in shock.

Lin Ruoxi’s eyes widened in disbelief.
Everyone held their breath and Wang Ma asked nervously, “What happened? Miss, hurry up and tell us!”
Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath before hanging up. She touched her hair while saying, “Yanyan said… that they found fingerprints on the knife that was used to kill Lu Yao. The fingerprints belonged to Hongyan.”
They exclaimed, knowing well that Lin Ruoxi’s new assistant was Zhao Hongyan.
Yang Chen stroked his chin and said, “It’s getting more and more interesting. It seems our opponent is not as weak as I thought…”
Lin Ruoxi yelled in exasperation, “How can you still smile?! How can it be Hongyan? I was the one who asked her to check on Lu Yao. Plus, what motive would she have to kill her?!”
Yang Chen smiled faintly. “I know, but I can’t very well panic now can I….”
“Don’t panic yet. I’m sure it’s a mistake. Maybe Hongyan touched it by accident?” Guo Xuehua tried to console her.
Lin Ruoxi nodded and told Yang Chen, “Yanyan wants me to go over to take my statement and also ask me some questions. I need to bail Hongyan out too. She must be innocent.”
“By yourself?” Yang Chen rejected her idea. “No way, I’ll go with you. I need to confirm some details too.”
Lin Ruoxi didn't know what he wanted to confirm but she wasn’t against it. She had planned to bring him along anyway.
Yang Chen drove her to the police station and they reached within thirty minutes.
Cai Yan was already waiting for them at the entrance and she said to them on their way inside, “The tests showed that Hongyan is the only one who has touched the knife. It was also confirmed that the knife was the murder weapon since we found traces of Luyao’s blood and flesh on it. Hongyan is in a sticky situation now.”
Lin Ruoxi said hurriedly, “Yanyan, I was the one who asked her to go over so how can she be the murderer? It's a coincidence!”
Cai Yan let out a wry smile. “I know it’s weird. If she wanted to kill her, she would have worn gloves or created an alibi. Also, they had no relations with each other previously and it was their first time meeting each other. After considering all the possibilities, we called you over to provide a couple of statements as well…”
Rage surfaced on Lin Ruoxi’s pale face. “Did you think it was my order? Does that even make sense to you?!”
“Don’t get worked up yet.” Cai Yan explained to her, “It’s not up to me to make conclusions. Lu Yao’s family and her company had already gotten involved. Plus, my superior officer has sent some experts over and they predict that this was first-degree murder.”
“First-degree murder?! By Yu Lei or myself?!” Lin Ruoxi scoffed.
Yang Chen beckoned Cai Yan to stop anything that may provoke Lin Ruoxi any further. She was already frustrated from this incident and he didn’t think she could bear to be accused of murder!
Cai Yan realized things would only get more complicated if she continued, so she kept her silence and brought them over to the meeting room.
A few middle-aged men were seated at the table and they were looking at the paper in hand. A handful of policemen stood beside them with a respectful posture.
Zhao Hongyan was still wearing her gown as she sat there with a teary face, her eyes showing resentment. The makeup on her face had become a mess.
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes reddened at the sight of Zhao Hongyan. She rushed forward and grasped Zhao Hongyan’s hand. “Hongyan, are you okay?”
Zhao Hongyan lit up when she saw Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen. “President Lin, you’re finally here. They're accusing me of murdering Lu Yao! I didn’t do it! I really didn’t do it!
“Silence! What’s with the commotion?! Why would any murderer admit that they murdered someone?” a bald, middle-aged man said with a raspy voice.