“Hate you? Why would I?” Yang Chen asked.
Xiao Zhiqing said softly, “Because I purposely made you quarrel with your wife about our past…”
“Oh,” Yang Chen said and he asked again, “Did I make love to you in L.A.?”
Xiao Zhiqing immediately went red. She felt the anger and humiliation rise every time she thought of it. “Are you trying to humiliate me? Yes! That’s right! We did do it! For the entire afternoon!”
“Then that’s settled. You didn’t make up the story. Sure, I’m not happy about what you did, but I don’t hate you for it,” Yang Chen said.
Xiao Zhiqing was stunned at first and then became teary-eyed. “Yang Chen… you’re so nice to me…”
“I’m nice to you?” Yang Chen asked in bewilderment.
She nodded earnestly. “You are the nicest person I’ve ever met in my whole life.”
It was Yang Chen’s turn to be speechless. She didn’t sound like she was lying.
But why?
“You don’t believe me? You treated and cured the toxins in my body. Now you’re curing my wound. I made you quarrel with your wife and yet you don’t hate me. You even went so far as to wipe me down…” Xiao Zhiqing’s heart warmed when she thought of it.
This man might not admit it but deep down, he cared about her.
“Stop joking around. With your looks, it wouldn’t be hard to find a guy who would treat you the same if not better,” Yang Chen said.
Xiao Zhiqing lowered her head. “I went to the States immediately after leaving home. I didn’t get the chance to meet many people and those whom I did meet were either perverts or pedophiles. They only wanted my body. They didn’t say it but I could tell.”
“The world isn’t as dark as you think. Nice people still exist.” Yang Chen tried convincing her.
“No! That’s because you’re lucky! Everyone around me is mean!” Xiao Zhiqing yelled suddenly.
Yang Chen didn’t know how to reply, so he shifted the topic to something else. “You kept asking me questions so now it’s my turn. Who are you and how did you find me? And, why did you want to find me?”
Xiao Zhiqing kept quiet for a while and mumbled, “After running away, I picked up the basics of hacking. I had a photo of you, so I hacked into the airline company for your information. Then I went to the police station in Zhonghai for more details…”
Yang Chen’s jaw dropped. Was it really that easy?
“Then who are you, why did you come for me?”
Xiao Zhiqing hesitated for a while and frowned in determination as if she had made up her mind. “If I told you my identity, can you promise me one thing?”
“What thing?” Yang Chen frowned.
“Take revenge for me.”
“I said to take revenge for me.” Xiao Zhiqing looked at him expectantly. “I’ll do anything for you as long as you agree to take revenge for me.”

