Lin Ruoxi froze. She looked up at him and asked with a dazed expression, “What… what do you mean?”
“I can guarantee killing him in one attack but I don’t want to risk your life on it. I really want to listen to you but I can’t. Not this time.” Yang Chen smiled bitterly.
“I know I’ve hurt you many times and I probably deserve this. In fact, if I had not angered you in the first place, we would not be in this mess. It’s dangerous, I know, but I will not let you die before I do.”
Yang Chen’s gaze was firm and resolute.
Tears pooled in Lin Ruoxi’s eyes as she held onto his arms while trembling. She wanted to cry but no tears would fall.
Yang Chen sighed and held on to both of Lin Ruoxi’s hands. “Don’t do anything stupid after I die. You’re normal so I believe he will spare you. He’s only after me and the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture. My phone has been modified to send long-range signals so you can escape. Remember not to do anything stupid…”
Lin Ruoxi shook her head. She bit her lip so hard that it started to draw blood.
Yang Chen took out his phone and pushed it into her hands.
“I don’t want it!”
Lin Ruoxi threw his phone to the ground. “You’ve hurt me so much in the past and now you’re telling me that you’re going to die?! Don’t you want me to forgive you? I’ll hate you forever if you die now!”
“Ruoxi, don’t do this…” Yang Chen’s voice was filled with sorrow.
“I don’t care! You said you’ll bring me back to Beijing. You still owe me a wedding! Yang Chen, you bastard!”
Lin Ruoxi sobbed as she grasped onto Yang Chen’s collar angrily.
Yang Chen raised his voice at her. “Enough! I have decided! Step aside or I will force you to! Don’t make me raise my hands against you.”
Lin Ruoxi stopped crying and stared at Yang Chen blankly. Her cries turned into quiet sobs. Fear started to creep into her heart.
She couldn’t believe what Yang Chen had said to her.
“Haha! Are you two lovebirds done talking?” The man smiled smugly.
Yang Chen turned around and faced him, covering Lin Ruoxi with his body.

“Do whatever you want.”
The man brightened up and raised his hands. A silver dagger with golden-red carvings appeared in thin air.
It was emitting an aura so dark that they could hear the cries of wolves coming from within.
“This is an ancient artifact, the Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger. This is one of the few weapons which could harm a cultivator past the Tribulation stage. It’s able to control the circulation system. If you try to cultivate while affected, the dagger would reverse the energy and kill you easily. I know your Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture can cure your heart so…”

“You want to stab this dagger through my heart so it can absorb my True Yuan and restrict me?” Yang Chen let out a cold smile.
The man lifted his brows. “What do you think?”
“How can I pass the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture to you then?” Yang Chen frowned.
“That’s easy.” He took out a jade piece and threw it to Yang Chen. “This can be used to record scriptures. All you need to do is release your True Yuan into it. I’ll remove the Heart Duet once I have verified its authenticity.”
Yang Chen thought, There really are many artifacts in the world which I don’t know of. I would surely lose if I challenged Hongmeng without a firm grasp on these artifacts.
Yang Chen couldn’t tell where the man was from but he was surprised to know that he carried so many valuable artifacts with him.
Yang Chen started to formulate a plan when he heard the kidnapper’s plot. “To make sure that I can focus with my divine sense, I’ll transfer the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture into the jade scroll first and pass it to you. Once you have verified it, I’ll stab the dagger into my heart. When you have decided that I am weak enough, you remove the parasite. What do you think?”
“Deal!” The man was delighted to hear that.
Lin Ruoxi’s face turned pale when she heard Yang Chen say that he was going to stab himself.
“Are you crazy?! He’ll kill you!”
“I said shut up!” Yang Chen glared at her. “I’m trying to save you so stay out of this!”
Tears dripped down her cheeks as she stared at Yang Chen’s face which was twisted in anger.
The kidnapper was delighted to see this. He was so close to success.
“Hurry up and pass the scripture to me. My parasites are not very patient...”
A hint of anger flashed through Yang Chen’s eyes but he had no choice but to comply.
It was easy to transfer the scripture. Just one thought was enough for him to make the transfer.
About ten seconds later, Yang Chen tossed the jade scroll back towards the man.
“Hold it.”
Once the kidnapper received the scroll, he immediately began to scan through it. His eyes glistened when he read the first sentence. Although he knew it was genuine, one could not be too careful when it came to situations like this
He glanced towards Yang Chen and said, “Let me pass you the dagger.”
“You better keep your promise…”

