“Hehe. How’d you like a taste of that? Did you really think I would have faced you unprepared?” the scruffy cultivator taunted.
Yang Chen gritted his teeth in annoyance.
He finally realized that even though his True Yuan was much stronger than most others, that did not mean that it was impervious to everything.
I overestimated my abilities. While I’m several stages beyond this guy, his mystical weapon blocked off my attack!

If Hongmeng’s cultivators of the Tribulation stage possessed even stronger mystical weapons, Yang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance against them!
Lin Ruoxi kept her eyes closed during her fight. So when she opened them and saw that Yang Chen was unharmed, a sigh of relief escaped her lips.
Yang Chen quickly ran over to Lin Ruoxi, only to find out that she too was safe and unharmed. He smiled and tried to comfort her. “Don't worry, I’m here now.”
The floodgates of her bottled up emotions burst open and tears started to fall from her eyes.

She had already forgotten that she was angry with him.
“Tsk tsk, you guys are so sweet and it makes me jealous,” the scruffy cultivator said snidely.
Yang Chen calmed himself down and asked him with a serious expression, “Who are you?”
The man smirked. “That’s not important for now. What is important is that you have something I want…”
Yang Chen knew the kidnapper came for him. He squinted his eyes and asked, “What is it?”
The man kept a straight face.

“The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture!”
Yang Chen was taken aback to hear this.
Damn it! Yet another guy looking for it. Could he be the same guy I met at the Tang Sect? It can’t be. I’m able to sense this guy’s cultivation but I failed to do so back then, he thought.
“And why should I give it to you?” Yang Chen smirked.
The kidnapper stroked his beard. “I’ll trade your wife’s life for it.”
Yang Chen’s eyes narrowed. “Do you think you can really withstand my attack? I was nowhere near using my full power. I will allow you to die a painless death if you tell me what I want to know.”
From the moment he kidnapped Lin Ruoxi, Yang Chen was already prepared to kill him.
The kidnapper cackled. “Then your wife would join me…”
“What do you mean?” Yang Chen frowned.
Lin Ruoxi stood up slowly from the corner and walked towards Yang Chen.
The scruffy cultivator said nothing even when he saw that. He said smugly, “Have you heard of the parasite curse from Nanjiang?”
The parasite curse? he tried to recall.
Yang Chen’s face darkened as he yelled furiously, “You placed a curse on my woman?!”
Lin Ruoxi was confused but she could tell that she had been poisoned inferring from their conversation. Her face paled significantly.

“I’ve used my age-old possession on her, the Heart Duet. Once the parasite enters a body, I alone can command it. I could command them to eat her heart!”
Yang Chen froze where he stood. This was more information than he could process.

Lin Ruoxi felt like puking when she heard that.
“I know you can kill me easily, so why not drag your wife along with me to hell? I’ve heard that you’re ruthless and cruel to your enemies, would you do the same to your woman?” he said smugly.
Yang Chen snapped back to his senses. He tightened his jaw and placed his arms around Lin Ruoxi.
His heart wrenched when he felt her body tremble. He could only blame himself for causing her pain once more.
Lin Ruoxi looked up into his eyes. Her heart warmed when she saw that his gaze was filled with pain and concern for her.
She shook her head and tried to comfort him. “I’m fine, it's not as bad as he says.”
“Hehe, little girl. The only reason you’re fine is because I haven’t told them to eat your organs yet,” the scruffy cultivator said.
Lin Ruoxi raised her chin proudly. “Hmph, and why should I believe you? I don’t feel anything!”
“It’s not poison, it’s a curse…”
His lips stretched into a cruel smile.
At the next second, a painful screech was emitted out of Lin Ruoxi’s lips!
It was as if something was caught in her throat. The muscles throughout her body contracted violently as she gripped her chest tightly.
With a cough, she spat out blood from her mouth!
Yang Chen quickly pulled her into his arms. He transferred a portion of Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy into her body.
“What did you do?!”
The scruffy cultivator said cockily, “I had the parasites munch on her organs a little. Relax, it was only to make you believe me. It’s not nearly enough to kill her.”
Yang Chen’s eyes reddened with rage but he couldn’t just kill him!
“Yang Chen… I’m scared… I don’t want to die here…” Lin Ruoxi whimpered and buried herself into Yang Chen’s body.
“You’re going to be fine, I won’t let you die.” Yang Chen continued to pour his cultivations into her body.
Suddenly, his eyes brightened when he thought of something!
Eh, what if I use the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to kill the parasites in her body? he thought.
As if already knowing what Yang Chen was thinking, the scruffy cultivator quickly spoke up. He snickered and said, “You better not use your True Yuan on the parasites. It will explode once it comes into contact with the True Yuan. Let me assure you, she would have a death more painful than I could ever deliver!”
Yang Chen’s face darkened as he hurriedly retreated the extra Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy.
Lin Ruoxi recovered slightly and started crying. She had never experienced something like this. No ordinary mortal would ever be prepared for something like this.
Yang Chen hugged her tightly and had her lean onto his chest. He patted her comfortingly and raised his head. “Will you remove the curse if I gave you the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture?”
The man let out a cunning smile. “For sure. I’ve raised these babies for decades now. It would be a waste to use it on an ordinary lady. However—”
“However what?!” Yang Chen interrupted. He didn’t want Lin Ruoxi to suffer anymore!
The man slowly drawled out. “I don’t trust you. Let me restrict your abilities to prevent you from attacking me. Once I’m sure that you are of no threat, I’ll remove the curse and let you two go once I have what I want.”
Yang Chen grunted. “You think I’m a fool? You’re going to kill me because I don’t have my abilities!”
The man cackled. “What other choice do you have? It’s either that or her life. It would be an absolute shame for her to walk through the gates of hell today.”
Yang Chen’s facial expression was unreadable.
He had no idea what the man would do to restrict his abilities. Restricting the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture wasn’t an easy task.
Yang Chen might have the space laws that he could use but it would be useless against this man who was in the Soul Forming stage.
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t just watch anymore. She tugged on Yang Chen’s sleeve and shook her head. “Yang Chen, don’t listen to him! He’s going to kill you! He’s using me to kill you because he can’t do it on his own! You’re so strong I’m sure you can save me after killing him!”
Yang Chen smiled bitterly as he stared into her eyes. “Dear… I’m afraid that I’m going to have to let you down this time.”