“Lanlan, would you stay with mama from this day on?” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t hide her nervousness but was extremely eager for an answer.

Thankfully, Lanlan did not hesitate to answer. “Of course! Lanlan wants to live with Mama from now on! It took me a long time to find you. I promise to never leave Mama again! “


“Yeah! I can’t wait to tell Grandpa that I found mama when he gets back. Then Grandpa can bring me to Papa and we can all live together!” Lanlan beamed at the thought.

Lin Ruoxi furrowed her brows slightly. She had completely forgotten that Lanlan was here for her father. If her father was really here in Zhonghai, what should she do?

She really liked Lanlan but that didn’t include her father in the picture.

For now, all she could do was wait for her grandfather to return and proceed.

All of a sudden, something clicked in the girl’s mind. She hugged Lin Ruoxi’s thigh once again with her panda in toll and asked, “Why isn’t Mama together with Papa? Don’t Papas and Mamas sleep together?”

Lin Ruoxi’s face turned pink. How did she know that?

“I… don’t know where Papa is…” Lin Ruoxi muttered in response.

Lanlan’s eyes widened with confusion but left the question alone, opting to stare at her panda.

Exiting the complex, the three females took the lift to the parking basement. Yang Chen was already leaning against Lin Ruoxi’s Bentley with a cigarette between his lips and his hands in his pockets.

He had been waiting for a while now.

When was the last time he smoked? In all honesty, Yang Chen couldn’t recall. He felt that his smoking habits were harmful to the women at home so he refrained from doing so. It wasn’t an addiction for him so he did not mind stopping.

However, the situation Yang Chen found himself in tonight had driven him to a small booth, prompting him to spend a measly two dollars on some low-quality cigarettes.

The overwhelming smell of smoke was familiar and helped clear his mind. Suddenly, all of his issues didn’t feel too overwhelming anymore.

He dropped the butt onto the floor before giving it a good squash under his foot.

Feeling her icy glare, Yang Chen looked up to smile at his wife. Lin Ruoxi was livid to see him here.

“Oh, you’re done so soon? I thought you’d take longer.” Yang Chen shifted his gaze to the little girl beside her.

Lanlan was equally interested in the man standing in front of them. Her giant panda plush was practically encompassing her entire frame to the point where it was starting to become ridiculous.

Lin Ruoxi jeered at him. “Go away, I don’t want to see you.”

Yang Chen anticipated the reaction and kept a straight face. He decided to ignore her to step forward and crouch down to meet Lanlan’s eye. He asked, “Lanlan, I am her husband and if you call her Mama, you’d have to call me Papa, don’t you?”

Lanlan’s eyes widened at his words. Bewildered, she looked to Lin Ruoxi. “Mama, is this uncle my papa?”

“No.” The woman quickly denied it. “He’s a bad guy, a man eviler than the two we saw before. Ignore him!”

She swiftly pulled Lanlan along to her car.

Minjuan just stood there in silence. Her experience indicated to her that they were indeed husband and wife.

However, she was very bothered by how Yang Chen chose to ignore the fact that Lin Ruoxi had adopted a child hours ago without anyone’s consent. The man was even pestering Lanlan to call him papa!

Were they that desperate for a daughter?

“I don’t care if you want to adopt a child or two but you really should’ve discussed with me first. Tantrums are tantrums but adoption is no joke. Matters like these have to be discussed!” Yang Chen reprimanded Lin Ruoxi and blocked her path with his body.

Lin Ruoxi saw red. “It’s none of your business! Who said I couldn’t decide on my own? I adopted the child and she is mine, not yours!”

“Are you insane? Or have you really finally snapped? Lanlan is no ordinary kid. Do you think she comes from an ordinary family?” argued Yang Chen. “How are you so sure that her grandfather would permit you to adopt her? How are you sure she doesn’t have parents?”


Biting back her words, Lin Ruoxi’s eyes turned red.

Her heart was in pieces. Lanlan’s smile had healed it a while ago but now this bastard decided to show up and anger her again!

