This was his second time feeling so helpless in front of a woman. The first had been Lin Ruoxi. She was so stubborn and would not respond to him unless he showed her his full sincerity.

But this girl, Luo Xiaoxiao, made him even more at a loss for words. Her imagination was way out of this world!

“When in the world did I propose to you?” Yang Chen made a face.

Luo Xiaoxiao puffed her cheeks and twirled her hair shyly. “I know for a fact that you cannot defeat my dad… He’s… You know what? There’s only one person who can defeat my dad and it’s not you. So basically, you are proposing to me...” 

Even Wang Ma was shocked at her far fetched logic!

Yang Chen thought he was onto something but wanted to leave as soon as possible. This girl disturbed him greatly.

“Then just ask your dad to come over.”

Luo Xiaoxiao nodded but she immediately grabbed Yang Chen’s arm and said with a serious look on her face, “Can’t we date first? My dad hasn’t visited in a long time. Who knows when he would return?”

“No, the fight has to happen first.”

Fight? I’m not interested in fighting! Plus, he won’t be able to find me even if he wanted to, Yang Chen thought. 

Luo Xiaoxiao pouted. “Alright… but you have to tell me your address.”

Yang Chen gave her a random address, which was obviously not his.

Luo Xiaoxiao recorded it on her phone and asked for his phone number. “Give me your phone number. Surely we could come to an agreement over the phone right?”

Yang Chen had no choice but to give it to her, although he didn’t plan to answer her calls.

She might be annoying but she was also very gullible. She believed him without a shadow of a doubt. After getting his phone number, she waved goodbye to them enthusiastically.

“See you! I’ll give you a kiss the next time we meet. Remember to answer my calls!” Luo Xiaoxiao beamed sweetly.

Yang Chen and Wang Ma fled before anything else could happen.

Everything felt so surreal to them as they walked down the street. They could’ve never imagined experiencing something like that just by shopping.

“Miss would definitely find this funny.” Wang Ma stifled a laugh.

Yang Chen shook his head. “Better not tell her about girls.”

Wang Ma looked at him in agreement.

Just when they were about to leave, Yang Chen made Wang Ma wait for him before he ran into a shop.

Wang Ma was puzzled at his abrupt decision.

It took them an hour to reach home because it was rush hour. When they got back, Guo Xuehua was already preparing dinner while Lin Ruoxi was watching Korean drama with Hui Lin and Zhenxiu.

Lin Ruoxi looked indifferent when she saw Yang Chen carry a bunch of boxes in. She already knew what were in those boxes. On the other hand, Zhenxiu and Hui Lin were filled with curiosity.

“Wang Ma, where should I place these?” Yang Chen asked while carrying the boxes.

Wang Ma replied, “Place them in my room. I’ll sort them out later.”

Yang Chen didn’t have time to talk to the ladies as he moved them upstairs.

Lin Ruoxi walked up to Wang Ma and smiled. “Wang Ma, he’s quite the pack mule, isn’t he?”

Wang Ma played along, knowing that it was a joke. “Yeah, thanks to you.”

Lin Ruoxi bit her lip. “Wang Ma, if you really want, I can ask the media to start a search.”

Wang Ma shook her head. “There’s no point, it’s been almost twenty years. I don’t think there’s hope for me anymore”

Just then, Zhenxiu came bouncing forward and asked, “Wang Ma, are those shoes? Whom are they for?”

Lin Ruoxi pinched her nose, “Stop dreaming, that’s for Wang Ma herself, not for anyone to wear.”

“Oh…” Zhenxiu stuck her tongue out. “I didn’t know Wang Ma likes to collect shoes. Can I take a look at them sometime?”

Wang Ma nodded with a smile, but her eyes were filled with longing and sadness.

At the same time, Yang Chen came downstairs with a weird expression.

He looked towards Wang Ma and smiled. “I didn’t know that Wang Ma has collected so many shoes.”

Yang Chen seemed to have understood something upon going into her room.

Wang Ma smiled faintly. “There’s not much to it. I got those things so the room looks more alive since I get to live in a big house thanks to Miss.”

Yang Chen nodded his head. It was not his place to question her choices. He turned around to face Zhenxiu. “Miss Xu Zhenxiu, I have something for you.”

