Yang Chen slowly opened his eyes. He hadn’t slept properly in a while, though like most cultivators, he did not need to.
He pulled his arm which was under Liu Mingyu’s body to pick up his phone and realized it was Zhao Hongyan who had called him.
It must have been something urgent or serious as there was still quite a bit of awkward tension between them from their last encounter.
 Yang Chen answered the call and asked, “Hongyan? What’s wrong?”
“Yang Chen, is President Lin with you?” she asked with a slightly worried tone.
Yang Chen was puzzled. “Ruoxi? She’s not with me. Shouldn’t she be at work?”
Zhao Hongyan started to get anxious. “She didn’t come to work this morning and she’s not answering my calls. I figured she might be with you…”
Yang Chen immediately got up when he realized something was wrong. But if something really was wrong, why didn’t the Sea Eagles notify him of anything?
He frowned and contemplated for a while before replying. “Don't panic. Make sure this stays between us. If anyone asks, say she’s with me. I’ll take care of this.”
Zhao Hongyan was worried but she knew that there was nothing she could do.
Liu Mingyu woke up from Yang Chen’s not so quiet conversation. “Hubby, what’s wrong?”
Yang Chen explained the situation to her and she too became worried.

“Could it be her competitors?”
“I’m not too sure. I have already sent someone ahead to protect her. Anyhow, go back to the office first. Let me figure out what’s going on.”
Liu Mingyu didn’t hesitate. She beckoned for Yang Chen to leave first and that she would get to work herself.
Yang Chen dialed Molin’s number as he walked out of the room after getting dressed.
“Your Majesty Pluto, what are your orders for me today?” Molin’s voice was steady as usual.
Yang Chen questioned him, “Where is Ruoxi? She did not turn up to work and I can’t seem to reach her.”
Molin was stunned to hear this. “I wasn’t informed. Is she missing?”
“That’s what I’m asking you!” Yang Chen’s tone was harsh. He wasn’t in his usual jovial mood.
Molin quickly contacted the members who were in charge of Lin Ruoxi’s safety. Seconds later, he replied with a trembling voice, “Your Majesty Pluto… it was my mistake. They did not reply but their communication devices appear to be functional. They must’ve been assassinated.”
“Damn it!” Yang Chen cursed.
He wanted to crush his phone but stopped himself from being too hasty. If the person killed the Sea Eagles members before kidnapping Lin Ruoxi, it meant that they wanted her alive. They were probably stalling for time.
This confirmed the fact that whoever did this was not after Lin Ruoxi but himself!
Yang Chen went back to the call. “I won’t hold you accountable this time for I believe the enemy must be proficient enough to take them out without warning. Take care of their bodies and if they have families, compensate them with five million euros. But you better learn from this mistake! Hand out life sensors to everyone to keep track of their vitals.”
Molin obliged, afraid to face his wrath. He asked carefully, “But… Your Majesty Pluto, what should we do about Madam Persephone’s disappearance?”
Yang Chen smiled. “Have you forgotten about the device I gave her? If I’m guessing correctly, it’s not taken away from her yet.”
Molin was startled. “How is it possible? Doesn’t that mean we could track her down now?”
“That’s right,” Yang Chen answered. “Whoever did this probably wants an audience with me. That’s why she’s still alive and the tracer is still working.”
Molin didn’t understand it. To him, no one would stand a chance going against Yang Chen.
Yang Chen then ended the call and pulled up her location. All his women carried around the device. Despite how angry Lin Ruoxi was at him, she wouldn’t have thrown away the device ensuring her safety.

