Yang Chen was stupefied. “How did you know…”
Lin Ruoxi puffed her cheeks and rolled her eyes.
“On a normal day, you would have gone to the market to get breakfast. But today, you decided to get dim sum which meant that you were thinking about something. Not only that, I would usually hear your voice from a mile away and you would greet me as soon as you walked in. But you were quiet today so it can only mean that you’re in a bad mood. Based on your personality, you wouldn’t even flinch if someone had you at gunpoint. So it must be related to someone or something close to you. But you don’t look extremely worried so I’m assuming no one’s in danger. I guess you are upset because of that person.”
Lin Ruoxi analyzed and came up with the conclusion while still typing on the keyboard.
Yang Chen was dumbfounded. How does she know just by one look? he thought.
“Also, Qianni and Mingyu are working here at the office now. The other few vixens wouldn’t have run into you in the morning, and even if they do, they would definitely try to please you. Then there’s only one possibility left. It has to be someone from the Yang clan. The one in Beijing wouldn’t bother you and the one in the military is busy so it can only be either Mom or Yang Lie…”
Lin Ruoxi hit enter as she finished her sentence together with her work.
“Hubby, did I guess correctly?” Lin Ruoxi winked.
Yang Chen gulped and smiled bitterly. “You're really skilled at deductive reasoning. Have you always been so sharp or did you recently turn this way?”
Lin Ruoxi stood up and stretched her body while yawning. “It’s part skill part experience. We’ve been together long enough. A year ago, I probably couldn’t guess anything.”
“Stop being cocky, so what if you guessed it correctly? Can you guess what Yang Lie did and said at our house then?” Yang Chen grumbled.
Lin Ruoxi walked to him and held his arm. “Why don’t you tell me while I have my breakfast?”
Yang Chen asked curiously, “You want to listen to my boring story? Aren’t you busy?”
Lin Ruoxi shook her head. “It’s not boring. You can still take care of me even if I go bankrupt but I can’t save a broken family.”
“Lin Ruoxi, are you falling ill? You’re not usually like this.” Yang Chen was even more surprised.
The smile on her face faded. “What about you? It isn’t like you to be this dispirited.”
Yang Chen looked at her in silence with a stunned expression, as if he had lost his voice.
“I don't know what Yang Lie said or did and I don't know what Mom thinks about it, but you should know who she believes in since she has chosen to live with us. Unless you think you’ll lose to Yang Lie?” Lin Ruoxi pressed on.
Yang Chen looked down in silence.
Lin Ruoxi sighed and said, “Follow me.”
Having said that, she walked out of the office and Yang Chen followed suit without uttering a single word.
Lin Ruoxi brought him up to the topmost floor. From this height, they could look over the city and watch the cars drive past.
The breeze caressed their faces, freeing them from their worries temporarily.
They stood in front of the wire fence for a few minutes until Lin Ruoxi broke the silence.
“Yang Chen…”
Yang Chen hummed as a response.
Lin Ruoxi turned around and looked at him. “Hongyan looks much better today.”
Yang Chen’s heart skipped a beat. “Why did you bring this up so suddenly?”
Lin Ruoxi gave a faint smile. “I thought she would still be feeling down but it seems like you did a great job at consoling her.”
Yang Chen tittered. “It’s weird hearing this from you but I guess I did?”
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes glinted mischievously as if she was mocking him. She grabbed the bag of breakfast from Yang Chen and said, “Why don’t we eat here?”
Yang Chen was fine with anything but he stopped her and took off his t-shirt before she could sit down.
Lin Ruoxi blushed. “Why did you take off your clothes?”

Yang Chen spread his t-shirt on the floor and told her, “Sit on my clothes. The floor’s dirty.”
Lin Ruoxi was caught speechless for a while but she recovered quickly and sat down with a faint smile on her face.
Yang Chen joined her on the floor and watched her eat.
“You haven’t told me what happened at home earlier on,” Lin Ruoxi asked while chewing a steamed dumpling.
Yang Chen passed a napkin to her before saying, “It’s nothing much, just that Yang Lie was pretending to be nice and Mom bought it. If I kill him, Mom would never forgive me. But his existence will only cause us more trouble. I bet he was also behind the vampire incident.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Are you feeling upset because Mom defended Yang Lie?”
“I don’t know, I was just thinking if I didn’t forgive her, I wouldn’t be so troubled since we wouldn’t have lived together.”

“No,” Lin Ruoxi said sternly. “She’s your mom and she loves you, no matter what has happened in the past.”
Yang Chen was stunned for a while before he asked her with a gentle voice, “Ruoxi, can I ask you something?”
Lin Ruoxi nodded. “Just ask, we're husband and wife. You can ask me anything.”
“But you might get upset.” Yang Chen pressed on.
Lin Ruoxi hesitated at first but nodded. “It’s fine, just let me hit you if I get upset.”
Yang Chen opened his mouth as though he wanted to rebut her but his lips curled into a bitter smile instead. “I was thinking what if your father won’t ever admit that you’re his daughter, would you cut off all ties with him?”
Lin Ruoxi froze before Yang Chen finished speaking.

Yang Chen hurriedly added, “It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. I’m just curious as to why you place such high importance on family life when it has given you nothing but pain in the past?”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head to let him know that she was fine with it. “I don’t know why you’d think that way, but I can’t do it. You might think I’m useless but I just can’t do it… I can’t erase my feelings, nor can I control and replace it with something else in a short period. No matter how much I try to deny and despise it, it’s an irreplaceable kind of feeling. I might not ever be able to forgive him, and I may even hate him for years, but he’ll always be the one whom I miss and hope to meet occasionally.

“That’s what family means to me. I’m jealous of you because of that. At least your mom really loves you, unlike mine. I don’t even know if he really sees me as his daughter.”
Yang Chen could feel the cold wind breezing past. It was as though his heart was torn apart when he heard her words.
“How could you be so silly? I would kill him without hesitation if it were your wish.” Yang Chen placed his arms around her and pulled her closer.
Lin Ruoxi giggled. “I know I’m silly but I’m trying to be optimistic. I don't know how I can live on without thinking like that.”
“Of course you can live on.” Yang Chen tightened his grip. “No matter what other people say, you are my wife and nothing can change that.”
“Same goes to you…”
Lin Ruoxi muttered, “I want to sleep, I’m so tired…”
Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile. “Who asked you to force yourself to keep working? You’ve been at it for more than a day straight.”
“I’m sleepy because I just ate… Just let me lie down like this and don’t move,” Lin Ruoxi muttered and snuggled into Yang Chen’s chest, her voice getting softer and softer.
Yang Chen gladly obliged, allowing her to lie on his lap. He even hoped that she could lean on him for the rest of the day.
Minutes later, Lin Ruoxi dozed off in his arms.
Yang Chen wanted to nap too. But less than 30 minutes later, a man and a woman dressed in black suits showed up mysteriously.
“Well, well. What a lovely scene we have here. We might have dropped in on the wrong time,” one of them spoke while grinning.

She was a blond, gorgeous woman. She looked flawless under the sunlight. One would’ve never thought that she was a two-hundred-year-old pureblood vampire.