“Shut up and retract your defenses!” The man growled.
Yang Chen gritted his teeth and complied.
With a clear sound, the dagger went straight into his chest!
Three streaks of blood shot out of his chest!
Yang Chen’s face immediately lost all of its blood. If he were any weaker, the pain might have overwhelmed him!
Even so, Yang Chen’s legs gave out and he dropped into a pool of his own blood.
“Yang Chen!”
Lin Ruoxi couldn’t care less that Yang Chen had scolded her earlier. With an aching heart, she rushed over to him. But there was nothing she could do.
Yang Chen’s chest was completely stained with blood. The Heaven and Earth Restoration Scripture was trying its best to heal him but the dagger was preventing it from doing anything!
Slowly, the Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy started to disperse from his body which weakened him significantly.
The man cackled and looked at Yang Chen with a teasing smile. “I’ll read your Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture while we wait. I’ll remove the curse when I deem fit.”
Blood was dripping out of his lips and if it wasn’t for the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture, Yang Chen would’ve been dead by now. No human would be able to withstand the structural damage he was in.
“You… you better keep your promise…”

“Hmph.” The man snickered. “Who are you to tell me what to do? You’re nothing but a wild cultivator. I’m surprised you possess such a legendary cultivation method. Your possession is what’s causing your death. Kid, I’ll let you shed a little more blood before we get to that.”
Lin Ruoxi dared not look as she tried to grab the dagger with trembling hands.
“What are you doing>!” Yang Chen tried to stop her.
“I’m pulling the dagger out! You’ll die for real if you keep bleeding! He’s lying to you! He won’t remove the curse…” Lin Ruoxi sobbed.
Yang Chen let out a small smile. “Listen to me… Don’t do it.”
Lin Ruoxi continued to sob.
After a minute, Yang Chen’s breath was slowly fading in and out.
The man looked up after he had finished reading it. The whole scripture was hard to decipher but it was filled with wonder so he assumed for it to be genuine. He snickered and said, “It seems like you held up your end of the bargain.”
“Hurry… hurry up and… remove the curse…” Yang Chen’s eyelids were on the verge of closing. His words were starting to slur together in a feeble attempt to make coherent sentences.
The man looked into his body and stroked his beard. “Not bad, your cultivation now should be around Xiantian Full Cycle at most. Alright, it's time for me to keep my end of the bargain.”
The man started to chant something and Lin Ruoxi felt something nasty in her abdomen move around. In the next second, that unpleasant feeling flew out of her mouth!
The kidnapper raised his arms and kept the parasite. It looked very similar to a centipede.
“I kept my promise.”
Lin Ruoxi retched when she imagined the bug being in her body.
Yang Chen smiled in relief and struggled to raise his hand to pull the dagger out of his chest.
Lin Ruoxi quickly forgot her disgust and helped Yang Chen up. Yang Chen was far weaker than any man since he had lost a huge amount of blood.
“Don’t you die Yang Chen… Don’t you die on me now…”
She was no longer the cold and reserved CEO of a multinational corporate. She resembled a child begging for something in tears.
Lin Ruoxi felt his body start to grow cold and wished that it were her instead of him!
If she hadn’t kicked him out of the house or gotten angry at him, she wouldn’t have been kidnapped so easily and he wouldn’t have gotten hurt.
He told her that his disloyalty hurt her.
But wasn’t she doing the same thing? Making him sacrifice himself to save her?
Yang Chen panted and said in a low voice, “Don't worry… I won’t die. I can’t treat myself when you’re hugging me like this…”
Her eyes brightened up and she hurriedly let go of him so that he could sit down properly.
“Treat yourself?” The man snorted. “I said I would retrieve the parasite but I didn’t say that I would let you two leave here alive. Haha!”