Lin Ruoxi’s heart dropped when she heard that. She immediately stood up and yelled at him.

“You jerk!”
“What? I didn’t promise anything.”
His eyes glinted as he raised the dagger and hammer up in the air!
Yang Chen sat on the ground cross-legged and closed his eyes. The Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was circulating inside his body crazily as he summoned the Earth and Restoration Energy.
But the remaining effect of the dagger was still hindering his recovery!
“You can’t escape death!”
He cackled as he twisted his fingers around to summon an attack towards the both of them!
At the same time, the dagger and the hammer swayed together, emitting gold light!
In his present state, Yang Chen would not have been able to defend himself!
A loud resounding boom resonated from the kidnapper’s hand!
The jade scroll which he was holding on to suddenly exploded!
The heavily compressed Heaven and Earth energy exploded and blew off the kidnapper’s hand!
His whole arm dislodged from his body and was sent flying several meters into the air!
The mystical artefact lost its glow and dropped to the ground.
Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes and covered her mouth. She did not expect that to happen!
A cruel smile formed on Yang Chen’s lips but he didn’t care to look up, opting to focus on removing the dagger’s curse on his body.
The kidnapper was completely drenched in blood, having lost an arm. He was bleeding internally, evident from coughing fit and the blood that came out after it.
Unlike Yang Chen who had a tough body, the kidnapper relied too heavily on his True Yuan which meant that he was very susceptible to physical damage.
The Heaven and Earth Restoration Energy was geared mainly toward healing but that didn’t mean it lacked any offensive capabilities.
The kidnapper would have turned into dust if he wasn’t protected by his True Yuan!
He mumbled in disbelief, “You… What did you do to me...”
His True Yuan was a mess. It didn’t know where to begin the healing process.
Through this disruption, Yang Chen had seized the opportunity and succeeded in curing himself.
His circulation had cleared up and the Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was completely restored to its peak!
The wound in his chest had cured completely and there was no sign of him even having sustained any damage.
“It’s nothing. Like you, I didn’t make any promises. I never promised to let you go once you removed her curse.”
Yang Chen tugged on his blood-stained shirt. He stood up slowly and said, “You already knew how cruel and ruthless I could be. Yet you decided to provoke me. You’re courting a fate worse than death.”
Lin Ruoxi burst into tears when she saw that Yang Chen could stand up properly and that he seemed completely fine.
“No… it can’t be… Your cultivation wasn’t even at the Soul Forming stage earlier...” The kidnapper barely managed to speak.
Yang Chen walked forward and stepped on his other arm.
With a deafening cry, his arm had been reduced into a pile of meat!

Lin Ruoxi turned around, afraid to witness it. Her tears had stopped flowing from shock.
“You don’t even know how I cultivated my Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture and yet you want it?” Yang Chen smirked.

“What do you mean…” Beads of sweat formed on his forehead as he tried to withstand the excruciating pain.
“I’ve compressed some of my special True Yuan into the jade scroll alongside the scripture. Your cultivation was not strong enough to be able to detect it. So when the opportunity arrived, I just needed to detonate it.”
The kidnapper was unwilling to accept his fate, but there was nothing that he could do.
He had never thought of Yang Chen’s True Yuan as different from his own.
Even if his cultivation dropped to the Xiantian stage, his divine sense wouldn’t be affected. Causing an explosion was a piece of cake.
Then again, the Heaven and Earth Restoration had all sorts of forms and not everyone could control it as well as Yang Chen could.
Yang Chen began to question him. “Now spill, who are you and who sent you here?”
Yang Chen had an inkling that he was somehow connected to the man he had met in the Tang Sect.
The kidnapper’s face was twisted as he said, “You… Kill me now!”
Yang Chen’s eyes glinted and he raised his legs to step on the man’s toes!
The sound of cracking bones was as clear as day and his foot had turned into a pile of blood and meat!
The man yelled as he writhed under the intense pain.
Yang Chen looked behind him and was relieved to see that Lin Ruoxi had turned around. It was best if she did not witness these things.

“Are you going to tell me?”
“Why should I? I’m dying anyway…” The kidnapper tightened his jaw.
Yang Chen waved his hand and pulled the dagger over. Under his control, he cut the kidnapper at his abdomen with the dagger!
The man screeched when he felt a part of his flesh get stripped of his body!
Yang Chen’s voice was cruel. “Whether you tell me or not is your choice. But I will cut off a piece of your flesh for every question you don’t answer. Decide soon, you might not have much of a body when I’m done. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you off immediately. I’ll watch your skeleton and organs twitch around as they fight to survive…”
Fear flashed through the man’s eyes!
Yang Chen wasn’t trying to scare him. It was the truth.
Yang Chen was extremely familiar with the human anatomy structure and cut off two pieces of his flesh easily. The kidnapper's life was still intact as his True Yuan was trying its darndest to repair him.
“You… you’re insane! You’ll be demonized soon and you’ll never recover!” the man shouted and he sounded like he was about to lose his mind.
“Wrong answer,” Yang Chen said and cut him another two times!
The dagger was so sharp that it was like dragging a knife through melted butter. It reached a point where even bones started to show!
The man was shocked and scared. “I’ve already failed my task and even if I don’t die under your hands, I will in the hands of another so why should I let you have the satisfaction of knowing?!”
His body tightened up suddenly and following that, black blood started to flow out of his body and his flesh started to rot and stink!
Yang Chen was shocked to see this. He remembered that the man said that the Heart Duet could suppurate a body. Would that mean that he triggered it on his own body?
What kind of enemy was he facing for him to be this scared?
Yang Chen contemplated for a while with a heavy heart and decided that he had to rush the training of his women.
But as of now, he couldn’t alert them so he had to handle all the stress by himself.
Yang Chen looked over and saw that the man left the hammer, dagger, and his bracelet behind.
One other thing caught his eye. It was a plain-looking medal hanging from his waist.