Guo Xuehua was excited to know who the guests were since Yang Jieyu was being so mysterious about it.
Yuan Hewei walked over and sighed. “How rare for us to get together. Yang Chen even brought Ruoxi along too. Oh yeah, Hui Lin, Sister Wang, and Zhenxiu, please make yourselves at home. Eat whatever you want and don’t be shy. Let us enjoy what little time we have together.”
The others relaxed and went about eating and drinking after his mini-speech.
Zhenxiu joined Tang Tang with the barbecue. She was experienced at it since she used to work at night markets.
Tang Tang asked her curiously, “Zhenxiu, do you know how to make Korean barbecue?”
Zhenxiu replied, “I do but the ingredients are quite different. Also, Korean barbecue is better prepared with a pan and an induction cooker. They would spread a layer of oil and fry tenderloin, steak, and sirloin.”
“Sounds really tasty… Why don’t we make it?! I can ask Aunt and Uncle to bring the induction cooker over! I’m craving for beef liver and tongue!” Tang Tang beamed with excitement.
Zhenxiu pinched her cheeks, “You pig! You just had breakfast and now you’re craving for beef tongue?”
Tang Tang covered her face and muttered while looking at her mom who was sipping juice on a lounge chair, “Zhenxiu, how could you pinch me? My mom’s looking at you. You’re just bullying me cause you know I can’t do anything about—”
Tang Wan cut her off before she could finish her sentence. “Zhenxiu, next time pinch harder. She has always been so simple-minded and I’ve spanked her butt many times. Her skin is thick so it wouldn’t hurt.”
Speechless, Tang Tang almost did a double-take. “Mom! How could you compare my butt to my face?!”
The maids laughed when they heard her shrieks.
Guo Xuehua smiled and told Yang Jieyu, “Your future daughter-in-law is quite goofy.”
Yang Jieyu sighed and shook her head. “My son loves her. What more can I say?”
“Tang Wan wouldn’t be happy to hear this, she might say that Tang Tang’s too naive but she cares for her a lot,” Yang Chen chided while munching on some pecan.
“Oh, why does it sound like you know Tang Wan very well?” Yang Jieyu teased him.
Yang Chen choked, surprised to hear that. He smiled sheepishly since he wasn’t sure if Yang Jieyu knew about his relationship with Tang Wan.
Lin Ruoxi pinched his thighs when she heard him and pretended like nothing had happened. She was dressed in a plain floral dress since she didn’t want to outshine Tang Tang and Zhenxiu, the heroines of the day. Even so, her beauty only looked less intimidating.
Yang Chen gave a bitter laugh. It seemed like Lin Ruoxi was most jealous of Tang Wan, probably because they were both very similar.
“Dear, do you want some snacks? You didn’t eat a lot for breakfast earlier, so it’s fine to have snacks after training.” Yang Chen grinned.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head as a rejection. “No.”
“How about pecans?”
“No.” Lin Ruoxi shook her head again. “You can peel it for Hui Lin, she likes to eat pecans.”
Hui Lin was standing by the lake, looking at the view. She waved her hand hurriedly with a flushed face when she heard her name. “Brother Yang, don’t listen to her, I don’t eat pecans.”
Lin Ruoxi was confused. “Didn’t you tell me you loved pecans? You said that you always ate them behind your grandma’s back when you were in Mount Emei.”
Hui Lin was embarrassed and she said sheepishly, “Interests and food preferences change… That was a long time ago.”
Yang Jieyu giggled. “Ruoxi really cares for Hui Lin huh. Oh ya, Hui Lin, what’s your ideal type now that you’re a superstar?”
“Huh?” Hui Lin wasn’t expecting a question like this. She looked down and shook her head. “I… I don’t know.”
Yang Jieyu giggled in amusement. “Oh sweetie, there’s no need to be shy. You’re already in your twenties. Let me tell you something, don’t choose a celebrity. The people living in your world are… tainted. Find someone reliable and get married early. It would be troublesome to get married later on in your life.”
