“It’s not?” Yang Chen asked in annoyance. “There’s some sort of weird energy emanating from it. Surely it couldn’t just be a piece of scrap metal.

“Of course not.” Xiao Zhiqing explained, “This is akin to an identification card for the members of Hongmeng.”


“That’s right,” Xiao Zhiqing said. “If this ‘Huang’ medal really belonged to the cultivator. You can bet that he was from Hongmeng.”

It turned out that Hongmeng was located near the great ancient array, near the centre of Kekexili. The creator of the illusion also created the Gods’ Island, which was made up of areas of different altitudes.

The great ancient array was located at the top. The Gods’ Island were separated into four main areas from the highest to the lowest altitude—Heaven, Earth, Xuan, and Huang.

The Heaven area did not care about Hongmeng and was only focused on watching over the array. They were only concerned with keeping up their cultivations.

Whereas the Earth area consisted of the leaders of Hongmeng, but they only had more than ten elders, most of whom were in the Tribulation Passing stage.

The Xuan area consisted of the main forces with more than a hundred cultivators and most of them were in the final phase of the Soul Forming stage.

Lastly, the lowest area, Huang, contained the most number of cultivators.

They were made up of those who had joined Hongmeng for less than two centuries or those of cultivation lower than the Tribulation Passing stage.

Those in the Huang area were normally termed as Hongmeng by the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade since they were in charge of being in touch with society.

Technically, the cultivators in the Huang area weren’t uniformed. The stronger ones could be in the final phase of the Soul Forming stage whereas the weaker ones could be in the initial phase of the Soul Forming stage.

For example, Ling Xuzi entered Hongmeng for less than two centuries and he had not reached the Tribulation Passing stage. He was considered an upper-level cultivator in the Huang area and was therefore chosen as a representative.

Hongmeng wasn’t as strict and rigid as most people might think. As long as their members did not disturb the peace and society, they were quite relaxed about the policies.

Their sole purpose was to watch over the array, making sure that cultivators in the Soul Forming stage wouldn’t bother the society. They weren’t there to detain them.

But everyone was aware that the Huang area was quite chaotic.

Not all of them were loyal to Hongmeng. Some of them even defected to the hidden clans in order to obtain medicines and scriptures to improve their cultivation.

Hongmeng might be a big organization but it was hard for them to share resources with thousands of cultivators.

“This was used to prove his identity and disable the illusions surrounding that area,” Xiao Zhiqing said.

Yang Chen beamed. “Ah. This seems to be more useful to me than the other two. I have to take good care of this.”

Having said so, Yang Chen kept all the items back into the parallel spaces.

Lin Ruoxi had been quiet the whole time but she decided to speak up then. “Don’t act rashly. I’m worried that now that you’ve killed the cultivator, would Hongmeng treat you as their enemy now?”

“I don’t think so.” Xiao Zhiqing shook her head. “Hongmeng definitely wouldn’t harm the mundane just to snatch something. Targeting Yang Chen was not out of the ordinary. But involving you made me suspect that this issue was more personal than business. He might have come from one of the hidden clans. Even if Hongmeng knew that Yang Chen killed the cultivator, they would understand that the cultivator was the instigator of their fight. The elders adhere to the principles strongly which makes them better people than those from the hidden clans.”

Xiao Zhiqing words were coated with venom.

Her hatred ran deeper than the two would ever know.

Lin Ruoxi sighed in relief but frowned afterwards. “Are you saying that the hidden clans are behind all this?”

“That’s right.” Xiao Zhiqing snorted. “I wouldn’t put their greed above doing this. They must have wanted what Yang Chen had but couldn’t obtain it. Normally, a cultivator from the Huang area would only have one mystical artifact but this person had three. It would only make sense for him to be contracted by the hidden clan.”

Yang Chen contemplated for a while about the link between the cultivator and the mysterious man he had encountered in the Tang Sect. But he kept it to himself.

“I have to thank you for helping me clear up my confusion. I’ll ask you for help if I have any questions.” Yang Chen smiled.

Xiao Zhiqing brightened up and nodded her head immediately. “I’m doing my Ph.D. in Computer Science at Zhonghai University. You can find me there whenever you want.”

After saying that, she immediately retracted her words and apologized to Lin Ruoxi. “Miss Lin, I didn’t mean anything by it, I swear!”

Lin Ruoxi shook her head with a soft smile.

She didn’t really hate her now that she knew of her past. She even invited Xiao Zhiqing for dinner but she respectfully declined.

Even though Yang Chen didn’t say that he would protect her and help her seek revenge, she knew that he wouldn’t let her die.

She also knew that her request was a bit too much to ask for, so she was glad to get something out of it.

Zhenxiu returned around evening after work but Hui Lin had left for work and wouldn’t be back for a couple of months.

Yang Chen thought it was better for both of them since it would’ve been awkward between them because of what he said to Hui Lin at the Yuan’s mansion.

Wang Ma cooked a lot of dishes to soothe their nerves since Lin Ruoxi was kidnapped in the morning.

Just when they were about to have their dinner, Yang Chen’s phone started buzzing.

Yang Chen picked it up and was happy to see the caller ID.

He answered the call and asked, “Ron, is it ready?”

The person who called was an old man, Ron, who watched over Yang Chen’s house in Europe.

“Your Majesty Pluto, everything is ready. We may begin as soon as the following month,” Ron replied joyfully.

Yang Chen hummed a response and hung up his phone.

Yang Chen turned around to face Lin Ruoxi which made her blush under his stare. She then asked, “What’s wrong?”

Yang Chen took a deep breath. “We’ve been preparing for almost half a year and it’s finally finished. We’ll leave for Beijing tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

Lin Ruoxi was taken aback at first but she blushed and nodded when she realized what he meant by getting ready.

“Beijing? Are you guys going there to meet Aunt Guo and Brother Yang’s grandfather?” Zhenxiu asked expectantly.

Yang Chen smirked. “Do you want to go too?”

Zhenxiu looked at Wang Ma. “Wang Ma, I’ll go if you’re going. Don’t you miss Aunt Guo?”

Wang Ma stroked her head and chided. “Don’t bother them. Stay here and watch over the house with me.”

Zhenxiu stuck her tongue but didn’t say anything else.

Wang Ma turned around and told Yang Chen, “Sir, I heard from Miss that you were planning a wedding?”

Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi in surprise and chuckled. “Hehe, dear, I didn’t know you were looking forward to it so much that you even told Wang Ma secretly?”

“I… I didn’t?!” Lin Ruoxi wanted to crawl under the table. “Wang Ma!”

Wang Ma laughed. “Alright, I was eavesdropping. Why are you so embarrassed about the wedding? Not to mention you’ve been married for almost two years.”

Yang Chen almost broke out in cold sweat. It took him this long to prepare the wedding. It had to be perfect.

“Sir.” Wang Ma giggled. “I might not be going to Beijing but can I attend your wedding? I know you wouldn’t hold it in China since you’ve been preparing for it for a long time. It’s been my wish to watch Miss get married.”

“Wang Ma… why are you bringing this up?” Lin Ruoxi got a bit teary-eyed.

Yang Chen smiled. “Of course you can. I have even chosen a position for you in the wedding. Don’t worry about it.”

Wang Ma smiled in relief and wiped her tears. “Miss, I think you should put your work aside for now. Nothing is more important than meeting your in-laws and holding a wedding. Why don’t you leave tomorrow?”