In a fraction of a second, the wind started to pick up around them. It got to a point where it was howling incessantly and the people within the vicinity had to step back.

Li Dun swung his fists towards Yang Lie from various angles. It happened so quickly that no one was able to keep track of his hands!
Others stared in shock, unable to speak or do anything to stop them!
Yang Jieyu exclaimed, “Yang Chen, hurry up and stop them. This won’t end well either way!”
Yang Chen smiled. “Who am I supposed to help?”
“Yang Lie! Li Dun’s trying to kill him!” Yang Jieyu said.
Yang Chen shook his head. “He doesn't need help.”
“Li Dun’s losing. So I should help him instead,” Yang Chen explained.
Everyone looked at him in disbelief, because from what they could see, Li Dun was gaining the upper hand. So how could Yang Chen say that Yang Lie was winning?!
But before they were able to reach a new understanding, something had changed in their fight!
Yang Lie growled and attacked upwards!
They could see how Li Dun lost his balance as he tried to block Yang Lie’s attack, but was eventually swept off his feet!
The explosion cleared things up and the people in attendance could finally see what was going on!
Yang Lie was unharmed but Li Dun’s outfit was torn at several places!
If it wasn’t for his internal energy and True Qi, he would’ve been lying in his own pool of blood!
Yang Chen was shocked too. He didn’t expect Yang Lie’s physical body to be able to withstand attacks from someone of the Xiantian stage when his own True Qi was insufficient. He was clearly much more powerful compared to Li Dun!
But it wasn’t really a surprise for Yan Buwen to be able to give Yang Lie a body that could match up to that of Yang Chen. After all, he had already made a clone similar to himself.
Of course, Yang Lie’s body was not comparable to Yang Chen’s current body that had already experienced the Tai Qing Heavenly Lightning. Yang Lie’s body was modified based on when Yang Chen was at the Xiantian Full Cycle stage.
If Li Dun couldn’t breakthrough the Xiantian stage and enter the Soul Forming stage to convert his True Qi into True Yuan, he might as well forget about defeating Yang Lie.
“How’s that? Do you admit defeat?” Yang Lie said scornfully.
Li Dun spat out blood. He had sustained some internal injury. He grinned and provoked Yang Lie, “I was just careless. Come again if you dare!”
“You must be joking. How badly do you want to die?!” Yang Lie was seriously enraged. He wasn’t one to hold back his anger so when Li Dun provoked him, he couldn't care less about Li Dun’s identity and just wanted to beat him up!
Everyone let out a breath in relief at first when they saw that Yang Lie was fine, but their hearts froze again when Yang Lie walked towards Li Dun with a murderous gaze!
“Lie’er! That’s enough! Come back!” Guo Xuehua exclaimed in horror.
“Brother Yang, hurry up and stop him! He’s trying to kill Li Dun!” Hui Lin turned pale when she sensed the murderous intent.
Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu couldn’t stand it anymore. The repercussions they would sustain would damage their clan irreversibly!
“Yang Chen! Isn’t Li Dun your friend? Save him!”
Everyone hoped for Yang Chen to stop them since he was the only capable one among them.
Yang Chen was unaffected by their words. “Eh… what if I stop them and harm Yang Lie by accident? Wouldn’t that break my mom's heart?”
His reply startled them and they turn to Guo Xuehua with expectant looks.
“Sister-In-Law, hurry and let Yang Chen stop them! Yang Lie has gone crazy!” Yang Jieyu persuaded her.
Guo Xuehua stood still, not knowing what to do. She didn’t want Yang Chen to attack Yang Lie but it would only bring harm to the Yang clan if Yang Lie were to harm or kill Li Dun. This was not a mistake they would let go of!
Just when Guo Xuehua was still contemplating, Yuan Hewei told Yang Chen, “Yang Chen, don’t worry about what happens next! You have our full support. We’ll be at your side if anything goes wrong!”
Yang Chen grinned. “You should’ve said so earlier. But let me warn you, I might not be able to refrain from hurting him given his mysterious powers…”
Having said so, Yang Chen disappeared from sight and reappeared in front of Li Dun.
