“We cannot confirm anything at the moment,” Sneijder said. “But the Camarilla received news from China that some vampires have been going around injuring humans so Lilith from the Ventrue clan and Lafayette from the Brujah clan have been sent over to China to investigate.”
“Oh? Those two kids have gone there?” The man smiled with squinted eyes, “Must be someone influential.”
“Apparently it was a letter from Pluto who’s now in China but that is as far as our information goes.”
“Hades?” The man curled his lips and something shone in his eyes. “Interesting. The current Pluto, he's the first human who inherited the title right?”
Sneijder nodded. “Yes, Your Royal Highness. Should we depart immediately to Zhonghai and search for Court Drogba? I fear the consequences of their initial meeting.”
The man waved his hands nonchalantly. “Don't bother. He's my son and a pureblood vampire. Not even a god would be able to find him so quickly. I’m more interested in Pluto compared to his safety…”
Sneijder trembled and said, “Your Royal Highness, I disagree with that.”
“Hmm? Why?”
“In the previous war in France, not even the half-god Sargeras from the Ventrue clan could beat the new Pluto. We’re no match for him, even for someone as powerful as Your Royal Highness!”

Fear was evident in Sneijder’s eyes.
The man threw back his head and laughed, “Sneijder, I'm grateful for your concern but I am well aware of my capabilities.”
Sneijder frowned but he didn't dare to say anything else. He vanished from the church after a respectful bow.
The man turned around and looked at the giant golden cross that was hanging above.
“God? Ha…”

He snorted.  In one swift turn, he walked towards the door.

As he walked out of the door, the golden cross had started to change!
Powder started to rain down and soon, there was nothing more than a pile of gold ash on the ground!
Following that, the sculpture of Jesus collapsed onto the ground…

The next moment, the man’s silhouette was nowhere to be found.

… …
The night soon faded and morning came about. Yang Chen had just gotten up for the day and went to freshen up.
Hui Lin sat on Lin Ruoxi’s usual seat, joined by Zhenxiu, Guo Xuehua, and Wang Ma. They all looked extremely concerned as they sat by the dining table.
Yang Chen got home early in the morning and they were all still waiting for him except for Lin Ruoxi who had rushed back to the company.
The stock market in the States had opened during those hours. Lin Ruoxi might not be an expert but she had to be there to take care of some matters alongside Mo Qianni and the other higher-ups.
It would seem that Lin Ruoxi did not come home the night before.
Last night’s party was a gathering between the people with high social status, so it was obviously a big deal when someone was murdered at the party. The headquarters of Yu Lei International must have been overwhelmed by the fires they had to put out.
Yang Chen didn't know how to deal with matters like this so he passed it over to Hannya. Though he wasn’t sure how she would fare since she wasn’t trained for something like this.
But Yang Chen wasn't slacking off either, he needed to find out who was the culprit behind the scheme to settle things once and for all. Before that, he had to make sure his close ones were well protected.
Yang Chen was reminded that Lilith should be reaching Zhonghai today.
Hui Lin was having her first breakfast ever since she got back, but seemed to be preoccupied with something. Her manager was talking to her about her work schedule over the phone.
Hui Lin listened to her with a serious expression while asking some questions here and there. She nodded in understanding when she heard the reply, looking more professional than before.
She hung up the phone hurriedly when she saw Yang Chen. “Brother Yang, will my concert still be held here?”
Yang Chen nodded. “Of course, the tickets are all sold out. We can’t possibly cancel it just like that.”
“But…” Hui Lin frowned. “I’m just worried that something will happen on that day and I don't want anyone to get hurt. There will be thousands of people on that day. That’s a thousand things that could go wrong.”
Yang Chen hit his chest. “There’s still plenty of time till the concert. I will not let my reputation sink by not catching the murderer.”
Hui Lin covered her mouth and giggled. She nodded, believing in Yang Chen’s words fully.
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma prepared a hearty breakfast for Hui Lin since she was rarely home. They also tried to make small talk with her to lighten the mood, asking about interesting events in the showbiz.
Zhenxiu said regrettably, “It sucks that I know nothing. I can’t help Sister Ruoxi and I can’t help with the concert.”
Yang Chen said smilingly, “Zhenxiu, you can return to Korea and inherit Starmoon Group, then you’ll be richer than Ruoxi. When that happens, you’ll be able to help us.”
Guo Xuehua smacked his shoulders and chided, “What kind of nonsense are you telling her?! She just got into a university so why should she go to Korea? Do you even remember how they treated her parents?”
Yang Chen smiled sheepishly and munched on a bun.
It was supposed to be a joke but it seemed to have struck a chord in Zhenxiu.
“Brother Yang, do you think it would be better if I went to Korea?” Zhenxiu asked quietly.
Yang Chen was startled. He then shook his head. “I was just joking. Don't overthink it, no one can force you to do anything.”
Zhenxiu smiled but something had changed in her eyes.
Yang Chen was about to eat some congee and he frowned suddenly, as though he had sensed something.
Guo Xuehua asked in confusion when she saw his darkened facial expression, “What’s wrong, Yang Chen? You look pale, are you feeling ill?”

Yang Chen put down his bun and told Zhenxiu, “Zhenxiu, open the door.”
Zhenxiu was startled. “Open the door? Are we expecting anyone?”
“He’s already here.” Yang Chen sounded bored.
Zhenxiu nodded in confusion, but she still ran out to open the door, aware of Yang Chen’s special abilities.
Wang Ma and Guo Xuehua were both confused but they could tell that the guest wasn't welcomed by Yang Chen.
Zhenxiu was dumbfounded when she opened the door. Her eyes were filled with disgust when she recognized the person.
It was a young man draped in a military jacket with a star on his shoulder. He walked inside with a bouquet of fresh flowers in hand.
This young man turned out to be Yang Lie!
Everyone else finally knew why Yang Chen’s face had darkened. They might be brothers but they were each other's destined enemies.
Hui Lin pouted upon seeing him. She hated Yang Lie for incessantly pursuing her.
Guo Xuehua knew that both of her sons were not on good terms but she was still happy to see him after a long while. She walked towards him and said excitedly, “Lie’er, where were you this whole time? Why didn't you call me?”
Yang Lie squinted his eyes and looked towards Yang Chen who was eating his breakfast in silence. “Mom, I'm sorry for my behavior in the past. I was childish and immature. I brought some flowers to seek your forgiveness.”
Having said so, he pushed the flowers into her hands.
Guo Xuehua’s eyes turned watery when she finally heard the apology from her disobedient son.
Yang Chen, on the other hand, frowned when he heard that...