It was still a couple more hours before the sun would rise over the horizon. The corridors of the hospital were silent and void of people. Although the hospital was huge and well-staffed, no one generally entered this part of the hospital unless they had to.

Yang Chen was on the hunt for a certain someone. Wasn’t her calf injured? Her tendons were spared from the injury but that didn’t mean she should be running around in the dark.

As he wandered down the corridor, a loud crash resonated from the bathroom in the VIP section.

“Ahh!” rang a familiar feminine voice.

Oh, she’s using the washroom, Yang Chen thought.

It sounded as if something had hit the ground! Yang Chen quickly rushed over the bathroom door and opened it.

“What are you doing this late at night...”

A loud shriek interrupted him.

“Ah! Don’t look!”

Yang Chen was greeted with a pair of soft and slender legs. He stared for a second before noticing that she was bare from the waist down.

The only thing that covered the lady’s upper-body was a cream-colored camisole bra. Her chest was full and on display for him.

Xiao Zhiqing’s lower body was sprawled over the tile floor ungracefully. What had happened was an obvious guess.

Xiao Zhiqing placed her hands in front of her private part in a sad attempt to salvage her remaining pride.

Unfortunately, it did nothing for her as the bareness left nothing to the imagination. Her breasts were squeezed by her arms, making them pour out of her already tight camisole!

What a devil… He bit back a groan as he gulped.

“Hey… I told you to look away!”

Her face flushed red with embarrassment. Yang Chen’s audible gulp did nothing to help the situation.

Yang Chen flashed back to a month ago in L.A, to the very afternoon they spent together entangled in bed.

Seeing her pale skin and plump flesh, he couldn’t help but be reminded of her flexibility in bed.

A grin pulled at Yang Chen’s lips. “What do you think you’re doing with such a posture? Are you trying to seduce me?”

“That’s not it!” denied Xiao Zhiqing frantically. “I was just here to wash up a little before going back to sleep. I’m going to scream for help if you don’t leave!”

Yang Chen tilted his head in confusion. “Help? Why would you scream for help? Have you forgotten that you told me to take responsibility for you?”

“Well… that’s because…” stuttered the lady. She felt her face heat up from the intense gaze he had on her. Her courage was slowly slipping by the minute.

Yang Chen sighed softly. She might have been cruel but she was still a young, inexperienced soul. Her walls were built to mask her pain.

When she seduced him back then, everything was evidently well-planned for she was composed. But when tossed into a compromising situation, her true colors started to bleed out from inside.

If it wasn’t for Yang Chen who deemed the girl still capable of kindness, there was no way she would still be breathing right now. He had chosen the path of forgiveness.

With that, Yang Chen approached Xiao Zhiqing slowly.

Xiao Zhiqing moved her body back involuntarily, but the sudden motion had pulled her injured calf muscle.


She groaned and turned pale.

Although she had planned her crash deliberately, the injuries that she sustained were still real.

“Don’t… come any closer!”

Beads of cold sweat began to form between her dark hair. She was panicking heavily at this point.

Yang Chen said nothing as he kneeled to her level to put his palms on her waist to pull her up.

It all happened so fast that Xiao Zhiqing was unable to deliver a response. Her soft body was now placed on Yang Chen’s shoulder blade.

“Ah! What are you doing?! Put me down!”

She whined as she squirmed around but was ultimately only able to do just that.


Yang Chen landed a loud spank on her bare bottom. It didn’t take long for a pink palm mark to develop on her pale buttocks.


How dare he spank me?! My butt is almost as swollen as that time in America!

“What? You should’ve called for a nurse! What if you slip again and injure yourself?” scolded Yang Chen.

“That’s none of your business! Put me down!” There was no way Xiao Zhiqing would admit her shyness. She did not want someone supervising her toilet usages.

Yang Chen feigned ignorance and walked back to her room after grabbing a towel on the way.

“You better stay still. You’re still naked from the waist down. If you’re planning on seducing me into doing something else, I won’t hesitate to spread your legs,” laughed Yang Chen.

Xiao Zhiqing shut her eyes tightly. She chose to become limp and stay completely still.

Just as she expected Yang Chen to place her on the bed, she found herself lying horizontally in his lap. The man sat on the edge of her bed instead.

