Once she understood that Lin Ruoxi wanted to bring Lanlan home, Minjuan quickly interjected. “Miss Lin, I believe it would be best if you brought us back to our place. Even if Miss likes Lanlan a lot, we still have to wait for Master to get back before proceeding any further.”

Lanlan’s tiny head shook vigorously. “No! No! Lanlan wants to sleep with Mama!”

Minjuan looked at Lin Ruoxi helplessly, begging her with her eyes. She was a mere babysitter and this was the precious princess of the family! Taking care of her alone was enough of a challenge.

Although Lin Ruoxi knew she was making Minjuan’s job more difficult, she couldn’t bear to be apart from this girl she just adopted. They didn’t know when Lanlan’s grandpa was coming back anyway. She just wanted to be selfish for once.

“Minjuan, I have many rooms in my place. You can live with us. I will have someone drive you to your place to retrieve your necessities. It won’t take long.”

Minjuan’s face fell. How did she misinterpret it so badly!

Lin Ruoxi had no plans to listen to Minjuan’s protests. She brought Lanlan back and placed her in the car.

Yang Chen saw everything. He knew Lin Ruoxi’s heart was already set on keeping this girl. Even if her ‘world’s strongest’ grandpa came back, Lin Ruoxi might even be willing to lay her life down for her.

Keeping Lanlan for the moment wouldn’t be a problem so far though. Although the girl was a little violent, she was adorable.

Yang Chen decided it was best to just agree for now to avoid any disputes.

“Yeah, our house is pretty big. We wouldn’t mind two more guests,” he chimed in cooperatively.

Lin Ruoxi snapped her head back and coldly said, “That isn’t your house! You should leave immediately! I don’t want to see you!”

Yang Chen pretended not to hear her. Scratching the back of his head, he went to start his BMW.

Minjuan was speechless. How stubborn could this couple be? To ‘force’ her and Lanlan to move in like that?

Despite Lin Ruoxi’s harsh words, Yang Chen decided to trudge through and head to Xijiao Villa.

When they got off the car, Lanlan clapped her tiny hands excitedly once she saw the gigantic mansion. “Mama, will I be living here now?”

“Yeah, do you like it?” Lin Ruoxi smiled, bending over to talk to her.

She nodded her head vigorously then ran to take her panda from Minjuan. With a solemn expression, she asked, “Big Bear, do you like it?”

The panda didn’t respond but Lanlan replied to herself, “There isn’t any bamboo to eat? You’re already so fat, you shouldn’t eat so much!”

Minjuan didn’t know if she should laugh or cry at Lanlan’s innocence. Miss Lin definitely wasn’t an ordinary person. If Lanlan were to come into this family, she would live a very luxurious and comfortable life.

After parking his car, Yang Chin grinned. “It’s late, let’s get some rest.”

“Why are you still here?” questioned Lin Ruoxi sharply.

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly. “Uh… Ruoxi, you can’t possibly chase me out of the house, could you?”

“You’re a meanie! Lanlan will not stay with a mean person!”

Lanlan was already pouting before Lin Ruoxi could speak.

Yang Chen sighed. “Hey kid, it’s your first day here and you’re already chasing me out. The man of the house? You’re more shameless than me!”

Lanlan stuck out her tongue and made a face! “The meanie’s a shameless dog if he doesn’t leave!”

Yang Chen was furious. It was very frustrating because she was just a kid and he couldn’t vent.

“You can go wherever you want. You have so many lovers out there anyway. Plus you still have Xiao Zhiqing in the hospital. I don’t care what you do. This isn’t your home. It once was but the people inside are no longer related to you anymore. If you still refuse to leave, I’ll leave with Lanlan!”

Lin Ruoxi showed no signs of backing down, deliberately mentioning Xiao Zhiqing’s name. She was obviously very angry.

He stood stunned for a moment then sighed. “Is there any room for negotiation?”

“Not at all!”

Yang Chen rubbed his forehead in exasperation and let out a bitter smile. “I know. You’re still angry. I can wait until you’re willing to forgive me. But what happened between Xiao Zhiqing and I was a one-time thing. Believe me, I have no idea why she decided to drag me into this but I will get to the bottom of things.. Xiao Zhiqing is no ordinary woman, she’s dangerous and I don’t want to see her hurt you.”

“The one who hurt me isn’t Xiao Zhiqing. It was you,” blurted Lin Ruoxi.

He smiled awkwardly then nodded silently. “Then I shall leave. I’ll come back when you’ve calmed down.”

Once he finished, he immediately returned to his car and drove away.

Lin Ruoxi stared as the car’s tail lights disappear into the night.

She didn’t expect Yang Chen to leave without trying to explain himself. She told him to leave and he did.

Lin Ruoxi wasn’t used to this. She was angry and she missed him. It felt awful.

However, all these emotions were clouded by the anger she had towards him. She couldn’t believe he had a relationship with Xiao Zhiqing behind her back. She felt more betrayed and wrong than she’d ever felt, her heart ached so bad.

“Mama, don’t cry…”

Lanlan squeezed Lin Ruoxi’s thigh.

Lin Ruoxi realized her eyes were wet so she quickly wiped them. She looked down with a smile and said, “Mama’s not crying. Let’s go inside.”

Minjuan watched quietly without a word. She only came back to her senses when she saw Lin Ruoxi hold Lanlan’s hand and brought her into the house.

Minjuan couldn’t help but sigh in her heart. Who said being rich meant that you were happy? Every household had their own problems.

I’ll wait for Master’s return and listen to his orders, thought the nanny.

The living room was bright and there were three people waiting there.

Wang Ma, Zhenxiu, and Hui Lin.

Hui Lin’s concert had been done for hours. She attended the after-party and returned home only to find that Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen were not back yet.

Due to her cultivation, Hui Lin didn’t feel tired like a regular singer would even after singing for three hours. She sat and waited patiently for them to return.

“Sister, why are you back so late? The hospital said you left a long time ago,” Hui Lin asked worriedly.

She stepped forward and then noticed Lin Ruoxi was holding a girl who looked like a porcelain doll. The girl was also hugging an abnormally huge panda plushy!

Then, a thirty-plus-year-old lady in very simple clothing followed them in and smiled shyly at everyone in the house.

“They are…” Hui Lin was puzzled.

Wang Ma and Zhenxiu ran to the door, equally confused when they saw Lin Ruoxi, the kid, but no Yang Chen.

They almost fainted in shock when they heard what the girl said next. “Mama, who are they?”

Ma… Mama?!

Lin Ruoxi’s daughter?!

Wang Ma took a step backward in shock, her face rapidly paling.

“Mi—Miss… This kid…”

Zhenxiu and Hui Lin looked at each other with panic in their eyes.
Lin Ruoxi knew Wang Ma was getting the wrong idea and quickly corrected her. “Wang Ma! What are you thinking! Lanlan is…”

Lin Ruoxi wanted to say Lanlan was a girl she planned on adopting, but Lanlan treated her as if she was her birth mother. It didn’t seem right to burst that bubble of hers. So she opted for saying, “Let’s all take a seat, I’ll explain.”

With that, everyone sat down while Minjuan carried Lanlan around for a tour of the house. Lanlan was very curious about everything.

After fifteen minutes, Wang Ma heaved a sigh of relief. Thank god she wasn’t a biological daughter or it would be a disaster!

However, she wasn’t so sure about Lin Ruoxi suddenly wanting to adopt a daughter. Especially not one with powers beyond imagination from a background shrouded in mystery.