The streets of East of Zhonghai were bustling with life. Music filled the air, attracting customers into the various shops which flanked the streets.
Couples walked along the streets hand in hand as they whispered sweet nothings to one another.
Among the crowd was a lady in a purple dress who was sitting quietly on a bench.
Her face was covered by a pair of sunglasses but her beauty was undeniable. Her slender white neck and proportionate body figure caught the attention of many passersby.
Some men tried to approach her but she gave no response no matter what they did.
This woman was Lin Ruoxi.
She was at a loss when it came to dealing with her new negative emotions. Her heart quaked in pain and anger as she wiped the tears from her eyes. After driving away from the hospital, she exited the highway and did not know where she was headed to.
She didn’t want to go home. She did not want her family to see her like this!
Lin Ruoxi wanted to erase all the negative emotions from her mind. The best thing she could think of was drowning the noise in her head with the noise from the streets.
The silence was really getting to her.
Normally, she would prefer not to be in such crowded areas as her exceptional looks would attract a lot of unwanted attention.
Men would hit on her and women would glare at her with jealousy.
She would feel bad about it. She was born with her looks. It wasn’t her choice.
But as she grew up, she realized that it didn’t matter.
So because of that, she preferred to live her life in the shadows. Other than going to bookshops to read books, she only went to malls and buildings that belonged to her.
She never appeared in crowded places, but today was an exception.
To avoid being bothered by people and have them stare at her swollen eyes, she decided to wear sunglasses.
But she did not take into account the fact that it was night time and sunglasses would only attract more attention.
Lin Ruoxi let out a breath in frustration.
Why was she still so caught up about what had happened in the hospital earlier when there was so much noise surrounding her?
Why did that man keep appearing in her mind?!
Was she destined to forever be bullied by him? Would it stay that way for the rest of her life?
It couldn’t be. There must be a way to forget about him. She couldn’t live inside his lies forever, no matter how much she loved him!
Just as she began to convince herself and curse Yang Chen in the process, a small silhouette appeared in front of her.
It was a little girl dressed in a blue Garfield t-shirt and white cotton shorts. She had her hair tied up into a ponytail which made her look extra chubby and adorable.
People started to stare even more at both of them.
She cocked her head and stared at Lin Ruoxi closely with jewel-like eyes.
Seconds later, she giggled gleefully. “The sister who looks like my mom! Lanlan recognized you!”
Lin Ruoxi was surprised. She thought the voice was quite familiar. She lifted her head and was surprised at first, but her lips curled into a bright smile.
“It’s you, little girl.”
Lin Ruoxi scooted over and gestured for her to sit down.
“Come, sit down next to me.”
Although she had witnessed Lanlan’s frightening abilities, she was not afraid of her.
Perhaps she had gotten too used to watching Yang Chen kill people.
Lanlan nodded and sat down. “Sister, why are you wearing sunglasses? Lanlan almost wasn’t able to recognize you. I wouldn’t have known it was you if it wasn’t for your shape!” Lanlan asked curiously.
Shape? Did she mean my figure? Lin Ruoxi thought.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but smile. Lanlan might act mature, but she was still a little girl. Forming proper coherent sentences was probably not her forte.
Lin Ruoxi took off her sunglasses. After placing it back in her bag, she took another good long look at Lanlan.
Lanlan was much more cheerful as compared to their last meeting. Her arms were so round that she felt like biting on them.
Well, not in a disgusting way. To Lin Ruoxi, they resembled big fluffy marshmallows.
“Your name is Lanlan right?” Lin Ruoxi stroked her hair and asked.
Lanlan pouted. “Sister is so dumb. I just mentioned my name!”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.
It seemed like talking to her normally was not going to work.
“Are you alone? Oh ya, where’s your grandfather?” Lin Ruoxi was starting to get concerned as Lanlan had a record of running away from home.
Lanlan sounded slightly upset. “Grandpa went somewhere far to take care of something. He said I couldn’t tag along so I have to stay at home with my nanny.”
Lin Ruoxi felt bad for her, knowing that her parents weren’t around. “Then where’s your nanny?”
Lanlan pointed at the McDonald’s across the street. “She’s buying me McDonald’s. We came out to play and we haven’t eaten dinner yet!”
“McDonald’s?” Lin Ruoxi frowned.

Around this time, a woman walked out of the fast-food store, holding two bags of food and two cups of drinks. She looked around frantically before sighing after noticing Lanlan on the bench.
She ran towards the bench and nagged her. “My lady, you scared me. Why did you leave without telling me?! Mister would’ve killed me with a slap if I lost you!”
It was obvious that she cared for Lanlan, but hearing the phrase ‘kill me with a slap’ was still an odd one.
Lanlan stuck out her tongue and chuckled. She jumped off the bench and said, “Nanny, this the sister I was talking about! Isn’t she pretty?”
The nanny didn’t realize someone else was here. She was surprised to see Lin Ruoxi.
“Ah… so you are the one Lanlan has been talking about. Lanlan kept telling she met someone who looked like her mom. Turns out she wasn’t kidding, you two look very alike!” the nanny said in wonder.
Lin Ruoxi blushed. She was happy to hear that for some unknown reason. Was it because of her overflowing maternal love for children?
Now that the nanny had mentioned it, Lin Ruoxi took another close look at Lanlan. She then noticed that Lanlan shared many similarities to herself when she was that age. Was their meeting fated to be?