The atmosphere was thick with tension and no one dared to speak.
Hui Lin’s lips slowly curled into a faint smile. “Brother Yang, are you using something so small to dismiss me?”
Her words sliced through the air and everyone drew in a sharp breath. Lin Ruoxi couldn’t listen on. Was she really rejecting him?! Was she really joining in on this mess?!
But before everyone could gather their thoughts, Hui Lin took the headphone into her arms.
She then chided Yang Chen, “I’ll take it but I expect something better next time. I’m an idol you know, so I can’t be dismissed so easily.”
They sighed in relief but they also felt bad for her.
Even though she was smiling brightly, her eyes were pooling with sorrow.
Lin Ruoxi gripped her dress and looked down in silence.
Yang Chen sighed. He felt bad for what he had to do but he couldn’t accept her.
He didn’t mind the affection but it was unfair for the ladies. His best course of action was to reject her now before anything else could happen.
In the past, he might accept her immediately but as of now, self control was a must.
Everyone was on edge after Yang Lie’s incident. They weren’t as open and friendly, save Tang Tang.

After chatting for a while, Tang Wan left for her office. Yang Chen didn’t see the need to stay any longer so he stood up and left with his family.
Li Dun patted his shoulder as a goodbye and went back to complete his mission.
Yang Chen felt grateful towards him. If he hadn’t started a fight with Yang Lie, who knew how difficult it would have been to deal with the situation.
“Call me for help if you’re having trouble with courting Tang Xin.” Yang Chen giggled.
Li Dun asked curiously, “You can help me with that too?”
“I’ll be there to console you after the rejection,” Yang Chen replied.
Li Dun made a face at his reply and left feeling sour.
In the car, Guo Xuehua sat at the backseat with Zhenxiu and Hui Lin. Hui Lin seemed to be in a daze whereas Guo Xuehua had a stiff facial expression.
“Yang Chen,” she called out with a raspy voice. “Tell me honestly, am I being a burden to you now…”
Yang Chen was startled but he smiled and answered, “Kinda, but I’m alright with it.”
Lin Ruoxi pinched his waist from the passenger seat and hushed him. “Don’t talk like that… How can you say that…”
Yang Chen glanced over helplessly. “I’m being serious, I would’ve killed Yang Lie if it wasn’t because of Mom.”
“Ruoxi, it’s fine. I know he wouldn’t lie to me.” Guo Xuehua smiled bitterly. “I know that Lie’er was absurd but I couldn’t just watch him die.”
Wang Ma patted her thighs. “It’s okay, we’re all fine, aren’t we? Hui Lin’s fine too.”
Hui Lin smiled lightly in response when she heard her own name. “Yeah, Aunt Guo, how could any mother watch their child die?”
“Brothers turned mortal enemies.” Wang Ma sighed.
Guo Xuehua’s expression became firm when she said, “Yang Chen, I’ve decided to return to Beijing and take care of your grandfather after I’ve settled the things here.”
Yang Chen sighed. “Mom, there’s no need for that. Yang Lie has been given far too many chances to stay alive. The next time we meet, I will have his life. It doesn’t matter if you wish to disown or hate me forever. Yang Lie has already endangered Ruoxi, Hui Lin, and the others. You’re my mother but nothing will change that. I have a wife and people that I care for. I cannot risk harming all of them for your sake.”
Sorrow was evident in her eyes. “You’re right… I’m being too selfish. I should care for Ruoxi’s feelings too...”
“It’s fine.” Lin Ruoxi turned around hurriedly. “Mom, don’t say that. I’ll try and persuade him if Yang Chen really wants to kill Yang Lie…”
“Don’t let your persuasion be in vain. Yang Lie is not himself anymore. He has lost his mind ever since he decided to allow Yan Buwen to experiment on him. His existence will only cause more pain for himself and the people around him. I’ve given him enough chances to set things right. No more.” Yang Chen’s eyes were filled with murderous intent.
“Yang Chen!” Lin Ruoxi warned. She knew that his words were breaking Guo Xuehua’s heart.
Guo Xuehua was about to cry but she didn’t say anything, as though agreeing with Yang Chen’s words.
She knew what she did was wrong but it wasn’t something she regretted.
It might be better if she went back to Beijing so she wouldn’t see them both.
But she would miss the youngsters and her close friend Wang Ma.
Yang Chen could sense that the atmosphere in the car become gloomy but he had nothing to say to lighten the mood.
Although he had always listened to Guo Xuehua and Lin Ruoxi at home, when it came down to serious matters like this, Yang Chen was as stubborn as a bull.
Wang Ma patted Yang Chen’s seat when they were driving past the shopping street. “Young Master, drop me off in front. I need to get something, I’ll just hail a cab home later.”
Everyone looked at her in surprise. “Wang Ma, what do you want to buy? Why not just let Ruoxi buy it for you or ask someone from the company to do it? It’s very hectic and messy here, why don’t we just go to the city center?”
“Stop the car.”

Lin Ruoxi spoke up.
“Wang Ma has her own reason so just let her get off.”
Yang Chen could tell that Lin Ruoxi knew what was going on but he didn’t ask since both of them wouldn’t say it out loud. He contemplated for a second and said, “How about I accompany Wang Ma and let Ruoxi drive you guys home?”
“You’re going too?” Lin Ruoxi questioned.
Yang Chen nodded and chuckled. “Relax, I’ll be with Wang Ma so I won’t flirt with anyone else. I’m just going there to buy some stuff and protect Wang Ma from weirdos. I can’t let a beauty like her wander off on her own.”
Wang Ma blushed. “What beauty, I’m just an old lady… Young Master, don’t joke with me.”
“You’re not! I think of you as my sister.” Zhenxiu giggled.
Guo Xuehua smiled and sighed in her heart, I shouldn’t worry too much. I shall just enjoy what I have now.
Yang Chen stopped the car and got off so that Lin Ruoxi could take over.
He reminded her to drive carefully since it was rush hour before walking towards the shops with Wang Ma.
That place was considered one of the low-end areas in the east of Zhonghai, but it wasn’t the worst.
Yang Chen had never come here before, even when he was selling lamb skewers.
All he knew was that the only people who visited this area were college students and housewives.
Wang Ma was happy that Yang Chen was willing to accompany her. She had been taking care of the ex-president for years until now that Lin Ruoxi grew up and got married. All her youth was devoted to this family.
She thought all her efforts were worth it since Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen treated her like she was their real aunt.
Wang Ma was feeling quite down from before but she had forgotten all of it when she looked at Yang Chen who was walking next to her, as if he was her son.
Yang Chen looked towards the crowd and asked curiously when he noticed Wang Ma not going into any hops, “Wang Ma, what are you planning to buy? Are we going to look at clothes?”