Yang Chen pushed his tongue into her mouth!
Zhao Hongyan felt her entire body being drowned in complete and utter passion.
Her mind went blank and she could only moan in response.
The kiss lasted for two minutes and Yang Chen broke the kiss just as Zhao Hongyan started gasping for air.
He stared right into her eyes.
“If you thought that you're worthless and unwanted because I pushed you away and rejected your kiss, do you still think that now?!”
Zhao Hongyan was stunned, staring at his enraged face.
Yang Chen cracked his neck and pulled her into the nearest alley!
In a twist, he lifted her hands above her head and pushed her against the wall.
Their bare legs were rubbing against each other as they were only in their underwear.
Zhao Hongyan didn’t struggle and stared at him with watery eyes.
Yang Chen said with a raspy voice, “If I had known that the woman whom I saved from the Yu clan was an unworthy woman, I would have never saved her. Zhao Hongyan, if you really think that your life is hopeless, let me know right now. I will end it for you. Make no mistake, taking the life of another means nothing to me. By tomorrow morning, you’ll be a woman who’s been accused of murder. No one would believe that a vampire was the one who did it. Lu Yao’s fans will treat you like the enemy. They will harass you to no end. Everyone will give you dirty looks on the street when you leave for work and you might even lose your job because you’re a murderer. What’s the point of living? How about dying now?”

His words were like a dagger, stabbing right into her heart.
Zhao Hongyan’s heart wrenched. She took a deep breath before closing her eyes shut.
Soon, she opened her eyes and looked at Yang Chen with a complex gaze.
“Yang Chen… if I’m really wicked to the core yet I don't wish to die soon, can you not kill me…” Zhao Hongyan whispered.
Yang Chen said coldly, “That depends on how wicked you are.”
Zhao Hongyan showed a seductive smile, advancing closer to Yang Chen. She kissed his chin and licked his beard stubs with her soft tongue.
“What if I say that I want to seduce you even if I know I'm betraying President Lin…”
The atmosphere around them rose by several degrees.
Yang Chen felt the air around them pump adrenaline into him.
Zhao Hongyan seemed to have let go of everything and succumbed herself to lust!
At that moment, all she wanted to do was make love to the man in front of her. Morals and dignity all went out the window!
What would morals and dignity do for her if the world was crumbling down around her?
Instead of wallowing in self-pity and giving in to her sorrow, she chose the craziest way to express her true desire!
Even if she would be cursed and be cast aside by others, she had no regrets for following her heart!
Slowly, she rubbed her legs around Yang Chen’s thighs. The smooth sensation stimulated his brains, arousing him.
She paused for a moment as she slithered her legs close to his crotch.
Zhao Hongyan’s face was flushed and her heart was racing a million miles per hour. She became more brazen under the stimulation of the strong pheromones oozing out of Yang Chen.
“You're already so aroused. I can feel it getting bigger,” Zhao Hongyan whispered raspily with a proud expression as she bit her lip.
“How daring of you.”
“I was always daring.” Zhao Hongyan licked her lips and looked at him suggestively. “I just wasn’t bothered to seduce a married man like you.”

“Are you challenging me?” Yang Chen smirked.
Zhao Hongyan cocked her head and said softly, “I guess.”
It wasn't his first time touching her legs. In fact, he had touched them once over her black stockings when they were still working together at the public relations department.
But at this moment, she was seducing him with her legs willingly.
Yang Chen didn't think he could withstand it any longer. Their passionate kissing had sent him over the edge of no return.
Yang Chen told himself that he couldn't reject her… if he did, she would have thrown herself off a cliff and be completely devastated!
He knew clearly that he couldn't resist the temptation!
In the next second, he growled and went for it!

He left marks on her face and his hands went down her body, fondling her chest and butt...
Zhao Hongyan whimpered in response. It was music to his ears.

Finally, Yang Chen wasn’t satisfied with just kissing and touching anymore.
He turned her around and had her lean over the wall!
All of their senses were heightened in that tight space!
Zhao Hongyan understood his actions instinctively and she moved her butt closer to his crotch.

She was already drenched from the arousal.
Since the only barrier between them was their underwear, things were much easier.
Yang Chen found his target clearly even though there was barely any light!
Zhao Hongyan trembled when he pushed himself into her, showering her with his passion. She almost fainted from the long-forgotten pleasure!

Their lovemaking session lasted for an hour before Yang Chen carried Zhao Hongyan back into her room.
Yang Chen giggled as he stared at Zhao Hongyan who seemed to have lost all of her energy. “How’s that? I could have lasted longer but I let you go because it was getting late. So, do you still dare to challenge me?”
Zhao Hongyan was a mess. Her underwear was missing and her body was covered in marks.
She snorted. “I was just thinking about how I should continue to ‘challenge’ you without my boss finding out.”
Yang Chen was surprised before he smiled bitterly. “You really are a wicked one.”
“No one appreciated it when I was being a docile woman so why should I care about being a wicked woman when I’m already accussed of murder?” Zhao Hongyan closed her eyes and laughed.
Yang Chen sighed. “Alright, don’t overthink it. I'm going home now. They’re going to get worried.”
Zhao Hongyan hummed and whispered when he walked near the door, “Thank you…”
Yang Chen waved his hands without turning back before he vanished in the night sky...
At the same time in the Magdeburg Catholic church which was situated near Elbe River, Germany, a man stood under the golden cross.
It was around evening in Germany and the church looked especially still from the empty benches.
He was wearing a black suit with red tie. He looked as though he was in his thirties but his deep gaze revealed experience that only came with age. His face was pale and charming yet intimidating.
He stared at the sculpture of Jesus for a long while and grinned wickedly. “Sneijder, why bother hiding in front of Jesus?”
The next second, a bald Caucasian man in a suit got down on one knee beneath the stairs.
“Your Royal Highness, I've received news that might be related to Count Drogba,” Sneijder said emotionlessly.
The man turned around and asked, sounding interested, “Oh, has the kid finally appeared?”