Guo Xuehua nodded in agreement. She wanted to say her younger son would be a good candidate but she was reminded that Yang Chen was unhappy with Yang Lie so she didn’t dare to mention him. “She’s right ,Hui Lin. It's better to have someone next to you who would treat you well. There’s no harm in trying.”
Yang Chen, Lin Ruoxi, and Hui Lin kept quiet, aware of her not-so-subtle hinting.
Yang Chen thought it was fine for Hui Lin to marry anyone as long as she liked the person, but Yang Lie? Never! Ever since he associated himself with Yan Buwen, he was already doomed.
Lin Ruoxi’s thinking was much simpler. She married Yang Chen and nothing would change the fact that he was her husband. So if Yang Chen didn't like Yang Lie, she wouldn’t like him too. Plus, Yang Lie always gave her bad vibes.
They continued to chat and the atmosphere got merrier when Tang Wan joined them.
Yuan Hewei and Tang Wan were in a heated discussion with Lin Ruoxi, regarding the trouble faced by Yu Lei International few days ago.

On the other hand, Zhenxiu was whispering to Tang Tang and they kept sneaking glances at the adults as if they were sharing secrets.
Tang Wan witnessed their interaction and asked Yang Chen when she was suddenly reminded of something, “Oh ya, I heard that Zhenxiu’s mother is the heir of the Starmoon Group in Korea? And I heard that the chairman, Park Cheon, wants Zhenxiu to inherit the company. Is that true?
Lin Ruoxi replied coldly before Yang Chen could speak, “Yes.”
Yang Chen was speechless, Lin Ruoxi was really jealous of Tang Wan to the extent that she wouldn’t let him talk to her.
Tang Wan wasn’t bothered. She was used to Lin Ruoxi’s attitude towards her anyway. She smiled gently and said, “If that’s true then our Tang Tang’s really smart. Once Zhenxiu inherits the Starmoon Group, the Tang clan would be able to penetrate the Korean market.”
“Don’t taint their pure friendship with your business mindset.” Lin Ruoxi frowned in disapproval.
Tang Wan rebutted, “You're a businesswoman too, don't tell me you never thought of that? They’re one of the top companies in Asia and who would miss a chance to collaborate with them? I won’t believe you even if you said no.”
Lin Ruoxi made a face. “Zhenxiu gets to choose where she wants to stay.”
“I wasn’t forcing her to go back. Are you assuming something, President Lin?” Tang Wan giggled.
Lin Ruoxi gritted her teeth and flames were dancing in her eyes.
Yuan Hewei shivered as he watched their interaction, secretly detesting Yang Chen for his affair with Tang Wan. Moreover, Yang Chen was just there drinking tea leisurely, not planning to stop them at all.
Yuan Hewei had no choice but to break them apart. “Ruoxi, you haven’t eaten anything yet. There’s still some time till lunch so why don’t you have some glutinous rice balls?”
He signaled the maid to place the boxes in front of Lin Ruoxi.
There were glutinous rice balls in the box, in different flavors and colors!
“I called Yang Chen before to ask what you liked and he said you absolutely love glutinous rice balls from the Zhao’s so I sent someone to get some. Choose whichever flavors you like,” Yuan Hewei said generously.
Lin Ruoxi was distracted by glutinous rice balls in front of her eyes, immediately forgetting her rage towards Tang Wan.
“Ah, Sister Ruoxi, you like to eat glutinous rice balls? Aren’t those for kids? That’s so girly of you!” Tang Tang teased.

Lin Ruoxi blushed in embarrassment before she turned to glare at Yang Chen.
Yang Chen feigned innocence and said, “Dear, why are you looking at me like that? Don’t you love to eat glutinous rice balls? There’s nothing wrong with what I said…”
Tang Wan tried to suppress her laughter. “So you like glutinous rice balls huh, President Lin. Tang Tang used to love eating these when she was in kindergarten. I guess little girls would forever love soft, chewy food.”
At this point, Lin Ruoxi was just about to explode!