Yang Chen saw this as a simple matter. It didn’t matter if the vampire was a member of Savath or Camarilla. He just needed him dead. Getting the Venture clan to send someone over and take care of it should suffice.
Venture was a royal clan among the thirteen clans and also the leader of the Camarilla. This little favor of his was nothing. After all, he had saved Sargeras and Lilith’s lives back then.

Yang Chen emailed Lilith using Cai Yan’s computer.

He didn’t dare to call her due to their past intimacy. If Lilith were to say anything inappropriate, it would’ve upset Lin Ruoxi and he would have to beg for mercy again.
Yang Chen figured that Lilith would reply as soon as she got the notification. He was sure that the Venture clan would make the right move.
After taking care of this, Yang Chen left with Lin Ruoxi and Cai Yan. Zhao Hongyan had already been released on bail and was waiting outside with the lawyer.
Zhao Hongyan looked terribly distraught and Lin Ruoxi felt sorry for her. “You worked hard today and no one could have predicted this. I’ll have someone send you home. Rest well.”
Zhao Hongyan let out a forced smile. “It’s fine. I waited here because I wanted to say thank you. I’ve caused nothing but trouble tonight. I feel so useless.”
“No, you’re not. I wouldn’t have hired you if you were. Don’t overthink it. Let me call a chauffeur for you.”

“No, it’s really fine. I don’t want to trouble you further.” Zhao Hongyan wiped her tears and said, “I can take a cab home myself. You guys should get some rest. We still have to deal with the media tomorrow.”
Having said so, Zhao Hongyan picked up her dress and walked out of the police station after tossing a glance at Yang Chen gratefully.
“Sigh, life’s been hard on her. She’s a divorcee and she has to juggle between family and work life. Ruoxi, you should really give her a promotion.” Cai Yan puffed her cheeks.
Lin Ruoxi gave her a side-eye. “Her salary is much higher than yours.”
Cai Yan stuck her tongue out. “I know you’re the kindest, hehe…”
Yang Chen’s eyes sparkled for a second and he smiled, as though nothing had happened. “Let’s hurry back too, Mom and the others would be worried.”
Lin Ruoxi was fine with it, but she had to discuss the incident with the lawyer and how they should deal with future legal matters first. Finally, they left the police station after bidding goodbye to Cai Yan.
The city was still calm at night since the news of the murder wasn’t widespread yet.
Twenty minutes later, at the corner of an old street in Zhonghai, a cab was seen to be making a stop.
It wasn’t hard to hail a cab since cabs were always around in a big city like Zhonghai.
Zhao Hongyan got off the cab after paying and walked home. She didn’t want to wake her family up so she asked the cab driver to drop her off somewhere further away.

Her house was situated near the old town so other than the high school students who would show up in the morning and afternoon, no one else was really there after ten at night.
Her mind was filled with thoughts and she was starting to get light headed from it. Everything that happened today was overwhelming, she only wanted to sleep and forget about it.
Zhao Hongyan stopped walking when she reached under a streetlight. There was a shadow of a person in front of her.
Zhao Hongyan lifted her head numbly and looked at the person who was blocking her way.
It was a tall, disheveled Caucasian man, dressed in a black t-shirt with black jeans.
The man hovered over her since he was much taller than her. His eyes were hollow like a deep empty pit of despair…
Without knowing why, Zhao Hongyan dropped her handbag and walked in front of the man.

“Tell me your name,” the Caucasian man spoke in Mandarin with a husky voice.

“Zhao… Hongyan…”

“What’s your job?”
“The CEO’s assistant… at Yu Lei International…” Zhao Hongyan answered with a dazed facial expression, her lips curled into a blissful smile as if on cloud nine.
The man squinted his eyes and his face shook…

Suddenly, he opened his mouth widely and bared his fangs!
With a loud rip, Zhao Hongyan’s dress was torn apart. He threw away the cloth and her legs were exposed in the air!
Her smooth legs shone under the light as if seducing him to devour her.
The man licked his lips as he squatted down, placing his head in between her thighs.
The only thing covering her crotch was a pair of pink lace panties and he could see a few hair strands peeking out of her panties.

His nostrils flared and he took in a deep breath…
The man moaned from her scent. It was a mixture of her sweet body odour and perfume which drove him crazy.
Zhao Hongyan stood there, unaware of what was about to happen. Her eyes were dull and unresponsive.
After sniffing her scent for a while, the man’s eyes glinted and he opened his mouth to puncture her blood vessel!
It was at this exact moment, someone landed a blow on him and he flew meters away under the impact!
A loud noise was heard as he crashed onto the ground!
But before he could retaliate, a man in a white shirt appeared next to him and kicked him once again!
This time, the vampire rolled fifty meters or so across the street and slammed into an old church!
Although the impact was very strong, he recovered quickly since he was a vampire. He regained his strength and bared his fangs while shrieking, “Who’s there?!”
Yang Chen stood next to Zhao Hongyan with hands in his pockets. Zhao Hongyan was slowly recovering from the hypnosis.
“Are you alright?” Yang Chen asked with a smile.
Zhao Hongyan was shocked to see him but she screamed seconds later when she realized why it felt cold down there!
She ran away from Yang Chen and hid in a corner with her arms around her knees.
Yang Chen felt bad for her. He didn’t intervene earlier because he wasn’t a hundred percent sure of the circumstance. If he had shown up earlier, she wouldn’t have lost her dress.
The vampire ran towards Yang Chen with his fingers curled into claws. He was clearly aiming for his eyes!

Yang Chen was unbothered by his attack.
He didn’t even bother removing his hands from his pockets. With a light leap, he kicked the vampire in rapid succession!
Both kicks landed on his chest and his heart was almost crushed under the force!
The vampire spat out blood and rolled on the ground, unable to get up due to his injuries.

Yang Chen walked to him and stepped on his chest while grinning. “Sadly, I’m not a vampire so I can’t hypnotize. I can only question you in the easiest and most brutal way. Alright, why don’t you tell me your name and where are you from, Mister Vampire?”