The more she struggled, the more frustrated she became. His grip was too strong for her to break out of.
At this moment, the ‘pervert’ was between her legs, covered by her dress. It was clear that Yang Chen was a sex offender!
He lifted his hands and placed it on the girl above him.
Her skin was soft and smooth to the touch.
With another high pitched shriek, she jumped away!
This time, Yang Chen was able to remove her shoes and left her standing in the middle of the store with one sock on.
“I’m finally out. It’s so hot today yet your thighs had to make things worse for me. I almost got a nose bleed,” Yang Chen muttered and stared at the sneakers in his hand.
Tears were pooling in her eyes, causing her to look extremely resentful. Pouting, she yelled, “Who are you?! Why did you take my shoes?!”
Yang Chen feigned his innocence. “Your shoe? But this is a shoe shop and I want to buy the ones you are wearing.”
“You… Are you serious?! Those are my shoes and they’re not sold by this shop!”
Yang Chen pointed to the heels which the girl insisted to buy. “So are these, no?”
“But those are new and mine aren’t!”
“It’s fine. These look relatively new. I offer to buy these at their retail price,” Yang Chen said nonchalantly.
The girl started to grind her teeth in anger. “I’m not selling them!”
“How can you not sell it? You said this is a shoe store, so all of the shoes are supposed to be on sale, didn’t you?”
“You… I don’t want to waste time talking to you! I’m buying those shoes! Now, give me my pair!” she yelled and was about to stomp her foot but she stopped abruptly when she remembered she only had her socks on.
Yang Chen ignored her and turned around. “Wang Ma, you may collect your shoes now. We’re going home.”
Wang Ma looked at the girl awkwardly. “Sir, why don’t you return her shoes? It’s normal for young girls to act up .”
“Who’s acting up?! You’re all bullying me!” Her eyes reddened.
The bystanders felt bad for her and tried to persuade Yang Chen to forgive her.
“Young man, let her off the hook. She’s still young. I believe she’s not a bad person.”
“Yeah, you shouldn’t be cruel to a pretty girl.”
Soon, they started to back her up.
Yang Chen threw her shoes back unwillingly since Wang Ma made him do it.
“Wear your shoes. And remember, buy what you are allowed to. You can't force someone to sell you something that doesn’t belong to you. Your parents ought to teach you a lesson.” Yang Chen frowned.
She wore her shoe and grumbled. “That’s it, you’re finished!”
Having said that, she ran towards and gripped Yang Chen’s arm. She was about to throw him over her shoulders!
An ordinary man would have fallen down under the enormous amount of pressure she was exerting!
The others were just surprised to see that she knew martial arts but they couldn’t tell her true strength. Yang Chen was able to tell the amount of strength she was conserving and exerting simultaneously.
Just as he thought, this girl was nowhere near ordinary.
A smirk appeared on Yang Chen’s lips. But that was as far as his train of thought went. It wasn’t really a big deal to meet a young girl with impressive internal energy. There were several cultivation sects out there after all.
The crowd could see her straightening Yang Chen’s arm but his feet remained rooted to the ground!
She pulled harder but nothing had changed!
Only then did she realize that she had underestimated him!
He was trained and his cultivation was way stronger than her own!
“Who are you?!” She jumped away and looked at him with panic.
Yang Chen ignored her and decided to leave after picking up the boxes.
“You can’t leave!”
The girl blocked his way with outstretched arms. “How can you leave?!”
Yang Chen chuckled. “Why? Are you trying to pick a fight? Even if I did, I would look like a bully. There’s no way this could end in anything other than poorly for me. Do I seem that dumb to you?”
Ah Lian tried to lighten the mood. “Forget about it, young lady. It’s just a small matter… Why don’t I give you a discount on other shoes?”
“It’s not a small matter!” she yelled with tears in her eyes.
Her cheeks were flushed as she said, “I… I have lost my innocence…”

Yang Chen choked on his own saliva and covered his face in a hurry.
He recovered quickly and laughed along with Wang Ma and Ah Lian. Some of the customers around smiled at her naiveness too.
“Why are you guys laughing?”
She stomped her foot. “Your head… went underneath my skirt… How am I supposed to meet other people now?!”
Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “What would you have me do? How about you crawl under my crotch too? Then we’re even.”
Her face turned crimson and she muttered, “You… you’re bullying me… You’re a pervert!”
Yang Chen was about to get a headache from his brief encounter with her. He signaled for Wang Ma to leave quickly, wanting to escape this situation.
Wang Ma frowned and nodded. There was nothing more she could do.
The others shook their heads and laughed. They no longer thought that Yang Chen was being mean to her after what she had done.
She was acting like a child, so it was natural that someone wanted to teach her a lesson, albeit a slightly unorthodox one.
But before they could leave the shop, the girl ran in front of him and asked, “You haven’t told me your name.”
Yang Chen was puzzled. “And why should I tell you?”
“You have to take responsibility! I have to know your name before we can date!” the girl said earnestly.
“Responsibility?! Date?!” Yang Chen thought he was imagining things. A minute ago she was picking a fight with him. Heck, she was even yelling at him to the world!
“My name is Luo Xiaoxiao.” She introduced herself.
Yang Chen tried hard not to react poorly. “That's a nice name but I have to leave now. Goodbye, let’s hope we never meet again.”
Luo Xiaoxiao grabbed Wang Ma’s hand and asked her, “Grandma, I know what I did was wrong but can you tell me your son’s name?”
Grandma? Son?!
Wang Ma’s face changed and she told her awkwardly, “Young lady, he’s married and he’s not my son.”
“Married?” Luo Xiaoxiao frowned.
Yang Chen nodded. “Little girl, go back to where you came from. I bet ninety percent of men will never reject you as long as you don’t announce that my head was between your thighs. I bet most men wouldn’t reject you this way.”
Luo Xiaoxiao chuckled. “I know, the guys from my school really like me! I think ninety-nine percent of them won’t reject me. But I don’t like any of them! They aren’t as strong as you!”
Yang Chen concluded that she was a weird one. Did the stressful exams get to her?
But with her cultivation, she must have come from a big sect. How did sect elders raise someone like her?
Luo Xiaoxiao kept talking. “I might still be a university student but I’m already of legal age. I’ve always been single. My favourite colors are pink and white. My horoscope is Aries and I like guys who are stronger than me. But they can’t be older than thirty years old. Hmm… I think you fit my description.”
“I’m married and I’m a womanizer. I have more than one lover.” Yang Chen stared at her chest suggestively on purpose.
But she lifted her chest proudly. “That’s fine! I can help you divorce your wife and she can be your lover. As for you… there’s nothing you need to do for me. You can accompany me when I need you but when I don’t, you can have fun with other women. I’m a busy person with lots of things to do!”
Wang Ma was shocked and she pulled Yang Chen’s sleeves. “Young Master, did she experience some sort of childhood trauma?”
Yang Chen agreed with her. “Wang Ma, let’s leave.”
Luo Xiaoxiao puffed her chest and stomped her foot angrily. “I heard that! Don’t think I’ll be afraid of you just because you’re stronger than me! If my fa—I mean… once my dad comes, he will be able to defeat you with one finger!”
Yang Chen didn’t want to waste any more time with that crazy lady. “Alright, if your dad is as strong as you say, have him come find me. If he can defeat me, then I’ll marry you. But if I win, you have to leave me alone.”
Yang Chen thought it would scare her off. Instead, she cupped her face shyly and said, “You’re so naughty! How could you propose to me in front of everyone… I’m not ready yet! They say if one does this the bride will get gamophobia!”