Yang Chen smiled. “I’m actually quite surprised. Aphrodite said other than Zeus and Athena, Poseidon should be the next strongest god. But from what I see, you are much stronger than he is. Especially your move of manipulating dreams. That takes an unprecedented control over space laws. It would’ve been troublesome for me if you gave me your all. I’m not a hundred percent sure that I can win you. But I am sure that if you tried to run, I wouldn't have been able to catch you. You hide so well and you’re a vampire so how could I believe your words?”
Hermes was startled. He then replied in disdain, “So that’s your reason.”
“And you have a more valid reason?”
“Of course.” Hermes explained, “Those old people have always thought so highly of themselves. Did they really think they were gods? Please! We were just gods in the eyes of humans! I believe in natural selection, vampires are much stronger than humans. They might be the mutated descendants of gods, but they’re stronger than us. That’s because they won’t age and won’t die. All they need is human blood to live on. I’ve been inside this body for thousands of years. I never once needed to reincarnate. True, I was weaker than Poseidon many moons ago, heck I was even weaker than Apollo. But times have changed. I was awake while they went through reincarnation, which meant I had more time to learn more about space laws, which was how I became stronger than Poseidon.”
Yang Chen was slightly shocked. He hadn’t thought so far ahead before.
It did seem good to reincarnate into a vampire’s body.
But to the other gods, vampires were merely creatures of the night looking for their next fix of human blood. That was why the gods didn’t bother becoming vampires.
Plus, they didn’t have any enemies so there was no point cultivating space laws.
Only the trickster Hermes would’ve thought about this, being a vampire just to avoid reincarnation.
Yang Chen contemplated for a while and asked, “If you’ve been a vampire for a thousand years, then you should have noble reputation then? But why haven’t I heard of you?”
Hermes giggled. “You must have heard of me before… My name is Raphael…”
Yang Chen’s heart stopped beating for a second. “Raphael?! You’re the leader of the Tzimisce clan?!”
“That’s right. I didn’t announce my identity to others since I have no need to show my abilities.” Hermes grinned. “The kid you killed a few days ago, Drogba, was my son—a pureblood vampire that I had given birth to a thousand years ago.”
Although the chances of having a descendant were low for the gods due to their physiques, they could totally reproduce after reincarnating into another body.
Back then, Yang Chen had met Aphrodite’s descendant, Judy. But the fact that Hermes had a vampire son was a lot more shocking.
Yang Chen heard from Lilith ages ago that the leader of Tzimisce was difficult to defeat and even Sargeras was afraid of him. But he finally understood now… He was one of the Twelve Olympians! Of course, he would be invincible!
So Yang Chen frowned. “Are you trying to avenge your son?”
Hermes shrugged. “He’s already dead. Avenging him would not bring him back to life. He always dreamt that I would pass my title as the leader of Sabbat to him. He’s annoying so it doesn’t matter if he died. You have to know, I don’t have a lot of descendants compared to the others. They would have hundreds of descendants after every reincarnation. In the end, their descendants would be littered everywhere, no?”
Yang Chen smiled bitterly at his open-mindedness.
“Actually…” Hermes smiled weirdly. “I think that even if I tried to fight you, I wouldn’t win but it’s not like you can kill me either so it’ll just be a waste of time. So why not you return my headphones and we call it a day?”
“I’ll keep the headphones, also don’t interfere with my personal matters anymore.” Yang Chen rejected him.
Hermes held his forehead in frustration. “Those were my favorite pair!”
“I’m leaving.” Yang Chen ignored him.
Hermes became anxious and tried to grab his things out of Yang Chen’s hands!
Yang Chen summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy and sculpted it into a sword before throwing it right towards Hermes!
Hermes exclaimed in shock. He summoned multiple points of parallel spaces and could barely withstand the attack as he landed far away from Yang Chen.
Yang Chen was surprised to see that. He knew that space laws were terribly difficult to control. Even Poseidon had a hard time using them. Indeed, Hermes shouldn’t be looked down upon.
It looked like he had made loads of progression over the course of a few thousand years. Yang Chen wondered if he was better than Athena and Zeus.
“Damn it! Are you seriously doing this?!” Hermes yelled in annoyance.
“I’m not interested in playing games,” Yang Chen replied nonchalantly.
Hermes looked at his precious headphone in agony and waved his hands in defeat. “Forget it, I can’t win over you anyway. Treat it as a gift. I was being nice to alert you but you didn’t take me seriously. How unlucky of me…” Hermes muttered and flew away with his winged sandals Talaria before disappearing.
Yang Chen squinted his eyes. Hermes was definitely a tough one to beat. It wasn’t that he was afraid of Hermes, but he was especially good at escaping, with his space laws and winged sandals.
Yang Chen thought it would be best to keep a distance from Hermes, even if they weren’t foes. He took a deep breath and tried to forget about Hermes’ words.
Yang Chen knew that his family was worried so he quickly returned.
They were already done with lunch and was looking out for him anxiously.
When Yang Chen came back, they were relieved to see him safe and unharmed.
“Uncle, where did you go? We were worried about you,” Tang Tang grumbled.
“Didn’t I say I was going to meet someone?” Yang Chen chuckled and placed the headphones on the table. His face was filled with pride as he showed them off.

“How’s this? Awesome stuff right? I robbed it from someone.”
Everyone was confused. Did Yang Chen go out to rob?
“Are these… headphones?”
Hui Lin was familiar with the equipment. She felt awkward in front of Yang Chen because of the earlier incident, but she still tried to speak up.
“Sister Hui Lin, we know what it is.” Zhenxiu giggled.
Hui Lin smiled in embarrassment. “I’m saying that these look more advanced than the ones I’ve been using. Even normal amplified ones are expensive. These must be even more so.”
Yang Chen clapped his hands. “That’s great Hui Lin. Looks like you really worked hard on learning about the musical instruments huh. This electrostatic headphone is the German product, Sennheiser’s Orpheus. There are less than three hundred units in this world and have unparalleled sound quality. I think it would be nice for you to have it, do you like it?”
Hui Lin’s eyes shone in excitement, surprised that Yang Chen would gift it to her.
Yuan Ye slapped his forehead. “Brother Yang, so this is the Orpheus! I heard about it from my friend. It’s an extremely rare piece in the market.”
No one really understood what he was saying since most of them weren’t young, the only thing they heard was that those headphones were extremely rare.
Hui Lin rejected the gift immediately when she heard what Yuan Ye had said. “Why don't you keep it, Brother Yang? I don’t need anything so expensive…”
“It’s fine, your sister and I don’t listen to music. Plus, this is only suitable for audiophiles. It would be a shame for it to be wasted on people like us. Ruoxi has always been the one giving you stuff so I ought to do the same too as your elder brother.” Yang Chen smiled and handed the headphones to her.
Hui Lin’s face turned pale when she heard his words.
Yang Chen sounded warm but he was insinuating that she was like a sister to him and nothing more.
The ladies present understood his underlying intentions and felt bad for Hui Lin as a result.
Lin Ruoxi knew it was quite cruel but she didn’t want to stop Yang Chen either. She couldn’t imagine what would happen if Hui Lin became Yang Chen’s lover.
Everyone looked at Hui Lin who was already frozen in place. If she accepted the gift for a sister, it would mean that she had to throw away her feelings for Yang Chen…