Guo Xuehua was feeling anxious. She tried to say something but was pulled by Yang Jieyu from the back.
“Sister-In-Law, Yang Lie isn’t listening to you at all. Look at his eyes, he’s lost his mind! He’s not who he used to be anymore!!”
“She’s right Sister-In-Law, don’t stop Yang Chen. Let him take care of it!”
Guo Xuehua’s expression was full of sorrow as she looked at them. “I know…  But through it all, he is still my son.”
Things were getting heated. Everyone held their breath as they watched the battle between Yang Chen and Yang Lie.
Yang Lie was filled with murderous intent, as if unfrightened by Yang Chen.
Yang Chen squinted his eyes. He could tell that Yang Lie was not in control of his own actions. It might have been a side effect of the modification of his body. It seemed like he would become more fearless and ruthless after a strong shift in emotions.
Yan Buwen might have done it on purpose. A soldier was at his prime when he displayed no signs of fear.
It looked like Yan Buwen wasn’t just making genetic modifications. He was manufacturing killer drones…
Li Dun let out a breath in relief. “Old Yang, I would’ve run away if you didn’t come any sooner!”
Yang Chen turned back to look at him and giggled. “I thought you’ll fight till your last breath like a true soldier.”
“Heck no, that’s only for stupid people!” Li Dun dusted himself and ran away.
Yang Lie’s eyes glinted and he tried to follow him!
Yang Chen wouldn’t let him do that. He extended his hand leisurely to block him. In the next second, he was already in front of Yang Lie before he landed a blow on him!
Yang Lie might have become stronger but he was still weaker compared to Yang Chen.
Yang Lie didn’t give up. After falling, he summoned a weird energy all too familiar to Yang Chen!
“The God’s Stone?!”
This was the power used by the clone, Yan Buwen, and the vampire Drogba. It allowed them to reconstruct their bodies after a fatal wound!
Yang Chen couldn’t have imagined that Yang Lie would have the same power too and it was much stronger than the one Drogba had!
Yang Lie smirked and howled as he charged towards Yang Chen!
This power was effective against him as it opposed the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy. But this did not affect Yang Chen.
He summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy on his hand and pushed it towards Yang Lie to wrap him within!
The power from the God’s Stone was weaker than what Yan Buwen had. As expected, Yan Buwen probably kept the best of it for himself.
Yang Lie’s power could only last for a few seconds. He shrieked as he started to be swallowed by the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy!
His flesh started melting to the point where his bones started to show!
From a distance, it looked as if a human had been placed in a giant mincer!
The whole scene was so surreal to them as they stared in shock!
Guo Xuehua shrieked, tears pouring out of her eyes. “Yang Chen, stop! Stop it!”
Yang Chen pretended not to hear her. The more he hesitated, the stronger Yan Buwen would become!
No matter what happened next, for the safety of those dear to him, Yang Lie had to die even if Guo Xuehua would hate him for the rest of her life!
Yang Lie started to regain consciousness as his body continued to melt away. His eyes were filled with fear when he realized he couldn’t move his body!
If it wasn't because of the power from the God’s Stone repairing his body, he would’ve turned into ashes ages ago!
Yang Chen suddenly trembled and his eyes filled up with disbelief, as the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy dissipated around him.
“How… how…”
Something unbelievable happened. Yang Lie had turned into Guo Xuehua just as he was about to be destroyed!
Guo Xuehua’s palms were slowly disappearing, followed by her arms, her eyes filled with agony, causing Yang Chen’s heart to clench when he heard her painful cries.
“Mom?!” Yang Chen exclaimed.
Guo Xuehua smiled in anguish. “Yang Chen… do you hate Mom that much…”
Yang Chen’s heart fell and he trembled as he retracted his attacks!
But the others couldn’t understand the change of events. Why did Yang Chen release his hold on Yang Lie? Was he worried that he would hurt Guo Xuehua at the very last minute?