“I’m going to call Hongyan and have her cancel tomorrow morning’s plans. You may head in first. We’ll accompany her tonight since she has no family. Plus, she’s leaving tomorrow morning. Be nice to her. I don’t want to hear her complain about us,” Lin Ruoxi told him.
Yang Chen agreed to her conditions and was about to step in when Lin Ruoxi blocked his path. “Don’t you dare to flirt with her! She might be pretty but that is none of your concern!”
Yang Chen staggered and almost fell. He probably had no credibility for Lin Ruoxi to remind him of that in a situation like this.
He took a deep breath and entered the room after Lin Ruoxi walked to the end of the corridor.
The ward was brightly lit with pink walls and he could see the girl sitting on the bed, dressed in pajamas covered with blue and white stripes.
She covered herself with a white blanket. Her silky black hair cascaded around her shoulders, obstructing her face.
But Yang Chen could still tell that she was a beauty by looking at her slender white neck.
She was focused on the book provided by the hospital and didn’t seem to realize that Yang Chen was there.
Yang Chen was about to greet her but stopped himself. She seemed awfully familiar.
At the exact moment, she lifted her head and looked at Yang Chen with a teasing smile.
“Long time no see, my dear Yang Chen.”
Her voice was soft and seductive. It was the same girl he had seen on the streets several days ago, Xiao Zhiqing!
Yang Chen’s mind went blank and he stood still by the door as things started to make sense to him.
“You did this on purpose?” Yang Chen frowned.
Xiao Zhiqing feigned innocence. “What are you talking about? We haven’t met in some time and as a man who has shared an intimate night with me, shouldn’t you greet me with a ‘I miss you’?”

Yang Chen wasn’t in the mood to play along. “Spill, why are you here? I hardly believe that my wife is capable of crashing into someone given her driving tendencies.”
“Why not? My calves still hurt now,” Xiao Zhiqing said pitifully.
“What do you want?” Yang Chen was not beating around the bush.
She shrugged and said, “Nothing. The doctor told me to rest here for one night and he will discharge me tomorrow..”
“I recall mentioning to you that we were even. Don’t play games with me.” Yang Chen’s face turned cold.
Xiao Zhiqing’s eyes became moist. “Do you really hate me so much? Do you not feel the slightest bit happy to see me?”
“Not at all,” Yang Chen said bluntly.
He was well aware that she was planning to trap him with her words. Yang Chen didn’t know how she had found him but he knew things weren’t going to end well.
He couldn’t possibly get rid of her now that Lin Ruoxi knew of her existence.
Xiao Zhiqing was not only a cruel woman, but had an unusual family background. Getting involved with her was basically asking for trouble.
Plus, his wedding with Lin Ruoxi was almost near and if anything went wrong, when would he finally be able to hold his wedding?!
Xiao Zhiqing was surprised to hear his response but that emotion quickly changed to hate and anguish. Her facial expression changed from teary-eyed to an emotionless one.
“I suppose you leave me no choice but to ruin you now,” she said.
Just when Yang Chen was wondering what she wanted to do, Lin Ruoxi walked in after ending the phone call.
His heart dropped as he tried to think of a way to explain his situation, but Xiao Zhiqing beat him to it!
“Dear, how could you be so cold-hearted and leave me like that?!”
Xiao Zhiqing revealed a heartbroken face as she wailed on the bed!
Lin Ruoxi froze the moment she got into the ward!
She looked towards Xiao Zhiqing and Yang Chen in a daze, her eyes filled with disbelief.
“Damn it, what are you playing at?!” Yang Chen couldn’t help but curse.
Xiao Zhiqing sobbed. “You said you would take responsibility when we were in L.A… It took me so long to find you. And now that I’ve found you, you don’t want me anymore and you even cursed at me. I gave everything to you… why do you have to be so cruel?”
Her acting was worthy of an Oscar. Her tears and grief-stricken face was something not many actors and actresses could match on demand.
Yang Chen’s head was pounding. It was his mistake not asking the Sea Eagles to track her down and diffuse the situation!
There was nothing he could do to save himself now that Lin Ruoxi was here!
Lin Ruoxi’s face turned red and her body trembled in anger. She glared at Yang Chen and questioned him with a cold voice, “L.A? What is she saying?”
“Ruoxi, she’s fooled you. She pretended to be hit by you so that she could get near me,” Yang Chen explained to her.
Lin Ruoxi sneered. “Get near you? Do you know her?”
“Yes… listen to me, she’s a liar!” Yang Chen defended himself.
Lin Ruoxi’s smile was cold as ice. “Liar? I didn’t know anyone was capable of deceiving you.”
“Listen to me…”
“I don’t want to!”
Lin Ruoxi cut him off and glared at Xiao Zhiqing. “I don’t care if you did it on purpose or not. I just want to know your relationship with this man.”.
She was obviously furious, pointing at Yang Chen and calling him ‘this man’.
Xiao Zhiqing seemed scared and she hid into her blanket with an innocent face.

“I… We… we met in L.A.” Xiao Zhiqing shivered as tears fell down her cheeks.
“When was it?” Lin Ruoxi pressed on.
Xiao Zhiqing replied, “It was… during the beginning of June…”
Lin Ruoxi’s face stiffened as she took a deep breath and sneered at Yang Chen. “Beginning of June. I remember you told me that you went there to help Christine. Seems like you were busy doing other things there as well.”
Yang Chen held his forehead. This was becoming a complete mess!
Lin Ruoxi’s heart clenched when Yang Chen stayed silent. She turned around and ask Xiao Zhiqing. “Miss Xiao, tell me. What did you guys do in L.A.?”
Xiao Zhiqing said shyly, “We… we… did that…”
“Yeah… that…” she muttered and lowered her head with her chin almost touching her chest.
Lin Ruoxi finally understood what she meant. She thought that they had only flirted but it turned out to be way worse than imagined!
Xiao Zhiqing added hurriedly, “Miss Lin, I’m telling the truth… I really love Yang Chen… We even took photos together in bed. I can show them to you!”
Having said that, she took out her phone which was next to her pillow and showed the photos to Lin Ruoxi!
Lin Ruoxi was barely able to form coherent thoughts when she saw the pictures of a man she was so familiar with. He was fully naked while lying down on the bed comfortably!
This was obviously taken in a hotel room!

Yang Chen wanted to knock himself out upon seeing those pictures!
He had neglected to delete the photos thinking that it was the last time they would ever meet!
There was no denying it anymore! He couldn’t do anything about it even though he was aware that Xiao Zhiqing was doing this on purpose!
Lin Ruoxi staggered and took a few steps back. Her body was trembling with anger and her lips were ghastly pale.
She lifted her head. Tears fell from her cheeks silently as she looked at Yang Chen in despair.