Yang Chen started to calm down. It would seem that he had caused her more suffering than he originally thought.
“Why haven’t you said anything?” Yang Chen’s words were filled with regret.
“I never had the opportunity to. But, it’s not too late to rectify that.” Liu Mingyu smiled and slowly undressed.
“Hubby, I’m doing this for you. I’ve been out the whole day and am in desperate need of a shower. After that, I’ll let you do whatever you want. Granting me this small request wouldn’t hurt right?”
Yang Chen sighed and gave in. “Alright then. But I’m getting in with you.”
“Then you have to carry me in.” She wrapped her arms around his neck.
Yang Chen gladly obliged and carried her to the bathroom.
Fifteen minutes later, Liu Mingyu emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and cradled in Yang Chen’s arms. Her hair was still wet but that was the last thing from Yang Chen’s mind.
His hormones were raging and about to burst out of him.
Liu Mingyu’s face was red from arousal. She was more willing to participate now that she had a new level of respect with Yang Chen.
Yang Chen bent down and kissed her cheek. She couldn’t help but smile.
Her eyes closed instinctively as she enjoyed his trailing kisses. Yang Chen’s lips slowly made their way down her face and onto her lips.
Liu Mingyu opened her eyes and saw Yang Chen leaning down for another kiss.
Her mind was getting numb from the alcohol and her body was heating up under the pleasure.
Her desires weren’t any different when compared to other women. She was just able to control it better.
But now that she was being handled by the man she loved, there was nothing holding her back from acting out her desires.
She was already lost in a pool of desire as her heart thumped against her chest.
She reached her breaking point when Yang Chen started to fondle her breasts. His hands were big but they were only able to cup half of them.
Liu Mingyu placed her hands on his body and started to work around it. This time she submitted herself to his passion and drowned herself in lust.

The dim lights and the smoky atmosphere really helped set the mood
Her eyes were filled with lust and she whispered to him, “Hurry up… I want it…”
Yang Chen took a deep breath and tried to suppress his excitement. She wouldn’t blame him for being too hasty, would she? He did initiate a lengthy foreplay before this.
And so he spread out her backside and penetrated her!
Liu Mingyu moaned in response which only fueled his arousal.
Soon, the sounds of passionate lovemaking filled the room.
Liu Mingyu closed her eyes and panted, her face flushed in pleasure.
She was too shy to admit it, but she herself realized that choosing a man who could fill her was more important than she had imagined.

Her heart was quivering with excitement and pleasure!
She couldn’t help but shudder when Yang Chen entered her completely. It sent waves all over her body, drowning her in pleasure.
At the same time, Yang Chen felt as though he was in heaven!
It was as though the comfiest of comforters were wrapped around him as he felt her walls tighten against him.
He felt another surge of liquid flow from within her to aid his movements.
Looking down at her, he could see her breasts bouncing around and he couldn’t help but wrapped his fingers around them.

In the end, Liu Mingyu had lasted for more than an hour, which was probably due to her training.
Their lovemaking session finally came to an end as the sun began to rise from the east.
The entire room was filled with the smell from their lovemaking session. Liu Mingyu took a deep breath and blushed at the scent. After all this time, she was still amazed by Yang Chen.

How did he manage to last for more than two hours? she thought.
Her friends would’ve been jealous of her if they knew how exciting her nightlife was. But then again, they probably wouldn’t be able to last as long.
Finally, Yang Chen growled and released the built-up tension in his body.
Things started to simmer down when they cuddled in bed. Their breaths were labored and heavy as a consequence of the intensity of their actions.
Liu Mingyu closed her eyes and sighed deeply.
Her face was flushed, still recovering from her orgasm.
“Dear, I didn’t disappoint you right?” Yang Chen whispered into her ear.
Liu Mingyu trembled and glared at him. “You almost killed me. I’m deducting marks for over-aggression!”
Yang Chen smiled bitterly and touched her nose. “Shall I be softer later?”
“Later? Morning is well on its way!” Liu Mingyu started to get scared of his suggestion.
Yang Chen squinted his eyes and laughed. “I’m only joking. Any more of this and I would have to use my cultivations to repair your swollen body parts.”
Liu Mingyu pouted and bit one of his nipples!
“Hey! Who does that?!” Yang Chen exclaimed loudly.
Liu Mingyu giggled. “You always bite me. Why can’t I do the same?”
Yang Chen scrunched up his face. “Alright alright. I’ll respect your feelings next time. Be a good girl and sleep. You need your rest.”

Liu Mingyu caressed his cheek. “Hubby, can you promise me something…”
“Anything.” Yang Chen agreed immediately.
“Really?” Liu Mingyu puffed her cheeks. “You don’t even know what I’m going to say.”
“It’s not like you’re going to ask for the impossible.”
Liu Mingyu buried herself into Yang Chen’s chest, relishing in his warmth.
“You have to promise me that you will not stop liking me until I have stopped liking you…”
Yang Chen was surprised at her request. “Where is this coming from?”

“I’m afraid that one day, you will give up on me because of the things I have said and might say to you. Promise me…”
“Alright. I promise to not stop liking you before you do. In fact, I promise to never stop liking you ever.” Yang Chen laughed.
“Really?” Liu Mingyu sounded unconvinced.
“Why are women so hard to convince?” Yang Chen smiled bitterly. He started to stroke her hair in an effort to calm her down.
Liu Mingyu was silent for a while and then said, “It’s because of men. Men are so fickle-minded and really hurt us when they mean it. Basically, it sounds too good to be true.”
Yang Chen looked at her silently. His heart twisted at her response. So he smiled and said, “Let me rephrase. I’ll still love you tomorrow. I will continue the day after tomorrow, and into the next week, month, and year. Is that better?”
“That’s much better,” Liu Mingyu said earnestly.
“Alright then. I’ll like you for a month. But what happens after that depends on how you behave.”
“Hmm… okay.” Liu Mingyu finally smiled.
She fell into a deep slumber after their little talk. Every last bit of her energy had been sapped from her body.
Yang Chen kissed her forehead and fell asleep while spooning her.
He too was tired both physically and mentally from an exhausting day.

It was around twelve in the afternoon when he heard his phone ring on the bedside table where he left it.