Realization washed over the man’s face. “You are a changed man. Yan Buwen has taught you well.”

Yang Lie’s eyes glinted as he dashed in front of the man and gripped his neck. “Stop pretending in front of me! I’m different from you, I rely on myself. You are only alive because of your father…”
“Don’t be triggered so easily. We’re both aware that Yan Buwen’s the true hero and we should be lucky that we’re both still alive now.”

He wasn’t upset by Yang Lie’s action as he smiled while pulling Yang Lie’s hands away from his neck. “Two members of the Camarilla are coming for me, shouldn’t you hide? Yan Buwen did not say you were allowed to be revealed just yet.”

“Are you sure you can handle them?” Yang Lie sounded doubtful.

The man yawned. “In the past, no. But now, it wouldn’t even matter if their parents were to come with them…”

Yang Lie didn’t prod any further and flashed away to his car.

Just when he drove off, Lilith and Lafayette appeared right at the patio where Yang Lie stood seconds ago.

“Hi, haven’t seen the two of you in a while. The ever so beautiful Miss Lilith and always so unfriendly Marquess Lafayette,” he greeted them casually.

Lafayette looked at him in disdain. “I knew it was you, Drogba. Your idiocy is unprecedented. No one can save you this time.”

“Don’t be such a buzzkill. Shouldn’t we just sit and enjoy the view? It is rare for the three of us to meet. The graceful princess of the Ventrue clan, the mighty heir of the Brujah clan and I, a minion of the Sabbat from the Tzimisce clan. Care for a glass of blood?”

“I have no interest to join your little party. It would be in your best interest to run while you still can.” Lilith’s face was cold and emotionless.

Drogba sighed and lowered his head. “Do you know why vampires had a period of downfall?”

Lilith and Lafayette exchanged looks and frowned.

“It’s because of the mindset that vampires are so accustomed to. Their stubbornness pulled them down…” Drogba lifted his head with glinting eyes. “You’re too innocent. Did you guys really think I waited here out of boredom?”
“You’re full of shit talk you know that?” Lilith sneered. Something glistened at her hand—the Massacre Blade, one of the blood race’s magical weapons.
Drogba placed his wine glass down and loosened his shoulders as he said, “I asked if you like the view because I wanted to check if you liked the graveyard I got for you both. I’ll take your silence as acceptance.”
Lafayette laughed out of anger. “Well well well, you seem to have a massive amount of unearned confidence. I sincerely hope that you would put up a fight seeing as though I have beaten you time and time again.”
Red flashes shone through his hands and an axe appeared out of thin air. It was a two-meter crescent-shaped axe with red fuller.

“I’m really jealous of your axe. Lucky for me, it will be mine once I kill you,” taunted Drogba.

“You can try!” Lafayette snorted
The next second, he waved his axe and aimed it right towards Drogba!
Drogba managed to avoid his attack even though he didn’t seem prepared for it.
Lafayette continued his flurry of attacks. An ordinary human would have only seen afterimages of each swing!
His moves were completely different from those of Lilith, but the results were equally as mindblowing!

However so, Drogba was much faster than he had expected!
No matter how hard he tried to attack, Lafayette could never manage to lay an attack on him!
“Why is this happening? His speed… he’s at least three times stronger than before!”
Lilith and Lafayette were both shaken to their cores. They finally knew why Drogba was so confident in his abilities!
“No matter how fast you are, you can’t get away!”
Lafayette moved his axe back and when he swung it forward, red mist formed around him!
Immediately after that, the mist became part of the axe and together they formed a gigantic axe!
Drogba was about to slip away but the mist was moving much faster than he was!
Drogba jumped and tried to escape from the top!
But before he could do so, Lilith, who was waiting for an opportunity, jumped and attacked him from above!
Lilith was much faster than Lafayette, making it harder for Drogba to escape!
Their axe and sword both landed their blow on Drogba at the same time and he was cut in half!
Lafayette and Lilith exchanged looks and breathed out in relief as they retracted their weapons.
To be honest, they were slightly frightened by Drogba’s strength.
But something changed before they could fully grasp what had just happened!
Drogba’s body had started to reassemble itself!
The blood and flesh were pulled and joined together by a mysterious power. In the next minute, Drogba had revived!

He gasped and looked at them with a lunatic gaze. “Playtime is over. Time to get serious.”
No matter how tough Lilith proved to be, she wasn’t invincible.

“How… how can this happen?!” she exclaimed as she took a step back in shock.

Lafayette was dumbfounded too and he muttered to himself, “He should be bleeding profusely because of the curse. Why… How could this happen?!”
Drogba said in disdain, “I told you. Your century-old ways of thinking have been hindering your progress. Not only you guys, but even the main gods will also face the true Ragnarök…”

“What nonsense. Don’t think this is over so fast!” Lafayette lifted his chest, summoning his war rage again!

“Eh, whatever. There’s no point explaining this since your lives are just about over anyway.”
Drogba shook his head and when he looked at them again, his gaze was dark and eerie.
“I’m warning you. I was just toying around earlier but now, prepare to face my full wrath…”
Drogba vanished before he even finished his sentence!
In the next second, he reappeared next to Lafayette and landed a blow on his chin!

With a groan, Lafayette flew up to the sky!
Lilith quickly raised her sword to defend herself but Drogba was already positioned behind her!

His fist landed on her head and with a loud smack before Lilith turned into ashes!

“Oh… a double?”

The real Lilith appeared right behind Drogba. In a red flash, she swung her sword down hard!

Drogba turned into ashes too!
Lilith’s eyes widened. She had been cheated too!
“You're the only one dying today…”
Drogba slapped her back and launched her several meters away, leaving a trail of blood behind!

With a splash, she had fallen into the sea!