The two fell silent. “Hmph, it looks like you are bad people! Grandpa isn’t here today so you’re going to die!” screamed Lanlan.

The child raised her hand, ready to kill them. Lin Ruoxi, who thankfully snapped out her of her daze, stopped her. “Lanlan! Stop!”

The Sea Eagles let out a breath of relief. If it wasn’t for her, based on the little girl’s speed, they might have really been killed!

They felt really unfair, being mere mortals.

Lin Ruoxi approached the two slowly, ushering Lanlan to her side. The girl wrapped her arms around her thigh and peeked from behind.

She gently caressed Lanlan’s soft hair as she reprimanded the Sea Eagles sternly. “I don’t need your protection! Go back and tell him that I don’t ever want to see him again! Just leave me alone already!”

The Sea Eagles widened their eyes in surprise.

“Madam! You shouldn’t say that! His Majesty Pluto never wished for that to happen!”

“Yeah, if something had happened to you, His Majesty Pluto would not spare us!”

Lin Ruoxi’s brows furrowed. “If it wasn’t for me, you’d be dead.”

The male member gritted his teeth. “Madam, death will not deter us from fulfilling our responsibility!”

Their stubbornness made Lanlan angry. She started to whine. “If Mama tells you to go you must go! If you don’t go now, the shopping mall will close and I won’t get my giant panda! And if I don’t get my panda, I will kill you both!”

To an adult, it was completely unreasonable. To a child, it was completely justifiable.

Lin Ruoxi was taken aback by Lanlan’s mindset.

It looks like she would have to fix her daughter’s mindset on life, lest she grow up like a certain someone!

At that very moment, Lin Ruoxi felt a wave of Deja Vu. Maybe Yang Chen and Lanlan were more alike than she thought. It seemed to her that they were more family than herself!
They were similar. They both had big appetites, didn’t value lives, and shared a crooked morality. Even their temper was the same!

He would definitely warm up to her very quickly, wouldn’t he?

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but daydream about all the possibilities, forgetting that she had just loudly exclaimed about not wanting to see him again.

The female Sea Eagles member frowned. She pulled on her partner’s clothes and muttered to him in Italian, “We should go. Madam would be fine with Lanlan here. The child is obviously more powerful than both of us combined.”


“We’ll head back and report to Captain Molin. From there, we will await further orders,” she continued.

Her partner agreed with a slight nod and soon, they both quickly sprinted out from the basement parking.

Lanlan giggled. She the gleefully squealed, “Mama, they’re gone! Let’s go buy my giant panda!”

Lin Ruoxi let out a little laugh, rubbing her daughter’s nose teasingly. “My, my, impatient are we? Hop on, let’s go!”

Minjuan, who was standing in the background, was rendered completely speechless. After all that, she was only able to let out a weak smile.

Five minutes later, Yang Chen, who had been drinking beer alongside Jane on a grass patch, had received word from Molin.

After hearing what had gone on, Yang Chen pondered for a bit. “Is it possible to run a background check on Lanlan?”

“Uh… I’m terribly sorry, Your Majesty Pluto. We couldn’t find anything on her nor her grandfather. The nanny, Minjuan, has been confirmed to be nothing more than an ordinary civilian.”

Yang Chen stared up into the sky in deep thought.

Truthfully, he had already met the child once. After the whole human trafficking episode, his interest in the child had sky-rocketed but he never felt the need to investigate her. She was not his enemy after all.

But everything was different now. This child was calling Lin Ruoxi ‘Mama’!

Lin Ruoxi was very fond of children. But letting one call her mother brought this to a whole other level! That would mean Ruoxi really really adored the child!

Knowing her, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t simply allow a child to call her mother. The woman had a conservative family mindset and she wouldn’t go as far as to anger him.

From what President Cha from the orphanage told him, Lanlan had lost her parents and was no older than ten years of age. Hence, that could only mean one thing. Lin Ruoxi wanted to adopt the girl!

Yang Chen wasn’t against the idea of adoption. In fact, he found Lanlan adorable. He had an exceptional physique but that was also the reason for his inability to impregnate women.

Adopting Lanlan would be perfect as Guo Xuehua desperately wanted a grandchild!

But the only thing holding him back now was the lack of information on Lanlan’s background. They were talking about a child who could kill an elite mercenary without batting an eye.