Minjuan heaved a sigh of relief. At least Lin Ruoxi’s husband was being sensible! He was absolutely right! You couldn’t just adopt a child on a whim like that!

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. “I’m just telling you the truth! If Lanlan was just a normal girl, I wouldn’t even care if you came home with a hundred of them. But that’s not the case here. She is not normal and I need to ensure your safety.”

“Bad guy!”

Lanlan shrieked out of the blue. Her face was flushed with anger. “You made Mama cry! You are a very bad guy!”

The child was too young to understand their argument. However, Lin Ruoxi’s tears were visible and that was bad news!

That was it! Lanlan had enough!

Yang Chen was surprised at her fury. He could feel the murderous intent spilling from her. Had Lin Ruoxi established such importance to her already?!

Lanlan pulled her panda away, holding it towards Lin Ruoxi. “Mama, hold this for me!”

Puzzled, she took the plush away from Lanlan.

“How dare you bully my mama?! I’m going to kill you!”

As soon as she uttered those words, she took a step forward and flew towards Yang Chen like a speeding bullet.

Yang Chen was shocked. This speed, this strength, this agility and this unmistakeable murderous intent.

All from a four-year-old girl?!

Just from her figure alone, Yang Chen could tell that even eight members from the Sea Eagles would not be able to withstand one attack from her.

If she was sent for intense training plus some further mentoring, this girl had the potential to become a lethal human weapon!

Though she was powerful, Lanlan was still no match for Yang Chen at the moment.

He gently raised his arms forward to catch Lanlan’s little fist before immediately twirling her around to catch her in his arms.

The amount of pressure Lanlan exerted was enough to pulverize stones. But it wasn’t strong enough to harm Yang Chen.

Lanlan struggled against him, unable to escape. The man was ridiculously strong!


Lanlan burst into tears as she realized her efforts to break free was futile.

“Mama… he’s bullying me!”

Lin Ruoxi was on the verge of going insane. “Yang Chen! What the hell are you doing to her?! How dare you attack a child! You god damn degenerate!”

Yang Chen was extremely irritated at the accusation. She called this thing a child?! he thought.

If it was a Sea Eagles in his shoes, that impact would’ve pierced their hearts!

But as they said, all men cower before their wife and children. Yang Chen was at his core, still a man. Though his wife was still giving him the cold treatment and the child wasn’t his.

“Fine. I’ll just put you down, okay? Stop crying.”

Yang Chen sighed as he placed Lanlan’s feet on the ground.

Minjuan quickly came forward to hug Lanlan. “Miss Lanlan, are you alright? Didn’t your grandpa tell you not to attack anyone so recklessly? This ought to be a lesson for you. Don’t ever do that again. Shhh… don’t cry…”

As Minjuan comforted the child, she stared at Yang Chen using her peripheral vision. She was still reeling in the sheer horror that she had witnessed.

Minjuan was aware of how powerful Lanlan was but this was the first time someone other than her master was able to stop her!

Lanlan wiped her cheeks dry. She pouted and faced Yang Chen before screaming, “This is not over yet, bad guy! If you dare to bully Mama and me again, Grandpa will beat you up once he’s back! Grandpa loves me the most! Grandpa’s the strongest in the world!”

This kid.

Yang Chen was beyond pissed. He was on the verge of breaking into insane laughter. First, he met a crazy girl named Luo Xiaoxiao who dubbed her father to be the ‘second strongest in the world’. Now he had to face off against Lanlan’s grandfather, supposedly the strongest in the world? Jeez, what luck.

He had already made two new enemies before ever meeting them.

Lin Ruoxi recalled her last encounter with Lanlan’s grandpa. The man was indeed very powerful. The thought made her worry about Yang Chen. All hell would break loose if there really was a fight. She bent down to wrap her arms around Lanlan. “Lanlan, it’s alright. Let’s just ignore this bad guy and go home, alright?”

Lanlan beamed. She clapped her hands and giggled. “Yay! I’m going to Mama’s house! I get to sleep with Mama!”