Yang Lie saw Yang Chen’s reaction and was confused at the sudden change, but soon realized it was his chance to escape. He quickly repaired his body using the power of the God’s Stone and fled the scene!
Even after Yang Lie left, Yang Chen remained motionless where he stood. He was mumbling something, like an insane person…

“Old Yang! What are you doing?!” Li Dun yelled at him in exasperation.

Yang Chen stayed still and silent.
The others began to worry as they saw his face morph into one of anguish and sadness.
But for Yang Chen, he was unaware of his actual surroundings. He was seeing something entirely different.
Even though he had already retracted his power, Guo Xuehua was still suffering. Blood kept coming out of her wounds and she could barely stand…

Yang Chen called her with a trembling voice. He was about to take a step forward but the Heaven and Earth Restoration scripture started becoming violent!
It was protecting and warning its master like a nervous bodyguard!
Out of nowhere, something clicked in Yang Chen’s mind!
Just when he screamed in his heart, something happened to the ‘Guo Xuehua’ in front of him!

She had transformed into a black shadow, howling as she came towards Yang Chen!
With a deafening cry, it was planning to swallow Yang Chen whole!
Yang Chen snorted. Now that he realized it was an illusion, he summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and split the illusion open!
The black shadow vanished into thin air with a loud cry.
Things started to revert back to normal around him.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t wait anymore and ran up to him. She grabbed his arms and looked at him with worried eyes. “What happened to you just now? Are you okay?”
Yang Chen let out a breath and smiled forcefully. He stroked her hand. “I’m fine, something happened but it’s settled now.”
When he was saying that, he glanced towards Guo Xuehua who was trembling. Yang Chen’s smile turned bitter when he saw that she was afraid to come over.
He still became soft-hearted. If he didn’t care about Guo Xuehua, that wouldn’t have happened.
Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu let out a breath. It was relieving to know that no one died, although they were worried about both of them.
Yang Chen kept quiet for a while as he looked towards the sky. He turned around and told Lin Ruoxi with a smile, “I’m going to meet someone. Please continue with your meal. I’ll come back once I’m done.”

Having said so, he vanished into thin air.
The others weren’t surprised since it wasn’t their first time witnessing his abilities. They were worried instead.
Seconds later, Yang Chen had appeared next to a small fountain located in a quiet park nearby.
There was a man dressed in a black suit with a red tie and he was sitting on a bench next to the fountain with headphones on.
His headphones looked especially expensive, showing off his demanding taste in music.
He was moving his head along to the beat, thoroughly enjoying the beat.
When Yang Chen arrived, he raised his hands slightly to greet him but his eyes remained closed, signaling for Yang Chen to remain silent.
Yang Chen looked at him carefully and pulled his headphones down when he was sure that he had never met this man before.
“Hey…” The man was annoyed and tried to grab the headphones back. He said to Yang Chen in German, “I told you not to bother me! I’m not done yet!”
Yang Chen ignored him and wore the man’s headphones. He listened to it for a while before taking it off and replied to him in German, “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Bach.”
The man was surprised. “You know this piece?”
“Yes.” It was a famous classical piece so it was no surprise that Yang Chen knew about it.
“Hmm, not bad. Only those who understand music will understand the true meaning of life.”
 “I did not say I understood it.”
“But I know you do.” His facial expression was firm.
Yang Chen didn’t want to rebut him so he said, “You’re pretty good, aren’t you? To cast my fears and illusions in front of me.”
The man shook his finger and said with a mysterious voice, “That wasn’t an illusion.”
“Oh? What’s that then?” Yang Chen’s gaze turned cold.
“That was a dream. It came from inside you,” the man said rather proudly.
Yang Chen let out a deep sigh “A dream huh… That sounds about right…”
His eyes shone with delight. “It looks like you figured out my identity?”

“It isn’t hard to tell from your aura… but I don’t get it. Why of all the Twelve Olympians, you, Mercury, also known as Hermes, would become a vampire… Not to mention you’re one of the smartest among us.”
It was evident from Yang Chen’s eyes that he was confused. It was too weird for him to appear now!
Athena might be the Goddess of Wisdom, but Hermes, the God of Shepherd, was a brilliant trickster.
He was crowned as the god of merchants, travelers, thieves, and sports. Hermes was also known as the messenger of the gods, being able to travel anywhere. He was also known as the patron of music.
Of course, those were just legends. Yang Chen wasn’t familiar with him since it was his first time actually meeting him.
If it wasn’t for his abilities and aura, Yang Chen wouldn’t have recognized him so quickly.
“I've heard that Hermes’ caduceus can draw even the main gods into their dreams and control when they recover consciousness. It would seem that you are much stronger than I had initially anticipated. I didn’t think I would be affected this much,” Yang Chen said casually.
Hermes gave him a gentle smile. “Main gods have a form of life too. Any form of life contains pearls of wisdom and it is followed closely by thoughts. When there are thoughts, there are dreams.”
Yang Chen nodded. “That’s true.”
“Now that we know that we’re on the same side, can I have my headphones back, the newly appointed Hades?”
Yang Chen ignored him and sat down beside him. He was about to take the rest of his equipment away but was stopped by Hermes.
“What are you doing?!”
Hermes yelled and tried to snatch his stuff back.
Yang Chen smirked. “Tell me why you helped Yang Lie escape and I’ll return these to you.”
Hermes licked his lips. “You want to hear the truth?”
Yang Chen squinted his eyes. “If you are willing to tell me, that is.”
“You wouldn’t believe me.” Hermes’ lips curled downward. “I am, after all, the god of thieves and liars.”
Yang Chen replied, “I have brains, I’ll figure it out myself.”
Hermes sighed. “Alright, I’ll tell you then…”
And so, the God of Shepherd came close to Yang Chen’s ear and whispered to him.
Yang Chen’s facial expression shifted. His eyes were filled with mixed emotions and it took him a couple of seconds to calm down. He then said to Hermes, “I won’t let you go so easily the next time you pull the same act for some stupid reason.”
Hermes shrugged. “I knew you wouldn’t believe me.”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to reply and proceeded to take his stuff away.

“Hey! Hades! Are you a robber?! That’s mine!” Hermes yelled at him.
Yang Chen gave him the side-eye. “You let go of my target so I’m compensating for it. Besides, it’s not like you were telling me the truth. I’m giving away this stuff away. If you want it, come and get it from me.”
Hermes widened his eyes, his face displaying anger. “You… How are you so sure that I lied?!”