Yang Chen picked up the medal and inspected it. It did not look particularly interesting, save the word ‘Huang’ on written its front.
He used his divine sense to probe it further but was ultimately only able to tell that there was a foreign inscription on it.
Since he had no idea what it was, Yang Chen decided to keep it in the parallel space. He wasn’t able to materialize things with cultivation like the kidnapper, but the space laws worked roughly the same.
After taking care of all this, only then Yang Chen walked towards Lin Ruoxi who was standing by the side.
She turned around and frowned when she saw the aftermath of their fight.
It wasn’t her first time seeing Yang Chen murder someone in cold blood. But it wasn’t something that she could get used to despite having witnessed it before.
Yang Chen grabbed her hands and said to her softly, “Ruoxi, you must have been so frightened. Are you feeling better now?”
Lin Ruoxi looked at him and gritted her teeth. “The thing that you said earlier… Are you telling me you planned all of this?!”
“Uhm… you can say that. He wouldn’t have let you go if I was really dead.” Yang Chen grinned.
“You bastard!”
Lin Ruoxi raised her leg in anger and kicked his calf with her heels.
“You almost broke my heart! Why didn’t you tell me you had a plan?! Do you think it’s funny to watch me cry? Is this your idea of getting even?!”
Lin Ruoxi thought she was being kind of unreasonable but it made her furious to be reminded that Yang Chen was hiding the truth from her.
Yang Chen pretended to touch his calf and tried to calm her down. “I had no choice. It had to be as convincing as possible. He would believe that I was dying if your tears were genuine. I was worried that if he found out the truth, you would be in danger…”

“What if he refused to remove the parasite? Were you prepared to die?” Lin Ruoxi questioned him with teary eyes.
Yang Chen was taken aback and he nodded his head after thinking for a while. “I told you that as long as I was alive, you would be too..”
Lin Ruoxi closed her eyes. She bit her lip and took a deep breath before saying, “Is this what you want? If I really died with you, I would have to remember that you died for me and be forever indebted to you in hell. Is it so?”
“Look at you. Why dwell in the past when we are safe now?” Yang Chen smiled.
“To you, it might be nothing. But I can’t just brush past the fact that you used your life as a bargaining chip to save me…”
Lin Ruoxi’s facial expression was stern.
Yang Chen was surprised to hear this. He stood still and stopped smiling seconds later. “Didn’t you keep everything to yourself when Yu Lei faced trouble? You chose to keep it from me as well.”
“That’s because…”
“Because of what?” Yang Chen grinned.
Lin Ruoxi bit her lip. “That’s because I believed that you wouldn’t mind if I explained it to you after it had happened.”
“That’s right.” Yang Chen sighed. “I might be displeased when I found out the truth myself. But I didn’t hold a grudge for long because I understood your intentions. Similarly, I believe that you’ll be willing to forgive me this time for my reckless decision earlier.”
Lin Ruoxi lowered her head and mumbled, “Whatever you say…”
Yang Chen wanted to stroke her cheek but his hand stopped midway when he was reminded that they were both in the midst of a fight.
He wasn’t sure if Lin Ruoxi had forgiven him for the incident with Xiao Zhiqing.
Lin Ruoxi realized this and her heart wrenched when she saw the hesitation in Yang Chen’s eyes.