Yang Chen was stupefied. “What are you talking about?”
“You have to agree first, only then will I tell you where I’m from,” Xiao Zhiqing said stubbornly.
Yang Chen laughed. “Woman, know your place. You have no right to force me. If I wanted you, I would’ve taken you right here right now and you won’t be able to resist. Plus, you’ve seen my wife. Do you think just anyone would be able to seduce me?”
A flash of sorrow shone through her eyes. “You… Just as it thought, you won’t agree to help me.”
“Duh. I told you back then that we should never meet again because I wanted to avoid trouble. I don’t owe you anything and yet you’re here stirring up all kinds of problems for me.”
Xiao Zhiqing’s face fell. “I… I don’t want to be captured…”
Yang Chen contemplated for a bit. “You mean someone’s trying to kill you?”
“I would have preferred death. These men won’t kill me, they only want to torture me…” Her face turned ghastly pale.
Yang Chen was confused. Her whole existence made him confused. “I won't ask you anymore if you’re unwilling to tell me. My patience is limited. Please leave by tomorrow morning.”
Anger crept up her face when she heard that. “How could you be so cruel?!”
“Exactly how am I being cruel to you?”
“You took care of me and cured me. I’m sure you have feelings for me since you said you don’t hate me!” Xiao Zhiqing said firmly.
Yang Chen waved his hands and smiled. “Forget about it. My wife paid for your hospital fees and her money is my money. I didn’t want her to waste her money on something I could fix in an instant. I wiped your body so that I could feel you up and if I wasn’t in a bad mood I would’ve taken you. Be grateful.”
“You… bastard!”
Xiao Zhiqing trembled in anger. She wanted nothing more than biting his head off!
“Alright, there’s no point in talking anymore since you won’t tell me what I want to know. Continue living as you wish. I’ll have the nurses clear your bed in the morning.” Yang Chen walked out of the door and turned around, “Oh right, the next time you come across me and my family, you can be sure that I will not let you go so easily .”
Xiao Zhiqing glared at him with red eyes.
Yang Chen couldn’t stand her gaze—despaired yet persevered. But there was nothing he could do. He was just a man, albeit stronger than your average person.
Honestly, Yang Chen thought that he had done enough for Xiao Zhiqing. Why would he agree to something he didn’t even know was the truth?
What if she asked him to do something that would get himself killed? He couldn’t agree to something that lightly.
Yang Chen didn’t dare to cause any trouble when he was still waiting for Lin Ruoxi to forgive him.
Tears fell down her face as Yang Chen walked out of her sight. “You cowardly man! The more you try to get rid of me, the harder it will be!”
Xiao Zhiqing slapped the bed and threw a pillow on the floor in frustration.
Moonlight and starlight shone through the night sky as Yang Chen walked out of the hospital.
He lit a cigarette. He couldn’t go home until Lin Ruoxi felt better. He was sure he could beg for her forgiveness by showing his sincerity but that wasn’t his best course of action.
Knowing how smart Lin Ruoxi was, once she calmed down, she would’ve realized by then that Xiao Zhiqing was doing it on purpose.
Xiao Zhiqing was nothing compared to Mo Qianni, Rose, and his other ladies.
He was confident Lin Ruoxi would realize it once she thought things through.
Lin Ruoxi didn’t want to let him off the hook so easily for a ‘small matter’ like this because of her stubbornness. Well, it was considered ‘small’ compared to the things he had done.
All he could do now was avoid her and feign being afraid to let her feel more superior in this situation.
The only problem now was that he had no place to spend the night. He couldn’t go home and he couldn’t possibly sleep at the office either.
Rose and Mo Qianni were out of the question. Wang Ma always met with Ma Guifang and if either one knew that he was there, Lin Ruoxi would know too. Tang Wan and An Xin weren’t an option as well. It was already difficult to locate them when he wanted to.
The only choice he had left was Liu Mingyu and Cai Yan.
He could also use it as an excuse to check up on their cultivation progress. So he dialed Liu Mingyu’s phone number.

When it came to emotional support, Liu Mingyu was a more suitable choice compared to Cai Yan. Liu Mingyu had a gentle and soft personality whereas Cai Yan was a hotheaded person.
It took eight rings for Liu Mingyu to pick up the phone.
He could hear loud noises blasting through the phone.
“Hello…” Liu Mingyu’s voice was a bit muffled but gentle as always.
Yang Chen frowned. “Mingyu dear, where are you? Are you drunk?”
Liu Mingyu hummed. “I’m at the karaoke with my schoolmates. We came here after the concert… Hubby… come and fetch me… I’m drunk…”
“Why are you still drinking at this hour?”
Yang Chen was speechless. He couldn’t possibly ask the Sea Eagles to escort her home since she was with her schoolmates.
Yang Chen drove towards the karaoke place that Liu Mingyu was at after confirming the location.
Meanwhile, on the upper side of the planet, something else was going on.
The sun never set in the North Pole which caused the temperature to stay around negative ten degrees Celsius.
In the past, the polar bears might have been the only residence here, but now, it would seem that the north pole had made way for their new residents.
Suddenly, the surface of the ice opened up.

With a closer look, one could see that there was something beneath the ice. There was an underground laboratory made out of alloy!
How could someone build a laboratory underneath the ice?! This was impossible! No amount of money and technology would have permitted the construction of this laboratory!