Yuan Hewei finally realized what was wrong when he saw the expression on Lin Ruoxi’s face. This was probably a secret of hers since it was so out of character from being a multinational corporation's CEO!
“Oh… Ruoxi, it’s fine if you don’t like it. Yang Chen, how could you lie about your wife’s favorite food?! I’ll have them cleared away.” Yuan Hewei tried to relieve the situation.
Yang Chen felt so betrayed. All he did was tell the truth!
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and stopped him. “It’s fine, I love eating glutinous rice balls.”
Having said so, she picked up one black sesame flavored glutinous rice ball and pinched on it before biting it.
She chewed and smiled at Yang Chen who was still pouting. “How thoughtful of you to remember what I like.”
Yang Chen was surprised by her remark. How could he forget?
By saying this, Lin Ruoxi was making her message was clear to Tang Wan. So what if she liked eating glutinous rice balls? At least Yang Chen remembered it, how about her?
Tang Wan rolled her eyes and pretended that she didn’t hear her. Even so, she was jealous and reminded herself that she had to force Yang Chen to remember her interests next time!
Others were confused by their internal conflict but the ladies did not dare to intervene as they were guests themselves.
About an hour later, Yuan Ye finally brought the ‘rare’ guests home.
Everyone’s reaction to the guests was different when they saw the two men in their military outfits stroll in.
Yang Chen was glad and surprised to see Li Dun but he squinted his eyes when he saw Yang Lie.
He never imagined a world where they would be so close to each other.
Guo Xuehua was happy at first but she immediately became worried about Yang Chen.
Although Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu knew that the brothers weren’t on good terms, they didn’t think much about it since they’d known Yang Lie for more than twenty years. Cutting off all ties with him wasn’t an appropriate move.
“You guys are finally here. The chief wouldn’t mind right that you guys are here for lunch, would he?” Yuan Hewei greeted them with a smile.
Li Dun winked at Yang Chen and replied, “It’s fine, the chief is Commander Yang. We’re close so it’s fine…”
Yang Lie wasn’t awkward at all. He grinned and greeted them. He even walked to Guo Xuehua and Yang Chen to greet them.
Guo Xuehua asked in confusion, “Lie’er, why have you come back so quickly?”
Yang Lie said, “I had a mission. Li Dun and I were supporting a special mission.”
Guo Xuehua nodded in understanding. She might be a normal woman but she knew that military business was confidential.
Yang Lie’s eyes lit up when he saw Hui Lin. “Hui’er, I didn’t know you’d be here.”
Hui Lin frowned as a reply. She couldn’t ignore him completely since that would hurt Guo Xuehua’s feelings.
“Old Yang!”
Li Dun ran forward and slapped Yang Chen’s shoulder. He looked at Lin Ruoxi and grinned. “Nice to meet you, you’re Sister-In-Law, aren’t you? Haha, you really are a beauty. But no one can compare to Tang Xin of course… Eh, why are you looking at me like this? Oh, right, I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Li Dun! Li Dun!

“You’re Lin Ruoxi, right? I knew I guessed correctly! I might only have one eye but it’s a sharp one! Old Yang and I are blood brothers. We dropped blood into liquor and drank it together! Let me know if anyone bullies you. If it’s a guy, I’ll punch his balls. But if it’s a girl… then you can take care of that yourself! Haha!”

“Piss off!”
Yang Chen couldn’t stand listening to him anymore. He grabbed Li Dun and threw him over his shoulders!
Li Dun was startled but he managed to twist around and land on both feet. He exclaimed in shock, “How could you do this, Old Yang?! What have I ever done to you? How could you throw me away just like that?”
Yang Chen ignored him. He lowered his body and stroked Lin Ruoxi’s shoulders. “Don’t be scared, he’s just insane.”
Lin Ruoxi asked in a daze, “Who is he?”
“Uhm…” Yang Chen scratched his head. Li Dun’s self-introduction was as useless as he looked. He tried to explain it in simple terms. “I met him in Beijing. His name is Li Dun and he’s the only son of the Li clan. He’s like that because his family doesn’t give him pocket money so he doesn’t even have enough money to court Tang Wan’s sister. He’s quite unreliable so I wouldn’t hold it against you if you forget him after today.”
Li Dun exclaimed, “That’s so mean of you, Old Yang! I traveled so far to meet you. How could you sell me out and point out my weak sides?”
Yang Chen smirked and glanced at his crotch. “You have strong sides?”
Li Dun wasn’t embarrassed at all. He lifted his eyebrows and grinned. “Why don’t we compare and see?”
Yang Chen touched his forehead. He had forgotten that Li Dun was more shameless than him.
The ladies blushed when they heard this. He really had no filter whatsoever!
Others knew about Li Dun’s background and were surprised to see their interaction. They might have been shouting and fighting but anyone could tell that they were very close.
Guo Xuehua was glad to see that Yang Chen had a male friend since he was always surrounded by ladies.
Especially now that Yan Buwen was missing, compared to the youngsters in Beijing, Li Dun was at the top. He would be a great ally once he inherited the Li clan.
Yang Lie’s eyes darkened as he watched over them.
He was on the flight with Li Dun but they weren’t acquaintances since Li Dun always acted weirdly. He was also the only son of the Li clan which made his position very prestigious. Yang Lie could’ve never imagined that Yang Chen and Li Dun were close friends.
The party became merrier because of the addition of the three youngsters.
Yang Chen didn’t really show any response to Yang Lie’s appearance since Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu were the hosts.
It was impossible for the atmosphere to cool down since Li Dun was so talkative!
“I heard from Elder Brother that Young Master Li was heading to Zhonghai with Yang Lie so I contacted him, knowing that you were friends with Yang Chen. It’s our honor to have you as a guest,” Yuan Hewei said courteously.
Li Dun might seem flighty but everyone knew that he would be a lot different when serious.
“Who would say no to a little free food?” Li Dun said nonchalantly. “Besides I wasn’t rushing to work and I wanted to meet Yang Chen’s wife.”
He winked at Lin Ruoxi.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t stand him. She thought Yang Chen was weird enough but it turned out his friend was just as ‘rare’!
She smiled at Li Dun and secretly scribbled something on Yang Chen’s thighs, ’Just like you’.
Yang Chen couldn’t help but smile bitterly. He had to say that was glad that Li Dun could come. It made things more sufferable.
Yuan Ye came back with a bouquet of roses in hand. There were around forty or fifty roses in the bouquet and he ran in front of Tang Tang.
Tang Tang saw it but she was too shy to react in front of everyone else.
“Tang Tang, I ordered this in the morning. You didn’t really need anything so this is the only thing I could think of as a graduation gift,” Yuan Ye said bashfully.
“You… Why did you choose to give it to me now? It’s so embarrassing,” Tang Tang said so but she took the bouquet with a huge grin.
The ladies were envious of her, especially when they saw how sincere Yuan Ye looked.
Lin Ruoxi looked jealous. “Learn from your cousin. He’s better than you at this.”
Yang Chen tried to remain calm. “His heart is small and mine is bigger, so there are naturally more people in my heart.”
Li Dun heard him even though he had lowered his voice. “Old Yang, how could you say this? You really are more shameless than me!”
Yang Chen pushed Li Dun away and simpered while facing Lin Ruoxi.
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and ignored him.
Now that Yuan Ye mentioned it, everyone else was finally reminded that this party was meant to celebrate Tang Tang and Zhenxiu’s enrolment into Zhonghai University.
One by one, they started to congratulate them.
Zhenxiu smiled sweetly as she received their blessing, but there was a hint of loneliness evident in her eyes…