Yang Chen looked around. “If you don’t know of Yan Buwen… then what about Yang Lie? Why isn’t he here to back you up? Did he decide to depart early?”
“Who’s Yang Lie? I don’t know either of them.” Drogba chuckled.
Yang Chen sighed. “You really just want to die. Do you think the mysterious powers Yan Buwen gave to you will save you?”
“No. I’m not thinking that at all.” Drogba let out a lopsided smile. “Even the clone couldn’t beat you so how could I possibly win? I’m not that stupid. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time planning my escape.”
Yang Chen was starting to get bored of his monologuing.

He walked towards Drogba while saying, “It took me three to four hits to kill the clone. How many do you think you will need?”
Drogba stayed still and sneered, “Pluto, why don’t you call home and check on them?”
Yang Chen was startled. Home?
He had already sent the Sea Eagles over to take care of them, so what could possibly go wrong?
“It’s up to you if you trust me. You may attack me if you wish but will you do it at the expense of your family?”
Yang Chen hesitated at first but he reckoned Drogba couldn’t get away anyway so he took out his phone and called home.
It took a few rings before someone picked up the phone.
It was Guo Xuehua and she sounded as though she was trembling.
Yang Chen frowned immediately. “Mom, what happened?”
Guo Xuehua took a deep breath. “Yang Chen… someone came into our house with two men who had fainted. They blocked Yulan and me from leaving. Luckily Zhenxiu isn’t home. What is happening?”

Yang Chen was shocked! Could the two men be members of the Sea Eagles?
Did Yan Buwen send another clone over? But if that clone didn’t have abilities similar to those of the main gods, how could he have knocked the Sea Eagles out cold?!
Did Yan Buwen form an army of gods?!
Yang Chen’s facial expression was unreadable when he saw how cocky Drogba looked. “Mom, let him answer the phone.”
The phone was passed around and Yang Chen was surprised to hear the person’s voice.
“Your Majesty Pluto, do you still remember me?”
It dawned on him and Yang Chen immediately pieced together the big puzzle he had been trying to solve!
Lilith saw his shocked expression and was even more confused to hear the word ‘Mourinho’.
“That’s right, it’s me.” Mourinho guffawed. “Thanks to you, I managed to escape the annoying royal members of the Camarilla and break into your house.”
Yang Chen pinched his nose bridge. “You were with them all along?”
“Bingo, congratulations. You are right.” Mourinho grinned. “How was my acting? Oscar-worthy, don’t you think? I think you were touched by my acting skills last night. I wanted to laugh at the stupidity of the situation so badly but held it in.”
Yang Chen’s face was dark, as though he was drowned in black clouds.
Lilith couldn’t help but ask, “Your Majesty Pluto, isn’t Mourinho the lowlife that you asked us to let go, what’s wrong with him?”
Drogba said in disdain before Yang Chen could reply, “Let me tell you what happened, Miss Lilith. Mourinho acted out a perfect Shakespeare tragedy in front of our ever so mighty Pluto. He tried to avenge his human lover and was manipulated by someone else. And His Majesty Pluto fell for it. I suppose he’s too naive to believe that a vampire would actually love a muggle?

“Haha! That singer Lu Yao was a servant of Mourinho. He killed her and claimed that he was avenging her later. She might have been a superstar to the humans but to us, she was nothing but a slave. She had served her purpose by dying and bringing trouble to you guys…”
Lilith was shocked, looking at Yang Chen in disbelief. She could have never imagined that Yang Chen was manipulated by them!
Yang Chen tightened his fists. He started trembling in rage.
No wonder the Sea Eagles couldn’t sense his presence. The blood race were stealthy creatures and masters of hypnosis.
The thing Yang Chen was most upset about was that he was fooled by them, just because he felt bad for him?! He had let the culprit go with his own hands?!
“Now, can I leave yet?”
Drogba laid out his palms and grinned. “I believe Your Majesty Pluto wouldn’t dare to risk the life of your family members just to kill me, would you?”
Drogba and Mourinho had planned this well. Once Drogba managed to get away, Mourinho would bring his family away. As long as they weren’t caught by Yang Chen immediately, they could hide under the aid of Yan Buwen. Even Lilith’s tracker wouldn’t help to trace them down.
At the same time, Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma would have been the perfect pawns to control Yang Chen with.
But Yang Chen remained quiet at the change of events.
Lilith tried to persuade him. “Your Majesty Pluto, why don't we let him live for a few more days? It’s not your fault that he’s too sly. We shouldn’t place your family in danger.”
Yang Chen didn't respond, as if deep in thought.
Lilith thought he was still contemplating the outcomes. She began to worry. “Your Majesty Pluto, don’t act rashly! Drogba isn’t an ordinary vampire. He’s the son of Prince Raphael from the Tzimisce clan. Killing him means declaring war with Prince Raphael. The Camarilla hasn’t been at peace with Sabbat so it’s fine for us but my father said that Prince Raphael’s strength is unpredictable. Please think twice before doing anything…”
Yang Chen lifted his head abruptly.
His gaze wasn’t filled with rage or regret. Instead, he smiled and said to her, “Lilith, thanks for consoling me but I don't need it. I was feeling particularly good these few days so I might have forgotten that some creatures were just cold blooded…”
“Hmm?” Lilith couldn’t understand what he was saying.
Yang Chen smirked and told Drogba, “You know what, you’ve committed a fatal mistake…”
Drogba was already puzzled by his expression and when he heard that, he rebutted out of reflex. “What mistake?”
Yang Chen scratched his head. “Well I can’t blame you for not knowing… I avoided doing this because I didn’t want to face the tribulations that came with it …”
“What are you trying to say? Is this a pretense? Stop joking!” Drogba snorted. He tore his clothes away and walked towards the parking lot. “If you dare to attack, Mourinho can sense when I’ve gotten too weak. Your family members will die. Alright… I’ve no time to play games with you.”
“This isn’t a game…”
Yang Chen muttered and vanished at the next second!
Drogba felt something cold behind his back but before he could react, Yang Chen caved his head in all the way into his chest!
But he didn’t turn into pieces even though Yang Chen used the same strength since Drogba’s body was much tougher than Lafayette!
Even so, he had been incapacitated in a matter of seconds!
Lilith exclaimed in shock. Wouldn’t Mourinho kill Yang Chen’s family members?! Did he just give up his mother to kill a pawn?
But she was proven wrong!
Yang Chen had vanished again right after he buried Drogba into the sand!
At the same time, a hand appeared out of thin air and gripped Mourinho’s neck in the Xijiao villa!