Zhenxiu was about to run into the kitchen to help Guo Xuehua but stopped when she heard his voice. She asked Yang Chen in confusion, “Brother Yang, did you buy shoes for me?”

Yang Chen smiled faintly. “How would I know what shoes you liked?”

“What is it then?” Zhenxiu pouted. “Don't tell me you bought stationery. I’m not a kid.”

Yang Chen froze. “Is that what you think of my taste?”

“Yep.” Zhenxiu nodded her head with a serious look.

This made Lin Ruoxi and Wang Ma laugh.

Yang Chen sighed and walked out of the house and to the car to retrieve the thing he had bought. He then walked back to the living room and handed it over to Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu, along with Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin, was dumbfounded for a second.

Wang Ma looked at them warmly. She had already known.

It was a pure white lily with a red ribbon on it.

“Is this for me?” Zhenxiu asked in a daze.

Yang Chen nodded. “Yuan Ye gave Tang Tang roses as a gift for entering university. You deserve a flower too. I can’t give roses so I guess lilies work too. It symbolizes good luck.”

Zhenxiu didn’t think that Yang Chen would have thought about this.

Her heart grew warm when she realized that Yang Chen must have seen her expression. Tears formed in her eyes, touched by Yang Chen’s thoughtfulness.

Lin Ruoxi and Hui Lin were touched too so they didn’t find it weird for him to get flowers for Zhenxiu.

Lin Ruoxi was slightly jealous since Yang Chen never bothered to buy her flowers. But at the same time, she felt relieved to know that Yang Chen really cared for Zhenxiu.

Zhenxiu took the flower but was speechless and choking up.

“I knew you would cry so I got this too.” Yang Chen took out a packet of tissues from his pocket.

“I know we have it at home too but think of it as a gift set from me.”

Zhenxiu wanted to laugh and cry at the same time because of him. She chided at him and took a tissue to wipe her tears.

The atmosphere was sweet and warm. Moments later, they could smell the delicious aroma from Guo Xuehua’s home-cooked food as they sat down together to have dinner.

Guo Xuehua smiled in satisfaction when she heard that Yang Chen got flowers for Zhenxiu. “I remember the time I first met Yang Chen. He had a friendly smile but a cold heart. But now, he has grown to be a warm-hearted man.”

Yang Chen blushed. “Mom, I’ve always been a man.”

Guo Xuehua gave him a side-eye. “I’m leaving tomorrow. You better take good care of them. You’re the only man in the house so act like one. Also, return to Beijing soon once Hui Lin’s concert is over, okay? I’ll be waiting there with your grandfather. You’re the eldest grandson of the Yang clan. Now that Lie’er has changed, I’m willing to bet that your grandfather wants you to be the next clan leader. He didn’t hand it over to your father because of his personality and career. You have become his only choice. It’ll be hard for you to ensure everyone’s loyalties stay with you though.”

Yang Chen ignored the rest of her words and asked, “You're leaving tomorrow?” 

Guo Xuehua’s face fell. “Yeah, I’m leaving tomorrow. I’ve already ordered the plane tickets and my subordinates will pick me up tomorrow morning. Don’t send me off tomorrow okay? I’m scared that I’ll cry and ruin my makeup.”

The atmosphere suddenly took a turn downward.

Yang Chen took a deep breath and smiled. “Alright, we’ll see you again anyway. Take care of yourself Mom.”

Guo Xuehua smiled and nodded. She turned to Lin Ruoxi who was just as sad to have her leave them. “Ruoxi, if Yang Chen does anything bad just call me. Don’t let him do whatever he wants just because he’s the head of the family, do you understand?”

Lin Ruoxi smiled forcefully and nodded her head.

It was their last dinner at home together. So although it was a nicely prepared meal, no one really had the appetite to enjoy the dishes.

The next morning arrived and Yang Chen went down to have breakfast in a daze, only to see Wang Ma and Zhenxiu.

He would no longer hear his mom’s voice calling out to him for breakfast first thing in the morning.

So why did he sleep so well last night?

Ah, probably because she said they would meet again.

Yang Chen brightened up when he thought about this.

That’s right, my mom might be a burden, but she’s also one of the highlights of my life, he thought.

Time flew in the blink of an eye. The end of July had already some. The Olympics had started but the citizens of Zhonghai were much more excited for the commencement of Hui Lin’s concert!