She wouldn’t say she still hated him. Things had changed after the near-death experience.
Was she still mad at him? Not really.
But her pride wouldn’t let her pull his hand and place it on her own face.
“Urm…” Yang Chen felt the situation turn awkward so he quickly suggested something. “Let’s go back to Zhonghai. Hongyan was worried sick about you. Give her a call.”
Lin Ruoxi nodded silently and picked up the phone.
Lin Ruoxi spoke to her for a bit before hanging up the phone. She looked at Yang Chen with a curious expression.
Yang Chen walked over to her and hugged her waist, pressing her soft body against his.
“I’ll do it as slow as possible. Close your eyes. You might not be able to handle the thrill.”
“Are we flying back?” Lin Ruoxi didn’t dare to imagine that they would be flying back to Zhonghai just like that.
Yang Chen shrugged. “How else did you think we were going to leave? By bus? Plane?”
Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes and obliged.
Yang Chen slowed down as much as he could and minutes later, they were already back in the Xijiao villas.
They were both coated in dust and blood so they had to make a pit stop back home.
Lucky enough, the neighboring villas were pretty far apart so no one would see them in this state.
Yang Chen let go of Lin Ruoxi and said with a smile, “You can open your eyes now, we’re home.”
Lin Ruoxi opened her eyes in a daze and was surprised to see that they were really home.
Yang Chen wiped his hands on his pants, not knowing what to do next. Should he go in? Lin Ruoxi might still be mad at him.
Should he not go in then? Yang Chen was frustrated to know that he would have to resume their fight after saving her life. Couldn’t she just forget about Xiao Zhiqing?
Lin Ruoxi could roughly guess what he was thinking at that point. “Do you have anything that you want to say?”
Yang Chen breathed in and hesitated for a while before plastering a grin on his face. “Ruoxi, I wanted to say… that I’m going now, yeah?”
He was hoping for her to rebut his statement and ask him to stay.
Lin Ruoxi kept quiet and held onto her dress tightly, seemingly deep in thought.
Yang Chen felt slightly disappointed when she did not reply. “Then I’m leaving for real yeah?”
Lin Ruoxi stood by the door quietly.
Yang Chen was about to burst into tears. Why wouldn’t she say anything? At least let him know if she was still upset!
He felt so powerless as he turned around, thinking of where he could go.
At that time, Lin Ruoxi called after him.
“Are you leaving just like that?!”
Yang Chen turned around stiffly. “There’s a limit to how ignorant I can be. I don’t want to stay here knowing I would anger you further…”
“Are you an idiot?!” Lin Ruoxi called him an idiot instead of a jerk.
Yang Chen was dumbfounded and he looked at her in confusion.
Lin Ruoxi felt as though she was going crazy. She closed her eyes for a second before raising her voice at him. “Didn’t you say you loved me?!”

It made Yang Chen even more confused as he stared at her flushed cheeks.
Lin Ruoxi’s emotions were all over the place. She panted and yelled out, “If you really love me, why did you only beg twice?! Think about all the pain you’ve given me. You should have begged me twenty or thirty times! If you do that, only then I can pretend to forgive you reluctantly in a cold manner! Is that all that you can do?! You big fat liar!”
Big fat liar?
These three words rang in his ear but it only filled his heart with honey.
What had happened to him? It was weird for him to realize that he derived pleasure from her reprimanding him.
It is no wonder people say that love makes people dumb.
One step, two steps, Yang Chen rushed in front of Lin Ruoxi.
He reached out to her and pushed her against the wall.
Their faces were so close to each other.
“I’m not a liar, I’m a thief.” Yang Chen smiled.
Lin Ruoxi tried to stay calm, but Yang Chen could tell that she was nervous from the look of her eyes.
“What… what thief…”
“I stole your heart.”
Having said that, he kissed her lips gently.
Lin Ruoxi widened her eyes and her body trembled lightly. Still, she didn’t push him away.
Yang Chen didn’t go any further than that. It was a kiss to seal up their past.
After their lips separated, Yang Chen smiled in relief. “Even though someone told me that I shouldn’t say ‘I’m sorry’ after I’ve told a woman that I love her, I still want to tell you that I’m sorry for a lot of things. But I promise that there will never be another Xiao Zhiqing.”

Lin Ruoxi’s facial expression changed from a shy one to a cold one immediately. “Don't mention her name!”
Yang Chen was taken aback and he smiled bitterly.
“Miss? Are you home?” Wang Ma’s voice could be heard from inside. She had obviously heard the commotion from outside.
Lin Ruoxi pushed Yang Chen away from her and tried to clean herself up to look less disheveled. “Yes, it’s me, open the door Wang Ma.”
Wang Ma ran to open the door and gasped when she saw the state that they were in. “What happened? Sir, why are you drenched in blood?”
“Wang Ma, relax, we’re fine. We got into an accident but we’ve settled it.” Yang Chen comforted her.
Wang Ma calmed down when she saw that they were fine for the most part. It wasn’t her first time seeing them like this. She frowned and said, “But if that’s the case, how are you guys going to meet the guest?”
“Guest? What guest?”
Yang Chen was surprised to hear that.
Wang Ma smiled helplessly. “A lady called Miss Xiao arrived five minutes ago. She’s here to meet Miss and she’s been waiting in the living room.”
Miss Xiao?!
Yang Chen was about to go crazy! The nerve of this woman! Had she not done enough damage?!
As expected, Lin Ruoxi who had just recovered, unleashed her murderous intent again. She glared at Yang Chen before turning her head. “Wang Ma, it’s okay, I’ll meet her!”