Wang Ma smiled as she said, “You may browse the shops, but know that most of them do not sell branded or genuine items. But, you might be able to find a few good deals around here.”
“It's fine, I don’t need anything,” Yang Chen replied.
Wang Ma nodded. “Actually, I visit this place once a year, though I had planned to come later this week. But since we were on the way, I thought it’d be nice to visit earlier.”
“Are you here to collect something?” Yang Chen asked.
“Yeah, one of the shop owners here is an old friend of mine. She started a business in Zhonghai and several franchises have sprung up since then. Every year, I would have her choose and set aside a few pairs of nice shoes for me.” Wang Ma chuckled.

“Shoes?” Yang Chen couldn’t imagine why she would need new shoes, given the fact that she rarely wore them out.
A few minutes later, they finally arrived at the shoe boutique.
There were rows of shoes on the racks which were either colorful, plain, or sexy.
A lady was standing inside the store, supervising the staff. She had a round chubby face. When she saw Wang Ma, her face brightened up.
“Yulan? You’re early. I was expecting you in a few days.”

[Note: Wang Ma’s real name is Wang Yulan.]

“Ah Lian, It looks like your business is doing well.” Wang Ma greeted her with a warm handshake.
Ah Lian giggled. She then pointed towards Yang Chen who was standing behind. “And this is…?”

“Oh, it’s our Miss’ husband,” Wang Ma said proudly.

Ah Lian asked curiously, “So you’re the husband. I couldn't tell from your looks. You must be exceptional to have married the president.”
She treated Lin Ruoxi like her daughter since she had been friends with Wang Ma since young. She always regarded Lin Ruoxi as someone of high status.
Yang Chen relaxed a little at her words. It made him feel at home so he greeted her back with a smile.

He would much rather make conversation with her than the elite hypocrites in the higher ends of society.
Wang Ma asked, “Ah Lian, I know I came a little early but are my shoes ready?”
Ah Lian grinned. “I’ve had them kept aside for some time now!”
She then ran to the storeroom behind and carried out eight boxes of shoes with her.
Yang Chen saw the number of shoe boxes and was shocked.
But the surprise didn’t end there as Ah Lian opened the boxes one by one.
There were shoes made for all seasons!
There were sandals for casual wear, sneakers for sports, and boots for the winter.
These shoes might not be from a renowned brand but the craftsmanship was exceptional. They must have cost a lot.
No wonder Wang Ma chose to order shoes from Ah Lian instead of buying them from other places.
“What do you think? These have been the most popular ones by far. Two pairs for every season,” Ah Lian said gleefully.
Wang Ma caressed the sandals and nodded her head in delight. “That’s so thoughtful of you. The shoes are getting prettier every year.”
“That’s because you’re willing to pay. There aren’t many people who are willing to pay thousands on unbranded shoes,” Ah Lian replied.
Wang Ma sighed. “Kids these days only look at the label. Those shoes cannot compare to the quality of these. Besides, I’ve got nowhere else to spend my money, so I might as well buy shoes with it.”

Ah Lian’s eyes reddened as she wiped her eyes.
“Hey, you’re acting like this again. It’s been so many years so stop crying over it,” Wang Ma said.
Ah Lian shook her head with a bitter smile. “You… I would prefer if you didn’t buy your shoes from me…”
Wang Ma smiled and shook her head.

Yang Chen thought it was weird so he asked, “Wang Ma, are you buying these shoes for yourself?”
“Of course not.” Wang Ma laughed. “These are for young ladies. They’re not suited for me.”
“Then are they for Ruoxi?”
“Miss buys her own shoes,” Wang Ma explained. “I buy them for fun. I collect them.”
Yang Chen knew there was more to that but he couldn’t really guess so he only nodded in response.
Suddenly, a pair of delicate hands moved over and picked up a pair of high heels.

She sighed as she held them in her hand. “This pair of heels are so pretty and it’s in my size too. I’ll take this! Boss, why didn’t you take this out sooner?”
Ah Lian and Wang Ma were startled. Yang Chen looked over and was surprised to see a pretty lady.

She was wearing a white summer dress with red socks and white sneakers. Her eyes were round with a prominent nose. Although she seemed to be in her teens, she was quite well developed under the collar.

She reminded him of Zhenxiu. This young girl was filled with energy and she seemed as feisty as a chili.

Her appearance was like a cooling breeze in the hot summer, bringing them some sort of satisfaction. But it was also suffocating to see a beauty like her.
Even though her appearance was very attractive, she didn’t really garner any attention from Yang Chen. He preferred mature women over young girls. Plus, he had beauties aplenty.
He was more curious about the secrets that she was hiding…
Ah Lian told her with a gentle voice, “Miss, these are reserved for someone else. They are not for sale.”

“You mean it’s hers?” The girl pointed to Wang Ma.
Wang Ma nodded with a smile.
“Aunty, did you pay for this?” the girl asked.
Wang Ma hesitated. “I spent a lot of money to have this custom made. If you really like them, you could request for one to be made. But these I have to take with me today.”
The girl’s eyes brightened. “Then I’ll take this pair since you said that they can be replicated. So why don’t you ask the shoemaker to make another one for you? I can pay you, and if you think it’s not enough I can pay double for this!”
“Miss.” Ah Lian frowned. “This pair costs ten thousand yuan and this customer paid for it first. You will have to wait no matter how much you pay.”
The girl started to get annoyed. “That’s not expensive. Do you think I’m poor?!”
She took out a card from her purse and said, “Do you guys accept card? I can pay now!”
Ah Lian was caught in a dilemma. She had to handle the situation carefully as this girl was still a potential customer. “Miss, this isn’t about money. These were custom made for my friend and she collects it every year so it’s not for sale.”
“You’re selling shoes and this is in a new box. I offered to pay double and yet you’re unwilling to sell it! Aren’t you intentionally causing trouble for your customer?”
She yelled and it caught the attention of other customers.
Beads of sweat were forming on Ah Lian’s forehead. Why did she have to scream?
Wang Ma frowned and told her, “It’s fine, just sell it to her. I don’t want to cause any trouble. Besides, she offered to pay twenty thousand. That’s a ridiculous amount. You’ve been working so hard for so many years, you deserve this.”
Ah Lian shook her head. “Yulan! This isn’t about money! How can I sell your shoes to someone else?”
“Hmph, at least this aunty knows what’s right. I offered to pay extra and you still refuse to sell it to me. Are you trying to bully—Ah! Who are you?!”
Halfway through her rant, she realized that a man was squatting under her dress and was trying to take off her sneakers!
She reflexively tried to kick him in the head!
But because of that, she lost her balance!
With a cry, her butt landed on the man’s shoulders instead of the floor. Her legs were wide open which caused his head to be buried in her intimate parts.
She could feel his hair rubbing against her through her panties.
She moaned subconsciously under the stimulation.
She was slowly losing her mind which was evident from her flushed face!
What just happened?!