“Yang Chen, since you managed to pull off such an act, why don’t you dare to admit it? You’ve brought many different women before me and told me that they were your lovers. So what about her? She’s so pretty, why aren’t you telling me that she’s your lover? Shouldn’t you know that I am used to it by now? Or is it because there’s too many of them that you lost count?” Lin Ruoxi questioned coldly, looking rather pale.
Yang Chen closed his eyes and kept quiet for a while. He opened his eyes and said, “Yes, I did have a one night stand with her but I swear I don’t have feelings for her. It was an accident at best. I was disloyal to you but she’s not my lover… She framed me...”
Lin Ruoxi cut him off and looked at him with watery eyes. “She’s just a normal lady. How could she have framed you? Do you think I’m a foolish three-year-old? I know your abilities. How could she possibly have done that?”
Yang Chen didn’t know what to say. In the end, it was his greed that got the better of him.
“I’m sorry.” That was the only thing he could say.
“You’re sorry?”
Lin Ruoxi snorted. “And what is an apology supposed to fix? If this happened in the past, I wouldn’t have said a single word. But if you plan to continue this behavior, why hold a wedding? Why bother marrying me at all?! Since you’re having so much fun sleeping around!”
Yang Chen kept quiet. There was nothing left that he could say.
Xiao Zhiqing sat on the bed, her eyes glistening with excitement.
Lin Ruoxi felt even worse when she realized that Yang Chen had nothing left to say. Her voice trembled as she lashed out, “I can choose to ignore your ex-lovers. I can try my best to get over the fact that you have other women whom you love so deeply. I even accepted your lovers. But I cannot accept the fact that you lied to me! You lied to me that you were going to L.A to help someone but you were actually sleeping around!”
“Ruoxi...I know you’re very upset but she’s not an ordinary woman. She’s very dangerous.” Yang Chen tried to calm her down.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head and took two steps back.
“To me, you’re the most dangerous person in this room. You always seem so frank and open all the time that we were together, but you’ve changed…”
Having said that, she turned around and dashed out of the door!
Yang Chen called after her but it only made her run faster.
He stood by the door in a trance. Minutes later, Yang Chen turned around and looked at Xiao Zhiqing with a somber facial expression.
She no longer had a pitiful look on her face. In fact, she was more relaxed than ever.
“Are you satisfied now? Is this what you wanted?”
“It’s alright I guess. You didn’t want me so I had to make sure you were miserable too.” Xiao Zhiqing twirled her hair.
Yang Chen growled. “What will you get out of this?”
“You’re crazy. You’re a crazy woman...” Yang Chen gritted his teeth.
Xiao Zhiqing’s gaze turned cold as she glanced at him sideways. “You’re right, I am crazy! So what?!”
“Aren’t you afraid that I’ll kill you right now?!”
“I gave you my virginity, what’s wrong with giving you my life?” Xiao Zhiqing chuckled.
“Don’t laugh!”
Yang Chen growled and clutched her neck!
If he clutched any tighter, her neck would have snapped in two!
Xiao Zhiqing gasped for breath with her eyes wide opened.
It was filled with hopelessness and it surprised Yang Chen so much that he loosened his grip.
What happened?!

Her eyes were like a desert, void of life and energy, with no sign of hope in it.
How could a young woman like her show such emotions?!
“Why… why didn’t you kill me…”
She let out an elegant yet pathetic smile.
“I said, don’t smile.”
“I want to… Why can’t I smile?”
“You can cry but you shouldn’t smile.” Yang Chen’s mind suddenly became at ease.
A single drop of tear rolled down her cheek.
“Kill me. I can’t smile if I’m dead.” Her smile was still bright.
“You’re not afraid of death?” Yang Chen frowned.
“Afraid?” Xiao Zhiqing laughed harder and the grip on her neck made her cough.
It took her a minute to stop coughing before she looked at him with her teary eyes. “I’ve died more than a thousand times. What makes you think I would be afraid of one more?”
Yang Chen could tell that death was something that she wished to have so badly.
He remembered the time they had first met. The fact that she was even alive was already a miracle since her body was filled with Nine Yin Meridian and lethal toxins, so why would she be afraid of death?
Yang Chen let out a deep breath and let go of her neck.
“You’re not going to kill me?”
Xiao Zhiqing looked at him with curious eyes.
Yang Chen walked to the door and didn’t look back. “I don’t know why you’re doing this but I don’t wish to see you any longer. Life is more of a punishment for you than death is.”
Xiao Zhiqing watched him walk out of the door in a trance until his footsteps disappeared from the corridor.
She gripped her blanket as tears dripped down her face.
“You said you want to kill me, yet you couldn’t. You said you have no feelings for me, yet your heart softened at my gaze… Men… They are all so dishonest.”
She rubbed the tears off her eyes. She then let out a gentle smile.
At the same time, Yang Chen walked out of the hospital with a heavy heart.
To be honest, he didn’t really care about what Xiao Zhiqing wanted to do. To him, it was just a one night stand. At the end of the day, it was still his fault for not resisting her.
Lin Ruoxi had every reason to be mad at him.
That was why he did not know what to do or think.
Lin Ruoxi’s car was already gone. She was obviously not in the mood to listen to him.
Yang Chen ordered the Sea Eagles to watch over her. He didn’t want to make matters worse.
Yang Chen felt so frustrated that he was tempted to bring the hospital to its foundation!
He contemplated for a while and decided that he couldn’t go home or go back to the concert in this condition.
Suddenly, he was reminded of someone. Yang Chen slapped his forehead, maybe she could give him some ideas.
He quickly drove off to Zhonghai University.
Yang Chen was looking for Jane.
After all, they didn’t have a romantic relationship and they could talk about anything. Jane’s intelligence might even be of some assistance.
About half an hour later, Yang Chen arrived at the university. He called her and found out that she had already gone home.

He then made his way to her villa.

Yang Chen was about to knock on the door when he realized that the door was open. Jane must have opened it for him before he arrived.
He wasn’t worried if someone would rob Jane. She was a princess. She had learned self-defense as a child and was fairly competent at it. Plus, she was close friends with Sauron. While she was no prodigy in the field, she was at least on par if not better than most elite soldiers.
The floor was covered with a Persian rug and a huge chandelier hung above his head. One sniff and his nose were filled with a lavender scent. Jane might be a committed scientist but she knew how to live a luxurious life.
The only weird thing was that the living room was empty.
Just when Yang Chen was wondering where Jane was, he heard a series of noises coming from the room to his right!