The pain of guilt and shame was written all over his face.

“Just be careful of how you act in the future. If you love and care for us equally, no one would blame you for not making us your wife.” Liu Mingyu smiled.
“You mean to say that they hold certain gripes with me as well?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.
Liu Mingyu shrugged but her expressions held all the answers he needed.
Yang Chen smiled faintly and grabbed her hand. “Thank you, for your honesty and bravery. If it wasn’t for this, I might have continued hurting the ones I love without noticing it.”
She smiled cheekily. “Why not take me as your wife then? If you claim that I’m so good.”
Yang Chen whipped his head up and stared at her with wide eyes.
She burst out laughing. “I’m just joking…”
Yang Chen squeezed her hand apologetically, not knowing what to say.
Liu Mingyu looked at him with a soft gaze. “I do get jealous sometimes when you treat Ruoxi better than us. But I also know that you have your reasons. To me, it doesn’t matter how you treat her. As long as you still treat me well, I would not question you. Plus, it’s not like there are other men out there who could provide me with a long life and maintain my youth.”
Yang Chen was taken aback. “So that’s why you chose me?”
“Women are like animals. We only want the strongest companions. Well, he might have more than one female companion but since the pros outweigh the cons, a little sacrifice wouldn’t hurt.”
“You’re making me feel sad. My feelings for you are completely genuine.”
“Hubby, didn’t you say you like my honesty? I’m telling you this from the depths of my heart. I didn’t become your lover out of pure love. It’ll take another decade for you to win me over completely,” Liu Mingyu said playfully.
Yang Chen felt helpless looking at her proud face.
At the next intersection, he turned into an empty road.

Liu Mingyu asked curiously, “Dear, why did you stop here? I thought we were going to my house?”

“I think you’re being rather cocky right now. I believe some punishment is in order.” Yang Chen smirked.
“We haven’t done it in a car before…”
“Ah!” Liu Mingyu’s face turned red at his insinuation. “You…”
Yang Chen couldn’t contain himself any longer. Her scent was driving him insane.
Submitting to his desires, Yang Chen extended his arms and carried Liu Mingyu onto his lap!
He reclined his seat so that there was more place for both of them.
Liu Mingyu started to get more excited knowing that it was really happening.
Her body was as soft as a marshmallow.
Liu Mingyu leaned closer and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing her body against Yang Chen’s.
At that moment, Yang Chen could feel his throat getting dry and he cupped her face, leaning for a kiss.
Liu Mingyu responded passionately and pushed her tongue into his mouth.
Even though it wasn’t the first or the tenth time they had done it, their passion was at an all-time high due to the sentimental bonding moment they shared before this.
Women were like that. They would do anything for the man they had accepted in their lives.
Although Liu Mingyu was taking the initiative, the alcohol coupled with her inexperience made her rather slow in progressing along.
On the other hand, Yang Chen had plenty of experience under his belt but it wasn’t doing him any good.
It was impossible to remain calm when a beauty like Liu Mingyu was on top of him.
One of his hands snuck under her dress from the side and caressed her smooth skin.
Liu Mingyu shivered under his touch. She panted heavily and her tongue slowed down from the stimulation.
Yang Chen took that as his cue to deepen things further.
Liu Mingyu’s bra was clasped tightly since she was big breasted. If she didn’t clasp it tight, it would’ve bounced around whenever she walked.
Yang Chen couldn’t push his hands in, hence Liu Mingyu raised her body and tried to make space between her bra.
It worked as Yang Chen managed to push his hands in.
He took a deep breath and inhaled her scent and relished in it.
“Dear.” Yang Chen panted and smiled. “Did you grow bigger again…”
“Um…” Liu Mingyu mumbled in embarrassment. “I don’t know. But I had to change a lot of my lingerie.”
Yang Chen’s hands weren’t small but he couldn’t cup them completely.
Her nipples were already erected under his touch.
It was hard for him to move his hand around her chest, so he pulled her bra up to free her breasts.
Liu Mingyu had softened under his touch. She fell limp against his body as her hands circled around his neck.

Her panting and moaning were only encouraging Yang Chen further.
Time went by and just when things were about to escalate, Yang Chen had to stop himself when he saw a bunch of people pushing their carts towards them.

They were here to start their night market business. It was quite difficult for these hawkers to obtain business licenses so operating at night was their only option.
Liu Mingyu was already in a trance and was completely unaware of her surroundings. But when Yang Chen had stopped fondling her, she quickly snapped out of it.
“What’s wrong?” she questioned as her eyes started gleaming with lust.

Yang Chen replied in a regretful tone. “Let’s go somewhere else.”
She quickly raised her head and giggled. “I didn’t know you’d get shy. I thought your face was thicker than a brick wall.”
“Shy?” Yang Chen laughed. “Dear are you suggesting putting on a live performance for them?”
He pointed towards the hawkers.

Liu Mingyu turned her head to the direction he was pointing at and blushed.
“Why didn't you tell me earlier? My back was facing them.”
“Then let’s go to the nearest hotel. We can’t be sure if the crowd would disperse and your house is too far.”
Liu Mingyu nodded.
It was already three in the morning when they arrived at the hotel. They quickly booked a room and rushed to enter.
Yang Chen pushed her down onto the bed the moment they entered into the room.
Her adrenaline-inducing figure was pumping passion into his veins like there was no tomorrow.
He groped her buttocks and pulled up her dress while laying on top of her!
She was wearing a lace pantyhose and Yang Chen was about to tear it off when Liu Mingyu stopped him.
“Don’t tear it!”
Liu Mingyu escaped from his grasp and pouted while facing him. “Why are you in such a rush? Can’t we take a shower first? It’s not like I’m going to reject you if we wait.”
Yang Chen was on the verge of crying. “Dear, I can’t hold it in anymore. Can’t we skip all the waiting and get right to it?”
“No!” Liu Mingyu replied with dissatisfaction. “You're always in a rush. I’m not some kind of prostitute who lets you do as you please. Sometimes you make me feel like an object to release your desires upon. It might excite you but have you considered the consequences? We might get infected with an unknown virus.”
Yang Chen sat there in embarrassment. After everything that happened, she was still schooling him about women.
“Dear, is it really that serious?”
Liu Mingyu nodded with a serious look. “Of course! Did you think being treated like a sex doll was fun for a woman? Sure, she might feel excited while doing it but the shame that comes after it is immeasurable.”