A hint of resentment flashed through her eyes. “Before that, I have to first tell you about my in-laws.”

“Your in-laws?”

“Yes, the Luo clan.” Xiao Zhiqing’s gaze started to burn with intense hatred.

Yang Chen suddenly remembered about the time they first met. Xiao Zhiqing asked him if he was sent by the Luo clan to capture her. It seemed like her story held up.

Lin Ruoxi felt worse and worse as the story progressed. She subconsciously reached for a piece of tissue paper to wipe her tears.

Xiao Zhiqing’s marriage was arranged to be with Luo Hang, the son of the Luo clan’s head, Luo Qianqiu.

Initially, it was impossible for her to marry him as their skill gap was just way too large. They were certain that he would enter into the Tribulation Passing stage and would eventually become the head of the family.

They weren’t putting in this much effort just to make her Luo Hang’s wife.

The Luo clan did this in order for the Xiao clan to share their ultimate test subject with them. They too had medicines that were in need of testing.

They promised the Xiao clan that she would receive a proper identity and many gifts as a dowry for her hand in marriage. But ultimately, it was all for show.

They weren’t the only clans in Kekexili,. All the cultivators would be watching them, therefore they had to feign sincerity in order for them to avoid judgment.

Luo Hang was willing to marry her anyway. Xiao Zhiqing was pretty and even if she was sterile, all she needed to do was serve his desires. He could just marry another cultivator in the future if he wanted to.

Xiao Zhiqing had given up on life. She was treated worse than a peasant.

But just before the night of her wedding, someone had finally made up their mind to help her. In fact, she had always been helping her secretly when she was in Xiao clan.

She was Xiao Zhiqing’s nanny.

Xiao Zhiqing’s mother died young and her nanny was the one who had raised her. But her nanny was only in the initial phase of the Soul Forming stage and had no real power to help.

When she saw that Xiao Zhiqing had lost her will to live, it was the tipping point. She found an opportunity to send Xiao Zhiqing out of the array and into the neighboring province.

After giving Xiao Zhiqing some money, she returned to Xiao clan and helped her draw away the cultivators that were chasing her so that Xiao Zhiqing had time to escape.

Even though they had lived in the array, they weren’t completely disconnected from the world. Xiao Zhiqing managed to escape with an identity card prepared for her by her nanny.

And this resulted in Xiao Zhiqing going to the States for her own safety.

Because of the Nine Yin Meridian, she was unable to cultivate and had to pick up other skills such as foreign languages. Regarding her hacking skills, she had figured it out on her own.

Although she had no future in cultivation, she was incredibly fast in picking up all other aspects of the world.

Because of her extraordinary ability, she became a really successful con artist in Los Angeles. A few people even became her subordinates willingly.

“I’m sure you can recall what happened after that.” Xiao Zhiqing was ashamed of herself. “I know I caused a lot of trouble but I have nowhere else to turn to.”

Xiao Zhiqing looked at Yang Chen. “No one else can save me except for you.”

Yang Chen touched his forehead and let out a breath. “You're making things difficult for me. I don’t owe you anything, yet I’m about to make a whole bunch of new enemies.”

Xiao Zhiqing’s face fell and she lowered her voice. “I know it’s selfish but what other choice do I have?”

Tears started to pool in her eyes again.

Lin Ruoxi struggled with her thoughts for a while before turning to face Yang Chen. “Hubby, just help her. You should protect her from these rotten people. Besides, they might give up once they realize the trouble it would bring them if they tried to bring her back.”

Yang Chen smiled bitterly and stroked her face. Lin Ruoxi tried to escape his touch and puffed her cheeks.

Yang Chen sighed. “Didn’t you hear her? They have so many cultivators who are in the Tribulation Passing stage. There’s only one of me and too many of them.”

He paused halfway when something went off in his head!

Oh right! Medicine!

He quickly turned around. “Xiao Zhiqing, you said that the hidden clan has lots of medicine to help with cultivation right? On top of that, they also have scriptures and teachings right?”

Xiao Zhiqing nodded. “Yes, the reason why the other cultivators couldn’t enter the Soul Forming stage was that they lacked these medicines. The hidden clans could remain tall because of these items. It’s some of their most prized possessions.”

Yang Chen’s eyes glowed with greed.

“Hehe, I’ve no interest in protecting you nor am I interested in helping you seek revenge. But the medicines and scriptures your clan possesses are enticing rewards for helping you.” Yang Chen smiled wickedly.

Xiao Zhiqing almost fainted from his words and tried to stop him. “Don’t be stupid! Are you planning on stealing from one of the most powerful clans?! Are you crazy?! Even Hongmeng stays away from them! They have thousands of cultivators. What makes you think that the elders can be defeated so easily?!”

Lin Ruoxi placed her hand over her chest from the audacity of his words. “Don’t you dare go there! Do you think it’s funny?! It’s too risky!”

Yang Chen chuckled and waved his hands. “I’m just kidding. I like my life intact.”

Of course, that didn’t mean that he was willing to completely let it go.

Sure it was dangerous if he were to go right now, but what about a couple of years from now?

His Endless Resolve Restoration Scripture was constantly improving. Perhaps he would reconsider it after going through the next round of heavenly tribulations.

It would help a great deal with his lovers’ cultivation progress.

But unfortunately, he did not know the extent of their powers.

When Yang Chen thought of this, he was reminded of the artifacts that he had collected earlier.

With a wave of his hand, Yang Chen placed them onto the floor.

Xiao Zhiqing was shocked to see these items in his possession. “You… Why do you have these?!”

Yang Chen didn’t bother to hide the truth and told her everything, from the beginning where the man kidnapped Lin Ruoxi and that he had killed him.

Only then Xiao Zhiqing knew why they were a mess earlier. They had just returned from battling a cultivator well into the Soul Forming stage.

“There are three levels in which artifacts can be classified. Lower, middle, and upper class. The higher the level, the rarer the artifacts.”

Xiao Zhiqing pointed to one of the items. “This bracelet is called the Ganyuan Tiangang Bracelet. It’s classified as a mid-lower tier item and was mainly used for defense. It can withstand at least three attacks from someone in the Tribulation Passing stage. As for the hammer, it’s called the Exorcist’s Golden Hammer. It might be classified as a lower-tier item but it is incredibly powerful among its class. The Blood Dragon’s Golden Dagger is the most powerful one. Even cultivators in the Tribulation Passing stage would be scared to go against it.”

Yang Chen asked curiously, “How do you know so much about this?”

Xiao Zhiqing smiled. “What I lack in practical cultivation, I make up for in theory about cultivation and their cultures.”

It dawned on him that she could be quite useful to him. She could explain certain things to him that he might not understand. It might not be such a bad thing to protect her.

After convincing himself, he asked, “You haven’t told me about the medal, what kind of artifact is that? Why is there the word ‘Huang’ word on it?”

Xiao Zhiqing frowned and looked at him. She then said, “This… is not an artifact.”