The concert had been in the works for half a month and pretty much everything was settled. There was a slight change to the itinerary as they had a special guest performing, The Cranberries. The public was only too happy to have this change.
The whole city was filled with posters and neon lights, showcasing Hui Lin’s influence in the industry.
The critics complimented her to no end, saying that she was a refreshing change in a sea of too many familiar singers. Her pure and clean singing technique outshone the other artists who had used their power to receive fame.
The more distinct it was from the world, the more it stood out and was welcomed by the public.
On the day of the concert, Yang Chen arrived early. He was the director of Yu Lei’s entertainment branch after all. It didn’t matter if he just stood there and did nothing, he had to be there to show his presence.
Wang Ma came along with Zhenxiu, Yuan Hewei and Yang Jieyu, and Tang Tang. Even Cai Yan, Mo Qianni, Rose and the other ladies had come too. They weren’t exactly close to Hui Lin but they were going as fans.
Yang Chen was satisfied to see that everything was almost ready, including the stage setup and the lighting.
He looked around and saw his family members were already seated in the VIP zone. He even saw some of the fans start to get ushered into the venue but no sign of Lin Ruoxi anywhere.
Why wasn’t she there yet? Wasn’t she Hui Lin’s biggest supporter?
Yang Chen frowned and took out his phone to call her.
The call went out but no one answered the phone.

Having no choice, Yang Chen dialed Zhao Hongyan’s phone number and she picked up seconds later. She sounded confused as she asked, “Yang Chen, why did you call me at this time?”
Yang Chen asked, “Is Ruoxi with you?”
Zhao Hongyan replied, “President Lin left for the concert an hour ago, why?”
“What?!” Yang Chen’s heart dropped. “But why isn’t she here yet?”
Zhao Hongyan couldn’t give him a solid answer. “How could that be… She should have reached there by now even if the traffic was terrible.”
Yang Chen didn’t have a good feeling about it. But he remembered that he ordered the Sea Eagles to watch over Lin Ruoxi so if anything bad had happened to her, he would’ve known immediately.
Yang Chen let out a frustrated sigh and was about to call Molin when Lin Ruoxi called him back.
“Ruoxi, the concert’s about to start. Where are you?” Yang Chen was relieved to hear from her.
Lin Ruoxi sounded very tired. “I…I got into a car accident…”
“Car accident?!” Yang Chen was about to lose his mind.
“Are you alright?!”
“I’m fine… but I did hit someone…” Lin Ruoxi confessed sheepishly.
Yang Chen was puzzled to know how this could have happened. Lin Ruoxi wasn’t particularly fast or reckless as a driver.
No wonder the Sea Eagles never informed him about it. They wouldn’t interfere unless her life was at risk.
Yang Chen didn’t want the ladies to feel that they were being monitored, which was why he gave that order.

“Is it serious?”
Lin Ruoxi replied, “I’m at the hospital now. I wasn’t able to pick up your call because I was talking to the doctor. I hit the girl by accident when I was about to turn into a corner and I hurt her leg so I had to send her to the hospital. I don’t think I can make it to the concert.”
Yang Chen sighed. “Which hospital are you in? I’ll accompany you.”
“No need… Hui Lin will be sad to know if you and I aren’t there to watch her.” Lin Ruoxi hesitated.
Yang Chen smiled bitterly. “You got into an accident. How could I just do nothing and continue watching the concert? I’ll talk to Hui Lin and we can watch the next show. This isn’t her last concert.”
Lin Ruoxi didn’t try to reject him again. It was hard to face this alone. She really hurt someone and if the girl didn’t manage to avoid her car in time, it would’ve been much more serious.

“You have to let Hui Lin know that you are leaving so that she wouldn’t get upset. Tell her we’ll watch the next show. I’ll call her and ask her to not worry so that she can perform well,” Lin Ruoxi said.
She hung up and Yang Chen hurried back to find Hui Lin.
Hui Lin just received Lin Ruoxi’s phone call and when she heard that Lin Ruoxi got into a car accident, she blamed Lin Ruoxi for not hiring a driver.
For someone with a net worth as high as hers, she would have been kidnapped several times over if it weren’t for Yang Chen.

Over the phone, Lin Ruoxi sounded like a little girl who did something wrong. She felt really bad for hurting someone.
“I just wanted to reach earlier.” Lin Ruoxi felt wronged.
Hui Lin glanced towards Yang Chen and she blushed. “Anyhow, you have to come to my next concert, if not I won’t be performing!”
Yang Chen giggled. “No can do. We earn around a hundred million from one concert, how could you not sing?”
Lin Ruoxi chided at him when she heard Yang Chen over the phone. “How dare you laugh?!”
Yang Chen sighed and bid Hui Lin goodbye after she hung up the phone. Hui Lin didn’t want him to leave but she had no choice.
An hour later, Yang Chen reached the hospital that Lin Ruoxi mentioned at the same time the concert was posed to begin.
He directly went up to the premium ward that Lin Ruoxi had arranged for the girl.
She was the CEO of a multinational corporate after all. She shouldn’t hold back on compensating for her mistake.
Lin Ruoxi arranged for the girl to undergo a series of checkups and even sent her to a premium ward for her to rest for a few days.
Lin Ruoxi walked out of the room and was shocked to see Yang Chen.
“How did you walk in so quietly?” Lin Ruoxi held her chest.
Yang Chen softened his footsteps because he was in a hospital. But he must have accidentally made himself seem like an assassin.
“Is she alright?” Yang Chen smiled.
“Yeah.” Lin Ruoxi nodded and smiled in reply. “The doctor said it was just a minor wound. She bled quite a bit but it did not reach her bone. Once the doctors verify that there’s no infection, she will be able to leave.”
“What about her family, did you manage to contact them?” Yang Chen asked.
Lin Ruoxi’s face fell. “She doesn't have a family…”
“What do you mean?” Yang Chen was confused.
Lin Ruoxi’s eyes were filled with pity. “She’s an orphan who has just returned from abroad. She’s also a graduate student majoring in computer science and a teaching assistant in Zhonghai University. I didn’t want to leave her alone since she doesn’t have any relatives.”
Yang Chen sighed. She was completely fine with destroying her competitors’ lives yet she felt so guilty this time, also because the victim was an orphan.
“How did you bump into her, did you not look at the traffic light?” Yang Chen changed the topic.
Lin Ruoxi said sheepishly, “The traffic was bad and you know what happens during peak hours. There were a lot of people. She was walking out from a corner and was checking her bag. She didn’t realize that she had already walked out onto the street when I saw her. I hit the emergency brake but I couldn’t stop in time.”
Although Lin Ruoxi did not make it clear, Yang Chen was able to picture it. It wasn’t Lin Ruoxi’s fault actually since she didn’t drive past a red light. The girl was the one at fault for not looking before she crossed.
But then again, drivers were usually more at risk than pedestrians. It was natural for the driver to compensate them which was why people would actually risk getting hit just to con money.
But since the girl was a graduate student and a teaching assistant in Zhonghai University, she couldn’t be that kind of person. It must have been a coincidence.