The battle between the vampires happened at speeds not visible to the human eye.
Lafayette started to see red when he saw Lilith being beaten up by Drogba.
He waved his gigantic axe so hard that his veins started pulsing while running towards Drogba!
“Blood avalanche!”
A huge gust of red mist started to swirl together and make its way to Drogba with the force of an avalanche!
Drogba cackled. “It’s a shame that such a powerful artifact was wasted on you!”
His clothes were ripped to shreds as his muscles grew!
“Come on!”
Drogba growled and faced Lafayette straight on!
Lafayette was shocked to see that the red mist was blocked by a mysterious power. It didn’t seem to have affected Drogba at all!
How could this be… His body! It isn’t a body of the blood race! Lafayette realized that Drogba had changed the constitution of his body!
But he didn’t have time to hesitate as he swung his axe forward again, this time aiming at his shoulder!
Drogba caught the axe with his bare hands!
“Hmph.” He smirked. “Too weak.”
The moment he ended his sentence, Drogba threw his fist at Lafayette’s chest!
It went straight through his chest!
Lafayette widened his eyes in anger and growled as he stepped back immediately.
His heart was unharmed so Lafayette was still alive. Drogba seemed to have purposefully let him live.
But what frightened Lafayette was the fact that his wound did not heal on its own!
That mysterious power was preventing the wound from healing, causing his blood to gush out of the wound.

“What… what is this power?! Are you even still a vampire?!” Lafayette grumbled.
Drogba didn’t bother to answer him. Instead, he opted to face the sea.
Lilith had already come out of the sea and was standing by the beach, panting while water dripped down her blond hair.
Her sword was glowing red as she wiped off the blood by her mouth.
“Lilith, you know that I’ve always liked you. Let me cut you a deal, become my servant and I will treat you well.” Drogba smirked.
“The Tzimisce clan might be a member of the vile Sabbat, even if the clan members are ugly, you're still a vampire. Drogba, you really are dumb for giving up your post as the heir to the Tzimisce clan and becoming a biological weapon for a psychopath.”
“Woman, don’t waste your breath on that. Who cares about the Tzimisce clan?! I’m no longer the cowardly Drogba! Strength is the only thing that matters. Not even your parents would be able to defeat me! It’s only a matter of time before I take over the blood race! Only then would the stubborn elders know that I’m the most honorable descendant!” Drogba laughed.
Lilith sneered. “Don’t be cocky, I’ll admit that we are no match for you because you’ve changed into a monster. You did not only provoke the blood race, but you have also disturbed someone else. Someone far above your league. He will have the final say.”
Drogba scratched his ears and said in disdain, “Oh? You’re saying the ever so great Pluto, Yang Chen?”
Lilith frowned when she saw how unbothered Drogba looked. She thought it was weird even though she was very confident in Yang Chen’s abilities.
At this time, Lafayette struggled to stand up. Pnating, he lifted his axe that was losing its shine. “Lilith, let’s attack together. His power must be running out…”
“How naive of you, the descendant of the Brujah clan,” Drogba taunted. “Come, let us see how much more a man whose feet have failed can take.”
Lafayette was fuming with anger. He tried to suppress his pain and was about to attack when he heard a car engine sound from far.
Drogba and Lilith both looked towards the beach and saw a black BMW X6 speeding toward them.
The car came to a sudden stop and drove into a parking spot. Yang Chen came out of the car leisurely and waved towards them.
He chuckled as he said, “I’m glad I made it in time. The traffic was pretty bad. My wife was still asleep so I took some time to place her on the sofa without waking her up.”
Lilith breathed out in relief and her lips curled into a relaxed smile.
On the other hand, Lafayette was annoyed by his appearance. Lilith must have sent him their location which meant that she didn’t acknowledge his ability.
But he didn’t know that, without Yang Chen’s interruption, he would’ve already lost his head.

“Pluto?” Drogba grinned. “I’ve been waiting for you.”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to answer him. Instead, he walked towards Lafayette who was still bleeding profusely and could barely stand straight. He grinned as he asked, “Are you dying yet?”
Devastated, Lafayette snorted. “Back off! Defeat him if you claim to be so strong! Only then will I recognize your strength!”
Yang Chen was still grinning but his eyes gleamed with malice. “Hmm, it seems like you still have some fight left in you. Why don’t I send you off…”
Lafayette didn’t have a chance to respond when Yang Chen smacked his head with his left hand!
With a loud crash, Lafayette had burst into pieces!
His skull was badly cracked and it had sunken into his abdomen!
Slowly, his body started to burn into ashes under the sun!
Lilith and Drogba could barely think straight. They realized what had happened only when Yang Chen retreated his hand.
Lilith’s smile froze. “Your Majesty Pluto! Why did you kill Lafayette?! Our enemy is this traitor, Drogba from the Tzimisce clan!!”
Yang Chen shook his hands and said in a cold manner, “I don’t take kindly to threats. If I recall correctly, he threatened to break my neck at the rooftop. If I wasn’t holding my wife and had no time to deal with him, he would have died at that very spot.”
Lilith’s body turned cold. She couldn’t imagine someone being killed by a single sentence they spoke!
Most importantly, the Camarilla and Yang Chen were on friendly terms. Even if they weren’t allies, they had collaborated together before.
But Yang Chen wasn’t bothered by the fact that Lafayette was a member of the Brujah clan and the owner of the artifact.
“He’s… he’s the son of the Prince of Brujah. Your Majesty Pluto, what you did was…” Lilith was exasperated.
Yang Chen said nonchalantly, “Whatever qualms he has, he can take it up with me. But if he is smart, he will give up and try for another son. Hopefully, a smarter one.”
Having said so, Yang Chen turned around to face Drogba. He frowned as he looked at the buff guy with tanned skin. “No wonder the Tzimisce clan loves to take over other people’s bodies. You’re absolutely ugly. Why couldn’t Yan Buwen have chosen a nicer looking one when he modified your body?”
“I don’t get what you’re saying, but… I like what you did to Lafayette.” Drogba’s eyes were filled with bloodlust.