Mourinho was about to slice Guo Xuehua’s throat when he sensed Drogba’s demise!
But he couldn’t understand how Yang Chen had appeared and interrupted him at the exact moment!
“Using one’s sympathy is worse than using one’s hatred...” Yang Chen said in his ears.
At the next second, Yang Chen shot his hand and grabbed his heart before crushing it!
Mourinho was just a minion so he didn’t have the mysterious power to repair his body. The moment his heart was crushed, his life as a vampire ended too!
Guo Xuehua and Wang Ma turned pale in disbelief.
Yang Chen vanished again before they could run into his arms.
In the next second, Yang Chen had reappeared at the beach and blocked Drogba from leaving!
The mysterious power had just repaired Drogba’s body when Yang Chen attacked again!
Drogba tried to resist but nothing else happened other than him breaking his own arms.
All of this happened within seconds. Lilith witnessed it all with her jaw wide agape. She would’ve looked cute if she wasn’t disheveled from the fight.
Drogba was torn into two as he fell onto the sand with a round of agonizing screams.
Yang Chen did not continue his attacks. Instead, he waited for Drogba to heal.
“Say, where’s Yan Buwen?” Yang Chen questioned him with a cold voice.
He had previously ordered his subordinates to search for Yan Buwen all over the world, but their search proved to be in vain.
The search progressed rather slowly since they couldn’t search for him in an obvious manner due to Yan Buwen’s abilities.
Getting it from Drogba would have been much easier and quicker.
But Drogba wouldn’t do as he wished.

Blood was oozing out of his mouth as the remaining power was insufficient to revive him once more.
“You… really are strong…” Drogba replied unwillingly. “If… if I told you, would you let me go?”
“No,” Yang Chen replied. “But at least you would have someone to join you.”
Drogba’s eyes were red as he cackled, “Join me?! How foolish of you! Let me tell you this Pluto, you’ll never find Yan Buwen even if it means I have to die. And let me tell you, when he returns, you will be the only one to join me!”
Damn it! I knew it!
Yang Chen had wondered why he would cause troubles that weren’t harmful to him or the ones around him.
Were they here as distractions? Bringing trouble to us so that I don’t have time to care about Yan Buwen?! he thought.
Yan Buwen must have been accumulating the power from the God’s Stone ever since he realized he could harm Yang Chen with it.
Yang Chen wasn’t really scared. After all, he was much stronger than Yan Buwen. But putting his confidence aside, if anything really happened to the people around him, it wouldn’t be fun anymore!
Now that things had come down to this point, Yang Chen stopped hesitating. Drogba was obviously not willing to cooperate, so there was no reason to keep him alive.
And with that, Yang Chen summoned a wave of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and blasted Drogba to ashes!
Lilith shivered as she watched Drogba get reduced into basically nothing. Seconds ago he was still cackling and now he vanished into thin air, being blown away by the sea breeze.
After witnessing all this, Lilith had thrown all her romantic feelings for Yang Chen away and only wished to be friends with him.
Well of course if he wanted her, it would be an honor. But she doubted it would happen since he was always surrounded by women and she was two centuries older than him…
Now that Drogba and Mourinho were both dead, things had come to an end. For now.
As for Lu Yao’s death, since the government and the police couldn’t possibly announce the existence of the blood race, they had to fake evidence to cover it up. Yang Chen wasn’t too bothered by how they decided to handle the case.
No matter how curious the media was, the government was still the one in charge. In the end, they could only modify the articles that were harmful to Yu Lei.
Finally, Zhao Hongyan managed to prove her innocence and showed that Yu Lei was framed by their competitors. The public was sympathetic and supportive of their hardships, believing that it was normal for the strong to be other people's main targets.
Lilith didn’t dare to say anything about Lafayette’s death but she was pretty salty about it.
Even if she lied saying that Drogba had killed Lafayette, it was still hard for her in Camarilla because of Lafayette’s identity as a core member of the Brujah clan.
However, she didn’t dare to question Yang Chen’s actions and returned to Europe with the axe.
On the other hand, Yang Chen suppressed his anger and contacted all his subordinates to increase the coverage area and track down Yan Buwen! He couldn't afford to miss out on a remote laboratory!
Plus if Yan Buwen wanted to carry out research, he would need large amounts of money to buy the materials. Yang Chen believed that even Yan Buwen wouldn't be able to just produce money out of thin air!
Their lives had finally returned to peace three days later.
Yang Chen was training the ladies with their cultivation and was frustrated by their progress.
Other than Cai Ning who had managed to enter the Xiantian stage, the others were relatively slow, even for the talented Rose.
Although she had managed to learn something in the rain, she wasn’t as gifted as Yang Chen.

Based on her progress, she would be in her forties before she would enter the Xiantian stage!
And if Rose was going to take that long, the others would be well into their sixties before they might reach the Xiantian stage!
Technically if it was in the ancient times, normal people would not be able to reach the Xiantian stage even if they were a hundred. But with Yang Chen’s unique training, even the newest of people should be able to enter the Xiantian stage with relative ease.
But Yang Chen couldn’t wait any longer. Neither could the ladies accept that they could only retain their beauty in their sixties! That was too late for them!
Yang Chen couldn’t share this revelation with them, lest he freak them out.
Luckily, they still had many years to go and Yang Chen believed that he could come up with something to speed up their cultivation progress.
At the end of July, just a few days before Hui Lin’s concert, they finally gathered to celebrate Tang Tang and Zhenxiu’s enrolment into Zhonghai University.
Yang Jieyu was so excited that she called Yang Chen in the morning to rush them. She even reminded him to bring Hui Lin, hoping that she would sing.
It was already summer at Zhonghai but it didn’t feel so hot at the Yuan residence since it was covered by trees.
Yang Chen brought the ladies over with Yang Jieyu and there was already a decent spread laid out on the table by the pavilion. The chefs were even setting up a barbecue grill. It was supposed to be a small party, but now it looked much bigger than expected.
Tang Wan and Tang Tang had already arrived. They were eating some corn by the lake. Tang Tang’s face was dirty and her mom chided while wiping her face, “Look at you. How did you manage to dirty your face while eating corn?”
Tang Tang smiled sheepishly as she munched on the corn stub.
Tang Wan was exasperated and greeted them before telling Tang Tang, “Your future in-laws are here. Please behave yourself.”
Tang Tang didn't respond, instead she stopped eating and stared at her mom with big round eyes. Tang Wan sighed when her daughter burped.
The Tang and Yuan clans were close with each other since the marriage between Yuan Ye and Tang Tang was confirmed, so it was like staying at their own home.
Guo Xuehua was busy talking to Yang Jieyu but noticed that Yuan Hewei was present but not Yuan Ye. She asked curiously, “Where’s Yuan Ye, isn’t he always with Tang Tang?”
Yang Jieyu chuckled. “We have some rare guest appearances coming over so Yuan Ye is on his way to pick them up. It’s a coincidence but you’ll know who they are soon enough.”