Wang Ma was confused at Lin Ruoxi’s rage, but understood when she turned her head to face Yang Chen.
She sighed and realized what that meant. All she could do now was hope and pray.
When they walked into the living room, they could see Xiao Zhiqing who was seated on the couch with her legs crossed while drinking tea.
She was wearing a black sweater with leather hot pants, looking seductive and sexy.
If one did not know better, they would have thought that she was the owner of the house instead.
In contrast to her, Lin Ruoxi’s outfit was covered in dust and her hair was completely disheveled.
Xiao Zhiqing placed her cup down when she heard them enter. She turned around to greet them but was surprised to see them in such a state
Lin Ruoxi was too busy shooting icy glares at her to bother about her appearance.
“Leave,” she spat out cruelly. Her tone was light but the meaning behind it was heavy.
Xiao Zhiqing was about to smile at her but was unable to do so, frozen under Lin Ruoxi’s glare.
Yang Chen looked up to the ceiling behind Lin Ruoxi and sucked in a breath in shock when he heard what Lin Ruoxi had said. But for the sake of his work, he decided not to care and feigned ignorance.
Xiao Zhiqing combed her hair and giggled. She walked over to them and cocked her head to one side. “Where did you and your husband go, President Lin? Why do you look so disheveled?”
Xiao Zhiqing’s smile froze again. This time, it turned into a bitter smile. “Can’t we just talk? I’m here on a serious matter.”
Lin Ruoxi turned to Wang Ma. “Wang Ma, escort our guest out.”
Wang Ma didn’t know what was going on but it wasn’t her place to interject.

“Miss Xiao.” Wang Ma smiled sheepishly. “Let me escort you out. Perhaps come back another day.”
Xiao Zhiqing looked at Yang Chen with a resentful gaze.
She bit her lip and asked, “Are you kicking me out too?”
Yang Chen thought, Does she wants me to die?
“Why are you asking me? I cured your poison, I gave you money and you ruined my relationship with my wife. You should be thankful that you are still alive.” Yang Chen was annoyed.
Lin Ruoxi asked in confusion, “Poison? What do you mean?”
Yang Chen didn’t bother to hide the truth and told her everything about it.
Lin Ruoxi knew he was hiding something else from her but chose not to pry. “If that’s what happened, you should be grateful instead of destroying our family to achieve your motives.”
“You're right.” Xiao Zhiqing agreed, her face filled with regret.
“I came here today to seek your forgiveness.”
Having said so, Xiao Zhiqing dropped down on bother her knees!
The three other occupants of the room stood there awkwardly, not knowing what to do.
“It’s my fault. I was corrupted with vengeance. I wanted to destroy your marriage by using my past with Yang Chen. Miss Lin, please forgive my rashness but I really need to live on. I don’t want to live fearing every second of my life. If you can’t save me, no one can…”

And with that, she started sobbing like crazy. Her body was so low that it looked as if she was going to melt into the ground.
Wang Ma couldn’t help but feel bad for her and she tried to help her up. “Eh, Miss Xiao, you don’t need to do this. Hurry, get up…”

Xiao Zhiqing shook her head. “I’ll continue to kneel until Miss Lin forgives me. I’m going to die anyway. I’d rather die kneeling here than at the hands of others.”
Yang Chen couldn’t think straight, shocked by the different faces shown by Xiao Zhiqing.
Lin Ruoxi might’ve hated the fact that Xiao Zhiqing tried to ruin Yang Chen’s and her relationship, but her heart couldn’t help but soften when she saw that Xiao Zhiqing was sobbing while apologizing to her.
“You said you were covered by vengeance. What did you mean?” Lin Ruoxi couldn’t help but ask.
Xiao Zhiqing wiped her tears. “I actually ran away from home. My clan members and future in-laws are looking to bring me back…”
It was Wang Ma’s turn to be shocked. “Miss Xiao, what are you saying? Why would your clan members try to kill you? The people you wish to seek revenge on can’t be your family members, can they?”
“They are not my family members!”
Her eyes were red with anger and hatred. She lifted her head and shrilled, “I want to tear off their skin one by one!”
Yang Chen squinted eyes and watched Xiao Zhiqing lose her cool. This was too real to be an act.
He could roughly piece together what had happened with the information that he had from before.
He walked up to her after making up his mind. “Get up.”
Xiao Zhiqing stopped crying and looked up to him helplessly. “You… Will you forgive me?”
Yang Chen said to her, “Tell me everything. Your past and your background.”
Xiao Zhiqing stayed still for a while and turned to look Lin Ruoxi.
Lin Ruoxi looked towards Yang Chen with a complex gaze. She hesitated for a while before nodding her head. “I’ll forgive you if you promise not to pull anything funny in the future.”

Xiao Zhiqing smiled in relief. “Thank you…”
“You guys should’ve done this in the beginning. Sir, Miss, you two should take a shower and change into new clothes first.” Wang Ma smiled.
Yang Chen smirked and wrapped his arms around Lin Ruoxi’s waist. He whispered into her ear, “Dear, let’s shower together.”
“Let go.” Lin Ruoxi’s reply was short.
Yang Chen didn’t dare to defy her and let go of his hands immediately. It seemed that she was not happy with his decision even though she would probably have done the same.
Lin Ruoxi turned around and told the others. “We’ll talk in my study. Wang Ma, help me prepare some food, I’m hungry.”
Yang Chen signaled Wang Ma to prepare more food before running up the stairs too.
Xiao Zhiqing stared at them from downstairs.
“Why, are you jealous of them?” Wang Ma smiled at Xiao Zhiqing.
That took her by surprise and she smiled along too.
“They might quarrel a lot but they’ve been married for a year now. Their experiences make it so that no other couple would have shared a connection so deep,” Wang Ma sighed. “Miss Xiao, let me give you a word of advice. Stop imagining things that will never happen. You will only hurt yourself.”
Having said that, Wang Ma proceeded to the kitchen to prepare food for them.
Xiao Zhiqing stood downstairs with a gloomy expression.
Half an hour later, Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi called Xiao Zhiqing into the study after they were both done.
In the past, Lin Ruoxi wouldn’t have bothered to join but now that she had been caught by a cultivator, it was important for her to know these things.
Lin Ruoxi’s study was rather spacious. The floor was carpeted with cashmere. The three of them sat on the red leather chairs, facing each other.

Wang Ma left after bringing them snacks. She felt like an outsider to their conversation and had no reason to stay.
“Tell us now. Don’t exaggerate things. I might be able to pick up on that if you do.” Yang Chen picked up a green bean cake and stuffed it into his mouth.
Xiao Zhiqing took a deep breath, trying to gather where to begin. After a few seconds, she spoke up. “I'm not sure if you guys have heard of the hidden clans…”