Xiao Zhiqing panicked, quickly shutting her legs tightly. Her buttocks were tensed up and all she wanted was to dig a hole and hide forever!

“Come on, there’s nothing to be shy about. I’ve seen every inch of your body.”

Xiao Zhiqing gritted her teeth and retorted, “Hmph, I’ve seen your body too!”

“Nice, We’re even. That’s why I’m not getting anything out of this.”

“You…” Xiao Zhiqing was so overwhelmed with anger that she was starting to feel light-headed. If she wasn’t afraid of angering Yang Chen, she would’ve bitten his thigh!

Xiao Zhiqing found herself questioning his motives. Why was he so ruthless even when she was injured? Was it because she had come in between his marriage and this was his idea of revenge?”

As she spiralled deeper, she felt something soft on her thighs. Yang Chen was wiping her down.

He wasn’t all that gentle but it was simple enough to absorb whatever remaining water there was on her body.

Her eyes widened at the realization. She thought,Is this real? Is he really cleaning me up?

After he was done with her legs, he moved on to wipe between her toes. Her toes were soft and pudgy, enticing him to pinch it a little.

She moaned.

The stimulation of the act caused her to close her eyes and get lost in the pleasure.

That caught Yang Chen by surprise. “Ah, I didn’t know your toes were so sensitive. Too bad I don’t have a foot fetish.”

“That’s… none of… your… concern…” panted the lady.

Seeing her reduced to a mess brought a smile to his face. “Where are your panties? Or do you go commando?”

“You pervert!” yelled Xiao Zhiqing. She huffed before pointing at a door. “They’re behind the door.”

Yang Chen nodded, placing her on the bed before he walked over to retrieve a pair of white laced underwear. “Quick, put them back on so I can treat your leg.” He tossed it to her.

She glanced down to the article briefly, making a small hum of acknowledgment.

Covering herself with her blanket, she quickly put on her panties. “Are you really going to treat me?” She pouted from beneath the cover.

“Of course.” Yang Chen peeled the blanket away, placing her leg on his thigh.

Her calf was littered with large angry bruises from the car crash.

“Impressive. I can’t believe you got injured from faking a crash. You should treat yourself better,” said Yang Chen. It didn’t sound like sarcasm nor a compliment.

Xiao Zhiqing looked away. “Well, it’s no big deal. I’ve been tortured with countless poisons in my body for more than a decade”

Yang Chen huffed, gently placing his palm over her bruise.

The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was converted into the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy, which allowed amplified healing.

The muscle and skin injury XIao Zhiqing sustained would probably require half a month to recover, but the energy had quickly patched her up.

Xiao Zhiqing was surprised to see her bruises and cuts disappear in a few minutes. Her eyes went wide with astonishment and she started gawking at him. All in all, it was extremely adorable.

Yang Chen released her leg from his lap after he was done. “Here, give it a feel and tell me if there’s anything wrong with it.”

Xiao Zhiqing obediently stood up on the mattress and took a few cautious steps before giving him an affirmative nod. “Yeah, it’s good as new. What cultivation method do you practise? How come I’ve never heard of any skill with such powers,” commented Zhiqing.

“You were even able to suppress my Nine Yin Meridian. It doesn’t make sense for such a good cultivation method to go unnoticed, unless you’re a descendant of some ancient immortal?”

Yang Chen was taken aback by the remark. He did not expect her to know about the ancient immortals. He only got to know their presence during his recent journey to the Tang Sect.

“That’s impossible…” muttered Xiao Zhiqing in a volume only audible to herself. “If you really were their descendent, you wouldn’t have gotten married with a regular person nor gotten a job...”

Yang Chen furrowed his brows. Could Xiao Zhiqing be from an elusive clan? How was that even possible? She possessed virtually no cultivation and had a body full of toxins. There was no way she could have been from one.

Xiao Zhiqing paid no mind to Yang Chen’s internal turmoil. “Yang Chen… can I ask you something?” requested Zhiqing meekly.

Yang Chen broke out into laughter. “You’ve asked so many to the point where you’ve started to answer them yourself.”

Embarrassed, Xiao Zhiqing smiled. Her eyes filled with complexity, she asked, “Don’t you… hate me?”