Naturally, the other man who came with Lilith was also a vampire.
He was almost two meters tall and was wearing a black suit with a red tie. He looked every bit as imposing and mighty even when compared to other vampires.
He looked towards Yang Chen with a sharp gaze.
Yang Chen wasn’t bothered by his unfriendly gaze. Lin Ruoxi was still asleep on his chest and he promised to be next to her till she woke up.
Yang Chen used the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and formed a protective barrier around Lin Ruoxi to block off all sound. He turned around with an apologetic smile. “Thanks for coming so quickly. But as you can see, I am a little occupied right now. Why don’t you two find a hotel and rest? Some delay wouldn’t hurt now that the incident has already passed.”

Lilith looked at Lin Ruoxi with an envious gaze. “That’s very sweet of you, Your Majesty Pluto. Alright then, but let me introduce to you—”
“It’s fine.” Her partner cut her off with a deep voice and gave his introduction in Italian. “Lafayette, Marquess of Brujah, fiancé of Lilith.”
Yang Chen was surprised by his self-introduction.
“Lafayette!” Lilith yelled in exasperation. “Go back to Italy if you are going to continue to act like this!”
Yang Chen was glad that he had placed a barrier around Lin Ruoxi. They were causing quite the ruckus.
Lafayette looked at Lilith with a heated gaze. “Lilith, I’ve been courting you for a century now. Even our parents have recognized our status. Why can’t I introduce you as my fiancée?”
“You… I told you before that I don’t acknowledge that engagement. It was just a joke!” Lilith widened her eyes as she rebutted him.
Yang Chen sighed. “Say, if you two lovebirds plan to quarrel, can you do it somewhere else? I’m trying to take a nap with my wife here.”
“No!” Lilith explained hurriedly, “Your Majesty Pluto, don’t listen to his nonsense!”
Yang Chen waved his hands. “I’m not interested…”
Lafayette glared at Yang Chen. “Lilith has been giving me the cold shoulder ever since she met you, Pluto. What did you do to my fiancée?!”
“Lafayette!” Lilith’s eyes turned red in rage. “I allowed you to follow me because of Camarilla’s orders. But those orders come with the condition that you do not upset our ally!”
”I’m just questioning this human about my fiancée! There’s nothing wrong with that!” Lafayette scowled.
Yang Chen was totally confused. I didn’t do anything to Lilith though. She was the one to seduce me. No man could withstand that. Plus, how can he blame me when he’s being rejected by Lilith? he thought.
Yang Chen was humoured by his own thoughts. He wasn’t even handsome, yet it felt like he was always in the way of others’ love lives.
He giggled, and from the front he looked rather creepy since he was half-naked while holding Lin Ruoxi in his arms.
Lilith’s jaw dropped in shock and Lafayette gave a dirty look to Yang Chen.
“Hmph, so-called Pluto… he’s just a muggle. I don’t know why Lord Sargeras places you with such high regard, but I’ll never acknowledge you.” Lafayette lifted his chin. “Lilith and I will look into this incident and investigate if the proprietor’s a vampire so you can enjoy your nap with your muggle wife. Don’t ever meet my fiancée after we’re done with this! Oppose me, and I will snap your neck in two!”
Having said so, Lafayette vanished into thin air.
Yang Chen remained seated all this while. His eyes flickered for a second when Lafayette left.
Lilith explained hurriedly, “Your Majesty Pluto, please ignore his words. He’s brash and his ego is bigger than his head.”
“I’ll decide what to do from now on. You can go along with him while I accompany my wife here. Let me know if you need help with finding the proprietor,” Yang Chen said softly.
Lilith shook her head. “It shouldn’t be too hard. We brought along a device with us that aids in tracking vampires. So as long as he’s still in Zhonghai, we can track him down immediately.”
Yang Chen wasn’t aware of a device like that but shrugged it off. Having lived for centuries, the vampires would have developed their own technology.

“Oh yeah.” Yang Chen was reminded of something. “If you come across a lowlife vampire called Mourinho, let him go. For the others, contact me when you find them, regardless if you need help. Don’t kill them, I still have some questioning to do.”
Lilith wondered what he was up to, but she didn’t question him. She just left after giving him a nod.
Although they had spent an intimate night together in Paris back then, it didn’t really mean anything to the both of them. It was just a night fueled with passion.
So even though they liked each other, nothing would happen between them.
Yang Chen wouldn’t treat Lilith as his lover and Lilith wouldn’t trust him fully.
Her identity as a vampire also meant that she would be living a long life so even if Yang Chen was a main god, he would only be part of her long life.
At the same time, in a beach house in Zhonghai, a man sat on a long leather couch while looking out at the window.

He was a Caucasian man with tanned skin, currently holding a wine glass in his hands.
He muttered as he sipped on it, “Do you know what the sweetest blood in the world is? The first one is blood from a passionate man with a well-built body. The second is the blood of a virgin and the last one, the tastiest one, is from a newborn baby.”
Footsteps echoed throughout the hall.
The man sneered. “Did you hunt again?”
The Caucasian man licked his lips. “Why would I do that? The whole Zhonghai is looking for me and I’m no match for your brother.”
“He’s not my brother.”
Yang Lie opened the door and walked out to the patio. He turned around and said with a strained voice, “He’s just an incredibly ignorant bastard.”
The Caucasian man lifted his eyebrows. “Looks like you managed to fool him? I thought you would’ve returned half dead.”
“Haha!” Yang Lie guffawed. “He might have had the upper hand in the past but rest assured, I will be the one toying him from now on.”
“Why are you so sure? What if he insists on killing you regardless of what your mother says?” he asked curiously.
Yang Lie extended his hand and gripped something midair. “He won’t… and he can’t.”
“Because he has always been alone.” Yang Lie smirked.
“Humans huh…”
Yang Lie said cockily, “Yes, all humans have feelings. When they have someone they care about, it becomes a weakness. So if he cares about his family, friends, and lovers, he’ll never be a true god. He is defeatable!”