Guo Xuehua’s eyes started to go red. She did not know what to do. She felt helpless against Yang Chen’s murderous gaze, afraid that he would kill Yang Lie right there.
Tang Wan held her daughter and watched them silently.
Hui Lin turned pale. She wanted so badly to say no and be done with this whole situation.
But no matter how hard she tried, the word would not leave her lips…
It was different from before. This time, she had to be honest.
But if I say it for real, does that mean that I would have to truly give up on him? Then again… it isn’t like I’ve ever had a chance. But why? Why can’t I say it even though I know nothing will ever happen between us? she thought.
Everyone already knew, judging by her facial expression.
Although she didn’t say anything, her facial expression had already confirmed their suspicions.
Lin Ruoxi’s gaze was ice-cold as her heart dropped. But there was nothing she could do.
So what if Hui Lin likes Yang Chen? I can’t prevent anyone from liking my husband, just like Yang Chen couldn’t prevent anyone else from liking me.

But the problem is… this person is Hui Lin!
Lin Ruoxi could imagine how bad Hui Lin must’ve felt, having forced all of her feelings to herself. All she could do was watch Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen live together, being treated as a younger sister.
She was actually innocent and she did nothing wrong. The only problem was her heart, something she had no control over.
Compared to others declaring their love out, Hui Lin had always been discreet about it and it hurt Lin Ruoxi even more because there was nothing she could do to help.
At that time, a warm hand grabbed Lin Ruoxi’s trembling hand from under the table.
Yang Chen sighed deeply and shook his head at her while smiling.
Lin Ruoxi knew he was trying to make her feel better, but it wasn’t helping.
Yang Chen was surprised by Hui Lin’s response too. He had only ever treated Hui Lin like a sister even though his feelings for her were mixed. He had never dwelt much into it.
“Why? Cat got your tongue?” Yang Lie was glaring at her. “I don’t get it, how is he any good? He’s flirty and disloyal, yet there are so many girls who want to be with him? Even you…”
“You… Don’t you dare to say anything bad about Brother Yang!” Hui Lin said angrily. “I won’t accept you no matter what you say! You have no say over my life!”
“Haha, am I too outdated? Or is it that women nowadays would rather like a disloyal man than have someone who’s been courting them for years?” Yang Lie snorted.
The atmosphere around them was awkward. Everyone’s eyes were on Yang Chen who was especially silent. Lin Ruoxi and Tang Wan naturally felt sour. They couldn’t understand how they were attracted to him either.
Yang Chen seemed calm, as if deep in thought.
Li Dun placed his wine glass down and leaned back in his seat. He said in a nonchalant manner, “Yang Lie, it’s not that you're outdated. That’s how a relationship works. Your crush doesn’t have to like you back just because you treat them well.”
“Hmph, what do you even know?” Yang Lie said in disdain.
Li Dun grinned. “Maybe I don’t understand. Even I don't know why the girl I have been pining after wouldn’t accept me. Even when my status and background are much superior to hers, but I do understand why Hui Lin is rejecting you…”
Yang Lie sneered. “Oh, enlighten me.”
“It’s simple,” Li Dun said. “You shouldn’t force her even though she rejected you. If you love her, you should treat her well and put her happiness above your own. Just like how I wouldn’t force Xin’er even if she wouldn’t accept me. I would do anything to make her happy, I don’t know if Old Yang is considered a good man and I’ve no idea how many women he has. But from what I see, no woman can stand you…”

“Shut up!” Yang Lie yelled at him in rage. “You're his friend, of course you would defend him!”
“Haha! Who do you think you are to ask me to shut up?!” Li Dun yelled as he stood up while rolling his sleeves.
Yang Lie said in disdain, “Why, you wanna fight?”
“Just because I cannot beat your brother, doesn’t mean I cannot deal with you.”
“Don’t you think I wouldn’t dare to fight back because you’re from the Li clan, or you’re called the Beijing King Duo? You’re nothing compared to Yan Buwen.” Yang Lie sneered.
“Pft! Sorry Aunt Guo, but I can’t stand your son anymore. He’s an absolute dick.” Li Dun charged forward in annoyance.
Li Dun was already in the Xiantian stage. He was mighty enough even without taking his eyepatch off.
But Yang Lie too had changed. He was no longer the same man after Yan Buwen had altered his genetics.
Li Dun turned around, gathered Xiantian True Qi in his fist, and threw it forward!
Yang Lie retreated in a flash and landed on the grass outside of the bamboo house. He bent his fingers to provoke Li Dun.
Li Dun charged and with a kick, he went straight for Yang Lie’s chest!
Yang Lie didn’t bother to hide and faced him straight on!

Everyone else exclaimed in shock and no one dared to watch.
But Yang Lie only took a few steps back. He was unharmed and seemed to have caught Li Dun’s leg.
“How dare you fight me with this little True Qi?” Yang Lie cackled and threw Li Dun out like a ball!
Li Dun could barely land properly, using his True Qi mid-air to slow himself down.
He panted in shock. “What the heck? You couldn’t even make it past three rounds the last we met. How did you improve so fast? I knew Yan Buwen performed ‘surgery’ on you but how is this happening?!”
“Hmph, how shallow of you.” Yang Lie smirked.
Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu were worried when they saw that Li Dun was no match for Yang Lie. They turned to Yang Chen. “Yang Chen, hurry and stop them! What will we tell his family if Li Dun got hurt!?”
Yang Chen gave no response.
Guo Xuehua exclaimed. “Lie’er! Stop! Don’t fight anymore!”
But Yang Lie couldn’t hear her. His ego was rapidly expanding when he knew that he could defeat Li Dun, someone he used to look up to in the past. He told Li Dun, “How’s that, are you going to admit defeat?”
“You wish!”
Li Dun took off his eye patch, revealing his dark pupils behind it as he summoned the Xiantian True Qi!
Yang Chen’s eyes brightened. Li Dun is really talented at cultivation. I didn’t expect him to improve so much in such a short period of time. Maybe he has gone through some profound revelation since the last time we met. He must’ve reached the last stages of the Xiantian realm! If this goes on, he might enter the Soul Forming stage before turning forty, he thought.
Li Dun attacked again. This time, though, he was three times faster than before. No one except Yang Chen could see his movements. Not even Hui Lin, who was also an exceptionally skilled cultivator!