Was he really in the wrong? Had he been blinded by his pride?
All he had hoped for was to come off as fair and just among all of his women but it would seem that he was only deluding himself…
Liu Mingyu began to vent out her frustration. “Have you ever given her the cold shoulder? She has lied to you, treated you coldly, manipulated you, and never does anything for you. But still, do you get upset? No! But I come along and hurt your pride slightly and I get all this crap. Is it because I’m just a lover? It’s two in the morning and you are making me drive back on my own? How could you treat me like this?!”
Liu Mingyu hit Yang Chen’s chest with her handbag repeatedly!
Yang Chen’s heart twisted at the sight of her tears. He gripped onto her arms and started to blame himself. “Mingyu, don’t do this… It’s not what you think.”
Liu Mingyu tried to escape his grip but she couldn’t get out no matter how hard she tried.
“Let me go! I’m driving home myself!”
“You can’t drive home in this state,” Yang Chen said firmly.
Liu Mingyu grunted. “Why should you care? I’m just an unimportant lover to you. I finally realize the position I have in your heart. In there, it’s only you and your wife. Other women are just playthings who are not allowed to upset you. You never treated us as your equal and you’re only using us to fulfill your possessive desires!”
“I'm not! Why are you overthinking this?!” Yang Chen panicked a little. Things were spiraling way out of proportion.
“You are!” Liu Mingyu finally managed to pull her arms out.
She wiped her tears. Her voice had already turned hoarse from all the shouting. “I’ll stay away from you and your precious heart. I wouldn’t want to hurt your pride! It will only make me blame myself further to have you forgive me unwillingly! I don’t care if I’m not your lover anymore. At least I wouldn’t have to keep looking up to you! Find someone else to satisfy your desires, I’m through with this!”
She ran off to her car after dropping the bomb.
Yang Chen couldn’t let her go just like that. He wanted to slap himself for making this mistake. It was almost as if he had set off a bomb!
He already had Lin Ruoxi to take care of. A pissed off Liu Mingyu was not what he had planned for the night!
He ran up to her and hugged her waist, begging for her forgiveness. “Dear, it was my fault for exaggerating things. I didn’t think it through… Can we just rewind things for a bit?”
“You… Let go of me.” Liu Mingyu tried to twist her body out of his grasp, but it only made him pull her closer.
Her body rubbed against his crotch and he couldn’t help but feel aroused.
Liu Mingyu stopped moving when she realized what had happened.
“You pervert…” Liu Mingyu cried out.
Yang Chen smirked. “I’ve always been a pervert. Say, why don’t you forgive me this time? I promise to watch my tone and never throw a tantrum in front of you again. You might just be an ordinary woman, but I too am just an ordinary man with some abilities. I make mistakes just like anyone else, but at least we could use it to get better, right?”
“Hmph, I don’t believe you. You only say nice things to woo me. I won’t forget how you treated me earlier!” Liu Mingyu grunted.
Yang Chen smiled nervously. “Then what should I do to make you forgive me?”
“I won’t forgive you!”
“As real as the sun rising in the east!”
“Then you leave me with no choice.” Yang Chen’s eyes were filled with determination.
Liu Mingyu realized something was about to happen but before she could do anything, Yang Chen swept her off her feet!
She gasped and by the time she realized what had happened, she was already lying on top of Yang Chen’s shoulders!
“What… what are you doing?! Let me down!” Liu Mingyu exclaimed.
Yang Chen smirked and ran towards the nightclub.
Liu Mingyu felt embarrassed and she closed her eyes tightly, avoiding the eyes of the occupants.
Yang Chen placed her down on the staircase near the main entrance into the nightclub.
The passerby looked over curiously and giggled while pointing at them.
Liu Mingyu wanted to hide so badly, not knowing what Yang Chen was trying to do.
Yang Chen took a few steps back and got down on one knee in front of her.
Liu Mingyu stared at him in disbelief, her eyes filled with shock and confusion.
The passersby quieted down too, noticing that they were being very serious.
Yang Chen said to her with a sincere smile, “Dear Mingyu, I’m sorry. It was my fault. Please accept my sincere apology. If you still won’t forgive me then I’ll have to get down on both knees.”
Liu Mingyu looked at him with a void expression on her face. Never would she have expected him to kneel on the ground for her.
Although he was only on one knee, it was impossible for a man to lower his pride any further for a woman. It wasn’t even for a proposal, it was for an apology!
Yang Chen was a bit frustrated when Liu Mingyu remained silent. He must have hurt her deeply. Well, the feelings might have accumulated over time and were kept bottled inside of her until she couldn’t take it anymore.
Yang Chen gritted his teeth and said, “I’ve never gotten down on both knees for anyone but I don’t think it’s shameful to do it for my lover. Let me prove my utmost sincerity for you…”
Liu Mingyu finally snapped out of it when Yang Chen was about to kneel down completely!
Liu Mingyu pulled him up hurriedly and chided, “Why did you do an embarrassing act like this! People are watching us, why did you kneel before me?! If they didn't know better they would’ve thought I’m bullying you!”
The passerby smiled at them warmly, some even applauded Yang Chen.
Yang Chen smiled proudly. “Does this mean that you forgive me?”
“How can I not forgive you after that?” Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes, but her voice was coated with honey.
Nothing felt better than receiving affection from a lover.
Yang Chen grabbed her hand and said, “Let’s go. I’m actually quite embarrassed.”
Liu Mingyu giggled and nodded before running to the car together with Yang Chen.
As soon as they got into the car, Yang Chen started the car and left the parking lot straightaway.
As for Liu Mingyu’s car, the Green Dragon Society would take care of it. Liu Mingyu might not be used to bringing bodyguards out, but ordering them around was something that she was getting used to.
Yang Chen drove towards the highway steadily and let out a breath before saying, “Dear, you really taught me a harsh lesson today. How should I reward you?”
Liu Mingyu was reminiscing over his confession and she looked towards him in confusion when she heard that. “What lesson?”
Yang Chen was embarrassed to voice it out. “I might have been acting too proud. I didn’t realize it then but I now think that I’ve been placing myself above all of you. I always thought that it didn’t matter as long as my feelings for you guys were genuine. But a relationship doesn’t work like that. You’re right, we should stand on equal platforms.”
Liu Mingyu looked at him with a gentle gaze and nodded. “You can’t be mad at me and the others if we joked about you. Do you think it’s easy to be a mistress? Marriage is protected by law. But all we have is a promise from you. Besides, we have to withstand peer pressure from society and it sucks.” Liu Mingyu grumbled.
Yang Chen joked around. “If it sucks I could always let you go. Then you can be someone else’s rich wife.”
“Don’t you dare!” Liu Mingyu frowned. “You were the one who courted me, not the other way around. If you leave me, I’ll kill myself in front of your house!”
Yang Chen laughed. Liu Mingyu puffed but she laughed along eventually.
Yang Chen sighed after that. “Do you think Qianni, An Xin, and the others… would feel that I’m being unfair too? They must have thought that I was being very biased towards Ruoxi. I’m willing to bet that they kept those thoughts to themselves too.”