Guo Xuehua felt elated by the surprising twist of events.
She wiped her tears and gently smiled at him. “As long as you are aware of your mistakes. Don’t get caught up in the race for power and fame like your father has. I’m saying this for your own good—nothing beats a peaceful life at home.”
Yang Lie nodded, seemingly taking it all in. “I know I did a lot of wrong things before, I'm happy to know that you don’t hold it against me.”
“You're my son so why would I? It's fine as long as you reflect on your past mistakes.” Guo Xuehua gripped his hands. “Lie’er, have you eaten breakfast? Come join us.”
Yang Lie shook his head and said, “It’s fine, I’m just here to see you and Hui Lin. I have to go back to Beijing later in the afternoon. The US and the Japanese governments have been putting quite a lot of pressure on us lately.”
Guo Xuehua was disappointed to hear that. “I wanted you to talk to your brother since you rarely visit us. You guys barely met in the past twenty years, so how can you guys not spend some time together?”
Yang Lie nodded regrettably. “Maybe… Brother doesn’t want to forgive me.”
Yang Chen was stunned by his words!
Even Hui Lin, Zhen Xiu, and Wang Ma stared at them with their jaws dropped.
Guo Xuehua beamed and dragged Yang Lie towards Yang Chen. “Yang Chen, did you hear that? He called you brother!”
Needless to say, she had been waiting for this day for a long time!
Yang Chen’s mind was a mess. He wasn’t prepared for a situation like this.
In the past, he would have chased him away without hesitation no matter what Yang Lie said.
But now, he had to take his own mother’s feelings into consideration.
Yang Chen couldn't bear to ignore her feelings now that they had spent lots of time together.
Somehow, he could feel that the incident at Yu Lei International had something to do with Yang Lie, but he had no evidence to back up his suspicions.
It further solidified his suspicions as Yang Lie had showed up right after the event!
“Hmm, is that so?” Yang Chen didn't bother to look at him.
Guo Xuehua sighed and consoled Yang Lie. “Lie’er, it's understandable that your brother doesn't want to forgive you since you really mistreated him. Come visit us more often. I‘m sure your brother will forgive you soon.”
Yang Lie agreed to it coolly. “I’m sure he will since I already got over the fact that he incapacitated me back in Beijing. I’m sure he's more generous than me.”
Guo Xuehua was shocked. “You were incapacitated by Yang Chen!?”
Yang Chen never told Guo Xuehua about the incident, so she hadn’t had the slightest idea.
Guo Xuehua prompted, “What happened?! When did this happen?! Why wasn't I told?!”
Yang Chen’s face darkened. He knew why Yang Lie had said this. His intentions were clear as day and Yang Chen knew he wouldn't change!
Guo Xuehua didn’t think much about it. She was just worried about his wounds. She sighed in relief when Yang Lie said that Yan Buwen had treated him.
But she knew that Yang Chen could have killed Yang Lie if he really wanted to and the fact that Yang Chen only incapacitated Yang Lie proved that Yang Chen showed mercy, so she didn’t criticize him.
On the other hand, she was satisfied that Yang Lie acted so generous and forgiving.
Guo Xuehua continued chatting with Yang Lie when he took the chance to speak some sweet words and coaxed her well.
Yang Lie walked towards Hui Lin and bent down to face her. “Hui’er, I'll be there for your concert and I’ve already got a ticket for the front row.”
Hui Lin was disgusted by him, but she didn't dare to show it in front of Guo Xuehua, so she just responded with an empty expression.
“Do you like flowers? I can get them for you. Or should I get you a celebration cake?”
Yang Chen said coldly, “We will take care of Hui Lin’s concert so mind your own business.”
Yang Lie said to him bashfully, “Brother, I hope that you can drop the prejudice towards me and don't stand in my way of courting Hui’er. We’ve known each other since young and my feelings towards her haven't changed. Plus, you’re already married so I should marry someone soon as well.”
“Who said I’ll marry you?!” Hui Lin yelled out nervously.
Guo Xuehua actually wished that Hui Lin would agree to Yang Lie’s proposal. Just like any mother, she was blind to her son’s flaws and wished that a fine girl like Hui Lin would marry her son. Plus, she already treated Hui Lin as her daughter so making her her daughter-in-law wouldn't be that far of a stretch.
Guo Xuehua tried to lighten the mood. “Hui Lin, don’t be upset. Lie’er does have some good qualities. Don’t blame him for acting so hasty. He acts like this because he likes you a lot.”
Wang Ma and Zhen Xiu pulled a face when they saw this. They shook their heads.
Yang Chen was annoyed. He took a deep breath and decided not to say anything else, hoping that Yang Lie would leave soon.
Yang Lie smirked but no one realized it. Smiling, he said, “Alright, I think Hui’er needs some time to think over it so I‘ll come over some other time. Mom, take care of yourself. Also, aren’t you coming over to Beijing sometime soon? I’ll wait for you and we can meet then.”
Guo Xuehua grinned and nodded her head. “Take care of yourself too and don’t get hurt anymore. If your dad asks you to do anything, ignore him. Let’s see if he can still be that stubborn if everyone ignores him.”
Yang Lie smiled and nodded. “Brother, I’m leaving now, say hi to sister-in-law for me. Oh yeah, I saw the news today, looks like Yu Lei got into some trouble. Call me if you need help.”
“No need for that.” Yang Chen snapped.
Yang Lie wasn’t bothered by his tone of voice and greeted Guo Xuehua and Hui Lin before leaving.
Guo Xuehua sighed and turned to Yang Chen. “Yang Chen, I know you're uncomfortable with Yang Lie. But he’s not a bad person, he did all that in the past because of his father. You should be more forgiving as the older brother—”
“Enough.” Yang Chen cut her off and placed down his bowl. “I'm leaving.”
Yang Chen took his car keys and left the house in big strides expressionlessly.
Guo Xuehua wanted to stop him, but she could only extend her hands. She stood still and looked devastated by his actions.
Hui Lin felt sorry for her and said, “Aunt Guo, you’re being unfair to Brother Yang. He suffered so much to meet you. He would naturally be upset if you continued to side with Yang Lie.”
Guo Xuehua was surprised to hear her complaints, but she shook her head. “I know I might be unfair towards Yang Chen but he’s older and more capable than Yang Lie. Yang Lie has suffered a lot too and I can’t side with Yang Chen all the time. To you guys, Yang Chen might be more important but they’re both my sons and I can’t bear to hurt either of them.”
Everyone was silenced by her words. Wang Ma came forward and patted her arms in understanding, knowing how she felt.
In the meantime, Yang Chen didn’t get into his car. Instead, he chased after Yang Lie!