In order to construct a laboratory of this magnitude, it would have to overcome obstacles such as generating electricity from the seawater around it and finding a reliable long-term source of food. Normally, issues like these weren’t an issue, but they were in the North Pole!
These problems, however, were of no concern to Yan Buwen.
He jumped out onto the ice from the laboratory, wearing a dirty white robe.
In his hand was a bottle of strong liquor with an alcohol content exceeding 90% which he was guzzling down hard on.
Ever since he confirmed that it was too risky to build a laboratory anywhere on earth, he had been on the hunt for a new location.
No one would’ve thought that the clones produced by Yan Buwen had cooperatively utilized space laws to move his laboratory to underneath the ice of the North Pole!
No matter how great Yang Chen was and no matter how hard the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and the Li clan tried to look for him, it would be years before they would realize that he was beneath the ice!
This was perfect. He would be able to carry out his plans undisturbed!
Yan Buwen could feel himself getting more excited as his experiments to defeat Yang Chen started to yield positive results.
When that finally happened, he would be able to tear down both Hongmeng and the Twelve Olympians alike!
Soon his dream woman would submit to him!
Yan Buwen was still reeling in the alcohol but he tensed up suddenly when he felt something behind him!
He turned around slowly and looked at the person that appeared behind him without him realizing it…
It was a lady dressed in a black silk dress that hugged her body and flaunted her curves. She looked like a blooming black lotus, contrasting greatly with the snow around her.
Her hair danced along the wind and her flawless face seemed almost transparent under the sunlight.
She was breathtaking.
“You… you’re here…” Yan Buwen’s lip trembled in excitement. “I knew it… I knew you wouldn’t give up on me. You care about me!”
Her face was expressionless. She didn’t even look at Yan Buwen.
She looked at him and said, “I told you not to act rashly. How does it feel to be beaten by Yang Chen? It sucks, doesn’t it?”
Yan Buwen turned pale. “It’s fine… Once I’m done with the modification, he’ll be dead the next time we meet!”
The lady snorted but her smirk caused Yan Buwen’s heart to race.
“You are far weaker than him… I have already persuaded you to see the error of your ways but you are stubborn.”
“No! I’ll be better than him! Now that I know what level he’s at, I can definitely kill him next time!” Yan Buwen yelled out.
She snorted and said, “I won’t stop you anymore if you still insist on dying. You have already fulfilled your purpose for me. I came here to warn you that your remaining divinity is running low. Your dumb plan has wasted much of the divinity I worked so hard to accumulate.

“If you continue to expose the reincarnated gods to Yang Chen and let him kill them, I’ll finish you off before he does!”
A hint of hatred flashed through Yan Buwen’s eyes. “I’ve done so much for you, how could you do this to me?! Am I worth nothing to you?”
Her gaze was cold and indifferent. “What do you think?”
Yan Buwen didn’t answer but his gaze said it all. It was filled with hatred and venom.
“Why do you still let your gods stay with me if you don’t trust me?”
The lady said nonchalantly, “I’m waiting for the right time. Don’t get confused. You were able to escape because of those gods. You didn’t move the lab here on your own. Make no mistake. I can finish what I have started on my own. You are nothing more than a laborer to me.”
Yan Buwen tightened his fist, making the bottle tremble under his grip.
“You still haven’t gotten rid of the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy that Yang Chen injected into your body. I can only imagine the suffering it has been causing,” she continued.
Yan Buwen quickly spoke up, “I will definitely be able to get rid of it in a week!”
Having said that, he let out a groan and his face turned a sickly shade of red. He then turned his head sideways and started to cough out clumps of blood!
The lady smirked. “I suppose I should help you given how hard you have worked.”
Having said so, she waved her arms elegantly.
Yan Buwen trembled vigorously under the laboratory coat.
A strong gust of energy exploded next to him and blasted a hole in the ice!
Yan Buwen coughed out more blood but his face was no longer sickly.
The lady snorted. “Alright, I’ve gotten rid of all the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy in your body. I’m aware that you plan to use God’s Stone to defeat Yang Chen. Do as you please since it is bound to happen.”
Yan Buwen’s eyes burned with passion. “If you say the future has already been set, what happens if I win?!”
“That’s impossible,” she said simply. “The future is set and I won’t allow it to change.”
After saying this, she disappeared from his sight with a leap.
Yan Buwen took a deep breath to inhale the fleeting fragrance of her body.
“The future? Hmph… Haven’t you already changed it the moment you appeared before me?”
In the meantime, not too far away on the North Pole, a man appeared on top of a piece of ice floating.

He was handsome but pale. Arranging his collar, he seemed rather helpless.
“You still caught me no matter how careful I tried to hide. Tsk… It’s been a few thousand years and I’ve never had to reincarnate. Yet somehow, I still can’t close the gap between us.” The man sighed.
The lady in black dress landed in front of him gracefully and looked at him playfully.
“Hermes, you are smart enough to know not to spy on me. You are a vampire prince. Act like it,” she said with a cold voice.
The man in a suit was the leader of the Tzimisce clan, Raphael, who was also known as the God of Shepherd, Hermes.

“My dear Athena, I see you’re still as cold as ever. But you’re still so incredibly beautiful that very few people can resist…

“I’d get sad if you don’t welcome my visit. I might not have helped a lot in the revival of gods but I still care about it.” Raphael let out a polite smile.
She muttered her own name.
“I haven’t heard this name in over five hundred years…”
Athena seemed to be deep in thought.
Raphael’s eyes glistened in excitement as though he saw an opportunity.
Caduceus appeared in his hand. It was a golden staff entwined by two serpents and surmounted by wings!
At this moment, the serpents’ ruby eyes started to flash!
Soon, the sky turned dark!
All around her, the ice started to melt. She was about to drown into an abyss but snapped out of it before she reached the bottom!
She stared right into Raphael’s eyes. “How ludicrous.”
And with those words, the dark space collapsed in on itself!
Raphael was blown away and tossed twenty meters from her!
He had also kept away his caduceus before she saw it.

“Hermes, don’t try to pull a trick on me. A dream? That’ll only work on kids… You might be able to defeat Apollo and Poseidon with your space laws, having trained incessantly for a few thousand years without reincarnating. But you should never try to challenge someone that you will never be on the same level with,” Athena said in disdain.

“What’s between us isn’t a gap. It’s deviation, which can’t be overcome with hard work…”
Raphael lowered his head, his eyes red with anger as he bared his fangs.
But Athena wasn’t planning on playing games.
“I'm going back now. I don’t care what you want to do but you better be careful. My plan must not fail. If I find out that you have messed with it, your divinity is as good as gone...”
Having said so, Athena disappeared from the Arctic Ocean.