The nanny was actually just playing along. Lanlan might be cute and chubby but there was no real way to tell if they were alike.
Lanlan thought Lin Ruoxi looked like her mom and Lin Ruoxi was fond of Lanlan.
The nanny squatted down and smiled at Lanlan. “Lanlan, I bought some hamburgers and fries. Do you want to eat outside or inside?”
Lin Ruoxi cut her off before Lanlan could decide. “Don’t eat this.”
Both the nanny and Lanlan were startled. Why shouldn’t they eat their meal?
Lin Ruoxi frowned. “Aunty, may I know your name?”
The nanny was surprised at her question but replied regardless.
“My… my name is Shao Minjuan. You may call me Minjuan.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded. “My name is Lin Ruoxi and you can call me Ruoxi. Minjuan, I think it would be best for you to stop feeding her junk food. It would be bad for her in the future. Eating all this would only make her gain more weight. There are many children who overeat while they were young and suffer for it in the future.”
Minjuan was shocked to hear that. She did not consider that possibility. She was hired to cater to Lanlan so she just bought her whatever she wanted. “Miss Lin, Lanlan wanted this. I couldn’t reject her..”
Lin Ruoxi sighed and looked at Lanlan.
Lanlan had her eyes wide open as if she was deep in thought.
“You’re an adult. How could you just listen to the words of a kid? Eating it once in a while is fine, but you bought enough to feed a whole family. There have to be four portions of food in there. Don’t do this anymore, if this continues, something will go wrong,” Lin Ruoxi told Minjuan.
Minjuan smiled awkwardly. “Lanlan… has a big appetite. Any less and she wouldn’t be full. This is already considered rather little. Master said I shouldn’t let her eat any more than this.”
Lin Ruoxi was dumbfounded, how much could this little girl eat?
Lanlan tugged on her skirt and pouted. “Sister, I won’t eat McDonald’s anymore. Don’t be angry…”
Lin Ruoxi smiled. “I’m not angry. Lanlan be good and don’t eat this anymore, alright? How about following me for some noodles? I haven’t eaten my dinner as well.”
Lanlan beamed and nodded her head. “Okay!”
Minjuan watched them as they walked away hand-in-hand. They really did look like mother and daughter.
Meanwhile, on the other side of Zhonghai, the atmosphere was a little different in Jane’s villa.
Yang Chen sat on the lawn by the door. He had a blank stare and was gazing into the night sky.
A pale hand held out a can of beer for him.
Yang Chen took the beer from Jane.
She walked next to him and sat down with her own can of beer in hand.
“You still drink beer? Aren’t you afraid of getting a beer belly?”

Yang Chen took a sip and was immediately refreshed.

Jane chuckled. Her hair swayed in the breeze, making her look more attractive under the moonlight.
“I don’t drink it every day. I’m only drinking this because whiskey or wine might not suit the occasion.”
Yang Chen nodded and sighed. “I knew coming to you was the right choice. I haven’t even opened up yet you already know what kind of drink I want.”
Jane looked over and asked, “Care to let me know now?”
Yang Chen hummed and smiled bitterly. He nodded and confessed everything that had happened today, including what had happened between him and Xiao Zhiqing in L.A.
Jane listened to him very intently. Her face was stoic for the most part and she kept her opinions to herself until the end.
“Jane, I really despise myself so much now. Is my brain turning to mush? She’s just a lady slightly prettier and sexier than the rest. It’s not like I have no woman. Why couldn’t I control myself?” Yang Chen asked in frustration.
Jane snorted. “I’d rather you can’t control yourself. I’ve been wondering why you never touch me. Is Xiao Zhiqing prettier than me?”
Yang Chen looked at her in surprise and smiled bitterly. “Why are you still teasing me? I’ve told you before, you’re different.”
“There’s your answer. The truth is, you didn’t want to control yourself when it came to Xiao Zhiqing,” Jane said.
Yang Chen was confused. “What do you mean by that?”
Jane elaborated, “I don’t know about other men. But I do know you and your self-control. In the past, you might not have been able to control yourself due to the divine light clouding your judgment. But even then you were picky. There’s only one explanation as to why you did it with her and not me. You didn’t see her as someone important. Someone whom you should treat with care. Much like the time you were in Zero, did you care for any of the women assassins fighting for survival?”
Yang Chen was puzzled for a second and he shook his head stiffly. “They weren’t women, they were my enemies.”
“That’s right.” Jane smiled. “Before you treated Xiao Zhiqing as a true woman, she was just a toy whom you could discard of. You had no feelings for her so you just let go and let your instincts take over. What happened afterward was probably because of your carelessness or because she was smarter than you thought. Technically, what you did to Miss Lin was physical infidelity, not emotional infidelity.”
Yang Chen listened to her numbly and smiled bitterly. “Only you can come up with this explanation. Ruoxi would never think of it like that. But the fact still remains that I hurt her.”
Jane pursed her lips. “Of course you cannot explain it to her like that. In the past, sure. But not now.”
“Why not?”
“Because,” Jane smiled mischievously, “I can tell that your feelings for Xiao Zhiqing are quite complicated. I don’t know what caused you to change but you no longer treat her as a toy. If you did, you would have killed her for provoking you.”
Yang Chen felt exposed under her gaze.
“So basically… I’m trash.” Yang Chen belittled himself.
Jane shrugged. “Not everyone would see it the same way. I myself would prefer for you to be worse so you might accept me. Marriage and remaining loyal are for the sheeple of society. Women always fall for you because of your strength. Look at Sauron and Makedon, those pedophiles have more lovers than you. You’re still considered loyal to me.”
“Is this how you see me?” Yang Chen didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. It was his first time hearing what she thought of him.
Jane smiled brightly. “Do you think I’m the only one who thinks that way? I bet your other lovers, Miss Mo, Miss Rose, and Miss Anxin share similar thoughts to me. Of course, I’m not saying they only love your power, but you can’t deny the fact that nothing would have happened if you were just an ordinary worker at Yu Lei.”
Yang Chen let out a breath he was holding in. “Is this your way of cleansing me of my sins?”
“Hmm, of course not.” Jane shook her head. “I’m just letting you know how I view it. Miss Lin Ruoxi might not share the same sentiment.”
Yang Chen frowned. “How so?”
Jane sighed. “Because she has a different identity. She is your wife. In other words, your lover took away her right to have a perfect lover and marriage. You’re not a perfect husband but she’s a perfect wife. That’s why only she gets hurt. But she can’t bear to lose you so she’s holding in her temper. You’re very cruel to her. I like you as a man but what you are doing to her is cruel.”

Yang Chen’s face fell. “Sigh, I feel so too. That’s why I’m disgusted with myself.”
“Then dear Mister Disgusting, do you know which three words a man should never say to his wife?” Jane winked.
Yang Chen shook his head helplessly.

“Which three words?”
“I. Am. Sorry.”