Yang Lie’s camouflage-painted Hummer H2 was parked quite a distance away. He strolled to the car swinging his head from side to side as if enjoying the view.
Yang Lie grinned, as if unsurprised by Yang Chen’s sudden appearance when he showed up three meters away.

“My dear brother, did you wish for me to stay?” Yang Lie joked.
Yang Chen’s gaze was icy cold. “Do you peg me as a fool? Do you really believe that I would trust you?”
Yang Lie looked troubled. “I know you have problems with me and that’s completely understandable given our past. But I’ve already left that behind. We’re brothers, do you really want to upset Mom?”
“Don’t drag Mom into this. Did Mom or Yan Buwen give you this body?!” Yang Chen sneered.
Yang Lie squinted his eyes. “I don’t know what you’re saying. Didn’t Yan Buwen go missing? I haven’t seen him in a long while.”
“Don’t try to convince me you had nothing to do with the incident at Yu Lei.”
“I wasn’t involved.” Yang Lie seemed unfazed by the question. “Brother, I know you don’t like me but you can’t just simply accuse me.”
Yang Chen glared at him fiercely. In a sudden movement, he moved and gripped Yang Lie’s collar!
Yang Lie’s military jacket fell on the floor.

“Listen, I don’t want to hear you calling me that and don’t ever come to my place again. If you do, I will not be responsible for what happens to you,” Yang Chen warned.
“Is this a threat?” Yang Lie curled his lips.
“No,” Yang Chen hissed. “You’re not worthy to threaten. I was merely stating a fact.”
Yang Lie’s eyes widened and he giggled. “And that’s just your opinion. Look, I came here with good intentions and I said nothing that would provoke you. I’m here as your brother seeking forgiveness, but you… you’re a selfish brother.”
“Is that so? What if I kill you now? Would you still be harboring good intentions?”
Murderous intent shot out of Yang Chen’s eyes.
Right after he said that, Guo Xuehua walked out of the villa and saw Yang Chen holding onto Yang Lie’s collar with a glaring look.
She gasped, shocked to see them in this state.
“Yang Chen! What are you doing?! Let go of your brother!”
Guo Xuehua came out cause she didn’t hear Yang Chen’s car ignition although he already took his car keys, though she wasn’t expecting this to happen!
She knew that Yang Lie was no match for Yang Chen and was worried that her younger son would get hurt.
Yang Lie had his back facing Guo Xuehua and he sneered towards Yang Chen, “Look, my dear brother. You scared our mom.”
Yang Chen’s face darkened and the veins on his arms started to pulse from his death grip.
Shattering Yang Lie’s brains would be so easy...
But what if he had the same abilities as the clone and was able to revive?
Not only would he be accused of murder, but Guo Xuehua might also lose her mind!
Worse yet, Yang Lie would still be completely unaffected!
“Are you using Mom as a shield?” Yang Chen gritted his teeth.
Yang Lie didn’t answer. Instead, he turned his head to face Guo Xuehua with a bashful smile. “Mom, it's fine. Brother’s just a tad bit agitated, but he didn’t hurt me.”
Guo Xuehua ran towards them hurriedly and let out a breath of relief when she saw that Yang Lie was unharmed. She frowned and yelled, “Yang Chen! What are you doing?! I know Yang Lie has made a couple of mistakes in the past but he has put that life behind him! Are you trying to upset me to death?!”
Yang Chen’s heart wrenched when he saw how much Guo Xuehua cared for Yang Lie.
He expected it, that no matter what Yang Lie had done, it wouldn’t affect her love for him. If Yang Lie died because of him, it would’ve been traumatizing for her.
At this moment, Yang Chen quickly realized that family love might be the most blissful thing in the world, but it was a double-edged sword.
Even so, he couldn’t throw these feelings away.
Trembling, he let go of Yang Lie and let out a mocking laugh. “Looks like our time together is worthless compared to your younger son. Whatever, I don’t want to care or talk about anything. I’m going to buy breakfast for Ruoxi.”
Having said so, Yang Chen went to his car without turning back. Guo Xuehua called after him and tried to say something but he didn’t respond.
Yang Lie squinted his eyes and smirked.
Twenty minutes later, Yang Chen arrived at a dim sum restaurant to get some food for Lin Ruoxi. He knew she wouldn’t eat or sleep because of work, so he thought of buying some food over.
He didn’t forget to order some for Mo Qianni and Liu Mingyu too.
Mo Qianni wasn’t at her office so he passed the food over to her assistant. As for Liu Mingyu, she was having a meeting and it wasn’t convenient for Yang Chen to interrupt either, so he placed it on her desk.
Yang Chen took the lift up to Lin Ruoxi’s office after calming himself down, making sure that he didn’t look too troubled.
Before entering Lin Ruoxi’s office, he had to walk past her assistant’s table. Zhao Hongyan was wearing a pink floral dress that flaunted her curves. She was neck-deep in files and did not notice him immediately.
She looked up and blushed when she saw Yang Chen as if reminded of their rendezvous in the alley last night. Zhao Hongyan asked with a smile, “Breakfast for President Lin?”
Yang Chen nodded with a smile. “I saw the news earlier. Are you feeling better now?”
What he felt for Zhao Hongyan actually wasn’t love. It was just a normal admiration for a woman.
Yang Chen could understand her feelings toward himself. She was lacking a man whom she could depend on and he was the one she trusted the most.
That was why Yang Chen didn’t feel like dating her, nor did he want to cut ties with her.
He just thought it felt nice to have a close friend.
“I’m feeling better now, thanks for helping me.” Zhao Hongyan smiled. “I’m actually swamped right now so go on in.”
Yang Chen was relieved to see that she was doing okay. He would’ve felt awkward to see her if she was still feeling down from the murder and from what had happened last night.
Yang Chen knocked and waited for Lin Ruoxi’s response before entering the office.
Lin Ruoxi was typing away on the keyboard while frowning. Her face was stern before that and she softened when she saw Yang Chen walk in with a bag of food.
Lin Ruoxi said gently, “You can sit down first. I’ll eat when I’m done with this.”
Yang Chen was surprised to see that Lin Ruoxi was so cooperative. “Why are you so well behaved today? I had to fight tooth and nail to get you to eat the previous time.”
Lin Ruoxi paused and turned around to face him. She smiled as she combed through her hair. “I can tell that you’re in a bad mood. If I want you to please me in this situation, wouldn’t I be a little too disobedient?”