Yang Chen felt the urge to meet Lanlan even if his presence was unwelcomed by Lin Ruoxi. This involved her safety and there was no way Yang Chen would let this slip.

He ended the call.

He then got up and stretched a bit before dusting off some grass.

“You’re leaving?” asked Jane from the side.

Yang Chen nodded with a helpless smile. “Yeah. Thanks to you, I feel much better now.”

“What are your plans now?”

“Well, you told me to wait it out so I will. I’ve done everything I could for her. I can’t neglect my other lovers so the only thing I can do now is to just do my best.” Yang Chen sighed.

“Here, take this.” Jane passed him her half-empty beer can.

“What for?”
“A princess is not allowed to drink beer. It’s graceless.”

Yang Chen didn’t know if it was more appropriate to laugh or to cry. “And yet, it is half-finished.”

Jane replied, “Yeah, I was just keeping you company. I have no use for it once you are gone.”

Yang Chen was speechless at her nonchalant reply. He quickly replied, “Maybe… if I hadn’t married her, I would’ve fallen in love with you too.”

Jane shuddered a little. “Nah, being Jane suits me more than being Lin Ruoxi.”

“Understandable,” agreed Yang Chen with a small nod. He waved her farewell then walked away.

As Yang Chen started his car and began to pull away, Jane remained seated on the grass. A smile pulled at her lips as she gazed up into the dark night sky.

She mumbled, “Idiot, I wasn’t done talking. If I had the chance to be your lover, it would be way better than just being Jane...”

Half an hour later, Minjuan found herself in a fifty-story mega shopping complex located in the West District of Zhonghai.

It was where the upper class of society shopped. The mall was filled to the brim with luxury brands from all around the globe, only selling authentic goods at ridiculous prices.

Germany’s most renowned toy manufacturer, Steve, also had their shop there. The company had a century-old history and the last time they celebrated their anniversary, they made golden teddy bears that were sold at a whopping seven hundred thousand yuan.

Soon, the mother-daughter pair made their way into the mall.

Numerous promoters quickly made their way over to serve their customers. They clearly weren’t expecting such a high profile customer this late at night.

Lanlan’s cheeks were red due to the overwhelming happiness of getting her dream toy! The little girl squealed in utmost delight.

The giant panda was displayed proudly in that shop. It stood over one hundred and fifty centimeters tall as it was modeled after a real panda. It was covered in dense fur made from natural materials, embellished with a pair of sapphire as its eyes.

Priced at fifty-thousand yuan, the panda was not a big deal to the rich but spending that much on a stuffed animal was almost unheard of!

The size of the panda was ridiculously big next to Lanlan’s tiny frame. But she was able to lift it with no issue, something no ordinary child her age could accomplish.

Minjuan tailed the girl who was nuzzling and kissing her panda non-stop. Ordinarily, this sight would have brought a smile to her face, but...

Fifty-thousand dollars?!

It had been years since Minjuan had left her village to work for her master and look after Lanlan. Though her salary and allowance were more than that, fifty thousand was still a lot of money.

Back home, that amount would have been enough to start a family!

But here, Lin Ruoxi had used that same amount to buy a plush toy for a child she had self-proclaimed adopted on a whim!

Were the filthy rich in Zhonghai really that rich? Or were they just plain stupid? Minjuan secretly pondered and took care not to make a face.

Lin Ruoxi’s heart hummed in happiness as she watched her daughter nuzzle her new toy. No amount of money could make up for the scene before her.

“Since you like pandas so much, I’ll bring you somewhere to see them next time,” suggested Lin Ruoxi.

Lanlan’s head emerged from beneath the bear’s tummy. “Lanlan has seen many pandas before! But I don’t see them in the city so I want a panda toy to sleep with Lanlan!”

“Really? Did you see them at the zoo?” questioned Lin Ruoxi.

Lanlan shook her head. “No. I saw them in the mountains.”

Minjuan quickly stepped in to provide some context. “Miss Lin, when we were in the Chuan Province with Master, he would frequently bring Lanlan into the mountains to look at animals. Lanlan especially fancied the pandas in Wolong.”

That perked Lin Ruoxi’s curiosity towards Lanlan’s grandfather. Who was that man? But more importantly, why did he bring Lanlan into the mountains to look at animals of all things?