The moment the map loaded, he saw a red dot quite far away from Zhonghai.
He looked closely and confirmed it was Lin Ruoxi’s code!
Yang Chen estimated the distance and came to the conclusion that she was around two hundred kilometers away in the next province.
Without hesitation, Yang Chen teleported to the area after confirming that the coast was clear.
There were quite a number of tourist destinations surrounding this area but it was mostly mountains and hills where she was.
But because of the steep mountains, it was difficult for anyone to exploit the resources present.
And thus, there was no one around, save a few villages in the valley.
In the midst of it was an ancient temple located about a thousand feet above sea level. It was dilapidated and had weeds and vines covering its entire exterior.
The ceiling was filled with holes and the tiles were basically loose slabs of cement at that point.
Lin Ruoxi trembled as she sat in the corner of the temple with a disheveled look.
Her face was pale and her eyes followed the path of her scruffy-looking kidnapper, teary and filled with fear.
The scruffy man didn’t stand out very much. He was a man in his mid-forties wearing a robe which revealed a well-maintained body underneath. His hair was long and unkempt which gave him a grizzly look.
She saw a bronze medal hanging from his waist with the word ‘Huang’ written on it.
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip and tried to hold in her tears.
She had always been a strong one, but what happened today had surpassed anything that she experienced before!
She was on her way to work when a man suddenly appeared in her car. He forced her to stop the car before she was knocked out cold!
When she woke up, she found herself in the middle of nowhere!
She tried to run away but when she got to the cliff, she realized that her only way out was a bridge which had collapsed years ago!
It was a deadend!
It dawned on her that this man had brought her up the mountain by flying!
She deduced that he must be after Yang Chen. Why else would a powerful being like him attack an average woman like her?
Lin Ruoxi felt extremely wronged in this situation. Why did she have to suffer for the man who had hurt her time and time again?
The man stopped his pacing and grinned at Lin Ruoxi.
“Young lady, your lover don’t seem to care about you. It’s been a while, why isn’t he here yet?” The scruffy cultivator grinned, revealing his rotten teeth, looking perverted.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t bring herself to respond. Everything she did hurt. Breathing was painful, her body hurt from the rocks, and worst of all, there was a persistent ache in her chest.
He’s right, it has been hours. Why isn’t he here yet? Is he having fun with other women? she thought.
Lin Ruoxi would rather die under the kidnapper’s hands when she thought about this.
Why should I suffer?! she thought.
The scruffy cultivator sneered. “Now that I have a chance to take a good long look at you, I see that you are very pretty. I haven’t seen anyone as pretty as you in years. If I didn’t need you to serve as my tool today, I might be willing to break my oath hehe.”
Lin Ruoxi was terrified. She would rather die than get stained by that monster, even if she could make it out alive!
Just when she hopelessly thought she was falling into a bottomless pit, she heard a familiar voice which caused her to look up in joy!
“Hmph, you must’ve gotten tired of life!’
All of a sudden, Lin Ruoxi could see a silhouette descending from the sky trying to land a blow on her kidnapper!

The scruffy cultivator was shocked to see him but he was already well prepared!
“Big Dipper in the Sky!”
The scruffy cultivator flung his hands, causing the platinum-colored bracelet on his hand to shine with a blinding light!
A golden shield rose from it and formed a bubble around him!
The impact caused the walls of the temple to collapse!
The silhouette was obviously Yang Chen. He had already known that the kidnapper was well within the Soul Forming stage.
Although he only used twenty percent of his strength, it should have been enough to kill him. But what baffled Yang Chen was that he stood there unaffected by it!
What’s going on?! Why can’t I break-in? Could this be some cultivator’s treasure that Christen mentioned?!
Yang Chen didn’t have time to think things through when he saw the man retaliate.
The man guffawed and summoned a hammer behind him.
“Take this!”
The hammer spun mid-air and was headed right for Yang Chen’s chest!
Yang Chen gasped silently. This hammer was so full of energy that one hit from it might actually kill him!
Yang Chen avoided the hammer quickly and summoned the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy to throw the hammer back to the man!
The hammer rebounded against Yang Chen’s energy and returned back to the kidnapper. But with a flick of his wrist, it slowed down mid-air and stabilized itself before once again heading towards Yang Chen’s chest!