“Who… who are you?” The vampire groaned in agony.
Yang Chen kicked him harder and he groaned louder.
Yang Chen’s face was ice-cold. “I’ll be asking the questions here. Failure to answer is automatic grounds for death. I will personally crush your heart into bits.
The man glared at him ferociously and bared his fangs but Yang Chen was not affected by it.
Yang Chen exerted pressure like a mountain. One-step and the vampire was hardly able to breathe!
So he chose to compromise by retracting his fangs. “I’m Mourinho.”
“Nice name, which generation and clan do you belong to?” Yang Chen asked.
A tinge of hatred flashed through his eyes. “I don’t know about the generation and I don’t belong to any clan.”
Yang Chen was taken aback but he recovered quickly with a laugh. “You’re a peasant? What’s the term for it… hmm… let me think, caitiff?”
“I don’t like the term but you are correct,” Mourinho said with a gruff voice.
Yang Chen was now interested. “I heard the peasants were those who were chased out of the clan or those who were turned without the elderly’s permission. It must have been hard to live without support. Did you come to China because you couldn’t stand it anymore in Europe?
Fear was evident in Mourinho’s eyes. “I… I was captured and brought here…”
“Captured?” Yang Chen was surprised, “By who?”
Mourinho looked at him. “You’re very strong and I know I won’t stand a chance against you. But could you let me know if you’re going to kill me before asking all these questions? I don’t want to waste my energy on answering if I’m going to die eventually.”
Yang Chen scratched his head. “You're a smart vampire. Alright, I won’t kill you if you answer all my questions.”
Having said so, Yang Chen lifted his feet to let Mourinho stand up.
Mourinho’s wounds had already recovered, thanks to his self-healing ability. But he stayed still and brushed off the dust. Escape wasn’t an option.
“So now, answer my question. Who captured you? Why did you try to kill Zhao Hongyan? Did you kill Lu Yao?” Yang Chen said.
Mourinho was dumbfounded at first and he exclaimed, “What!? Kill Lu Yao?! How’s that possible! I was avenging her!”
Yang Chen was puzzled. “Explain.”
Mourinho frowned. He seemed to have realized something too. “I don’t know how to answer the first question, but I know the person who captured me was Chinese. I and a couple of other vampires were brought to a lab after being caught. I think they were after our blood, and there was one time they drew a large amount of blood from me and thought I was dead. So they buried me underground and I got away. For the second question, as I said before, Lu Yao was my lover and I was trying my best to turn her. But I heard that she was killed by a woman called Zhao Hongyan which was why I tried to kill her!”
Yang Chen was suddenly reminded of something. Lab?! Could it be Yan Buwen’s Biochemistry lab?!

It did sound plausible for him to carry out experiments using vampire blood.
The reason he chose the peasants was probably because no one cared about them and their existence wasn’t recorded.
No wonder the clones created by Yan Buwen had great self-healing abilities. He must have extracted them from another species.
Yan Buwen was surely a tough opponent to beat!
Yang Chen frowned. “You're too careless, you could’ve used hypnosis to question Zhao Hongyan if she really killed Lu Yao. I can tell you for sure that it wasn’t her but another vampire. Zhao Hongyan is innocent.”
Mourinho widened his eyes in shock. “Really?”
“Your life lies in my hands. Why would I lie?”
Mourinho contemplated for a while and nodded. “I trust you. The powerful ones tend to have their own principles. I know I’m weak compared to you but can you find the bastard for me? I want to crush his heart with my own hands! Lu Yao might not be my woman yet but she was mine!”
Yang Chen asked curiously, “Why did you choose her? She obviously wanted to be a vampire just to retain her youth.”
Mourinho’s gaze softened. “She took me in during my worst times. She wasn’t afraid of me. When I sucked on her blood, her gaze was so gentle and warm… It doesn’t matter if she didn’t love me. The warmth I felt from her was more than anything I had experienced in a hundred years…”
Yang Chen let out a deep sigh. Humans might believe that vampires were cold lifeless corpses. But underneath that icy cold body was a heart beating harder than most people could say…
Yang Chen kept quiet for a while before saying, “Mourinho, find the other vampire who’s still lurking around in Zhonghai. Your vampire senses are much better than mine. If you find him and fail to take him down, inform me immediately at the Xijiao Villas. Of course, if you die I’ll avenge you.”
Mourinho’s face was stern and he nodded grimly before vanishing into thin air.
Yang Chen let out a breath before turning around and walking towards Zhao Hongyan.
He bent down in front of her and said with an apologetic voice. “I’m sorry for scaring you, I realized he was following but I was hoping to get more evidence and there were too many people at the police station so I just let it happen.”
Zhao Hongyan looked up while trembling. Her face was stained with tears and with red eyes, she said, “Tell me… tell me it was a dream.”
Yang Chen shook his head. “It wasn’t a dream. The murderer was a vampire and the person we met just now was also a vampire. You were hypnotised when you ‘committed’ the crime. You have to know that all this exists outside the movies you watch. Much of the common knowledge we have now used to be strange in the past. Don’t worry, I’m here and I’ll protect you.”
His voice was clear and steady which made Zhao Hongyan feel that nothing really mattered.
Zhao Hongyan wiped her tears and asked, “Yang Chen… are you always this good to women?”
Yang Chen was dumbfounded. “Come on, don’t tease me. I’m always begging for my wife’s forgiveness from flirting with other women.”
“No…” Zhao Hongyan shook her head and giggled. “Every other woman except your wife will say that you are a good man.”
Yang Chen rubbed his chin awkwardly, unsure of what to say. Is she saying women are naturally attracted to me? he thought.

He then slapped his forehead when he saw that Zhao Hongyan couldn’t get up. She was hugging her bare legs so Yang Chen suggested, “Why don’t you wear my pants? It’s dark anyway, no one can tell you’re wearing a guy’s pants.”

Yang Chen unbuckled his belt and took off his pants, leaving only his boxers on.
Zhao Hongyan watched him take off his pants and she started to sobbed yet again when he handed her the pants.
Yang Chen was completely dumbfounded. What's the problem now? he thought, confused.
“Uh… Did I surprise you by taking off my pants? You should’ve said it earlier, I’ll wear it back so don’t cry!” Yang Chen’s head throbbed and he stood back up to wear his pants.
Just when he was about to do that, Zhao Hongyan stood up suddenly!
She couldn’t care less about the fact that they were both half-naked and the only barrier between them was only their underwear! Teary-eyed, Zhao Hongyan hugged Yang Chen tightly, her arms around his neck. In the next moment, she moved her head to position her soft lips on his…