Lin Ruoxi thought that Wang Ma was way too excited about it. But truthfully, she was quite excited herself.
But there was no way she was going to admit it to Yang Chen. He would tease her mercilessly.
I won’t attend the wedding if he plans on giving me a ring smaller than the one he gave Qianni! Lin Ruoxi thought.
When it came to her wedding, nothing in this world would come close. Not even her own company.
It only took her one hour to take care of everything. All she did was delegate her duties to the respective department heads and assign Mo Qianni as the temporary head.
In the evening, Lin Ruoxi started to pack her luggage bag. She had to pack a rather heavy load as Yang Chen was planning to hold the wedding right after their trip to Beijing.
At the same time, Yang Chen didn’t plan to hide the fact that they were holding a wedding from the other ladies. He even called each of them personally and informed them.
The wedding was and would only ever be for Lin Ruoxi. It was better for them to know now than find out later on their own.
Yang Chen would hate to see anything go wrong between them, so it was critical for him to secure Lin Ruoxi’s position as his only wife.
He also asked each one of them if they wanted to attend. After all, they had every right to attend the wedding.

Also, the venue for his wedding was connected to his past. He was going to bring each one of them there eventually.
But all their answers came up the same. They refused to attend.
Instead, they were only interested in the place he was going to bring them.
Yang Chen could only smile bitterly. They had absolutely no care for his wedding but were still interested in its venue.
Taking this into consideration, Yang Chen decided to send them over after the wedding. He needed Lin Ruoxi’s permission of course, and he would only send for them after their honeymoon.

Meanwhile in Beijing, Guo Xuehua had been looking forward to meeting them for days. The moment Yang Chen called her, she was so excited she volunteered to pick them up from the airport herself.
But when she told Yang Gongming, he frowned at her idea.
“They have come back to visit their elders, why would you go and pick them up?” With that, Guo Xuehua withdrew her offer.
Yang Chen found that old man to be such a stubborn person. But who was he to judge? Plus it made things slightly more interesting in the clan.
Yang Chen didn’t really care about the wealth nor power of the Yang clan. He was more concerned about the influence they held over the lives of his family.
The next day, Yang Chen boarded the plane to Beijing with Lin Ruoxi. Their flight lasted for two hours.
Guo Xuehua couldn’t come herself but she did ensure that they were escorted the moment they arrived at the gate.
The Yang clan was a military family so keeping a low profile was customary. Plus, Yang Chen’s return wasn’t really something they could brag about.
Lin Ruoxi wore a blue ruffled skirt from Bottega Veneta matched with high-heeled boots from Ferragamo. Her hair was neatly combed behind her back, which made her seem very docile and refreshing.
She had tried her best to make herself presentable as this was her first time going back to his home.
Because they were at the airport, Lin Ruoxi put on a pair of Gucci sunglasses to cover her bare but still attractive facial features.
However, nothing she did would ever be enough to hide her alluring appearance.
She tried to keep a low profile but her glamorous aura was doing the opposite, attracting gazes from the people around.
Lin Ruoxi had no choice but to link arms with Yang Chen and kept her head low the whole time.
Yang Chen shook his head and smiled bitterly. Lin Ruoxi’s outfit was around forty to fifty thousand yuan. Plus, Beijing was filled with materialistic people so it was impossible for her not to garner attention.
If Yang Chen wasn’t strong enough, he probably wouldn’t be able to protect a rich woman like her.
Lin Ruoxi wanted nothing more than to just leave the airport. She was starting to get nervous from all the stares. But just as she passed by a shop, she immediately froze in her tracks.
“What’s wrong?” Yang Chen turned around in confusion.
Lin Ruoxi raised her hand and pinched her fingers together.
She frowned and mumbled to herself, “Oh no.”
“Did you forget something in the plane?” Yang Chen probed her.
Lin Ruoxi shook her head and pouted. “Hubby, don’t you know what day is it today?”
“Our anniversary?” Yang Chen blinked. “But didn’t we just celebrate it a while ago? Has it been another year already?”
“Of course not!” Lin Ruoxi glared at him. “It’s Mom’s birthday!”
“Mom?” Yang Chen was shocked. “I didn’t know that! She didn’t tell me!”
“Why would she have told you herself?” Lin Ruoxi chided him. “I have to get her a present. Let’s have a look at this shop. Something is better than nothing.”
Yang Chen didn’t mind and joined her in the shop.
There wasn’t anything worth buying other than overpriced souvenirs in the shop.
Lin Ruoxi frowned even harder. She was getting more anxious as time passed. “What should we do? How about we stop by at a mall on the way back?”
Yang Chen smiled when he saw how nervous she was feeling. “It’s just a gift. It doesn’t matter what we get for her. It’s the thought that counts.”
“Our wedding is also a formality. Would you tell me that it’s only the thought that counts too?” Lin Ruoxi rolled her eyes.
Yang Chen stuttered and scratched his head. He looked around and his eyes brightened when he saw something.
Yang Chen grinned as he picked up the gift to show Lin Ruoxi. “Just get this, she’ll definitely like this.”
Lin Ruoxi was suspicious of him. “Are you sure?”
“Is she your mom or my mom?”
“Of course she’s your mom.”
“Then listen to me,” Yang Chen said while walking up to the cashier.
Lin Ruoxi made a face but said nothing.
The moment they walked out of the airport, one of the Yang clan’s guards walked up to them immediately. He was dressed in a casual suit to avoid drawing attention.
They drove off to the Yang clan’s mansion which was located in the military zone.
When they reached, Lin Ruoxi held onto Yang Chen’s arms tightly with sweaty palms.
Yang Chen hugged her shoulders and comforted her. “Why are you so nervous? Haven’t you met the old man before? He’s quite nice.”
“What do you even know?” Lin Ruoxi complained. “I’m worried about you.”
“Me?” Yang Chen did not know where she was coming from. “What's there to worry about? I’m just bringing you home. We can stay for as long as you feel comfortable. It’s not like we’re going into a dungeon.”
“What if your father is there? How are you going to talk to him?”
Yang Chen stopped in his tracks. He did not consider the possibility of him being home. Somehow Yang Chen never thought that he would see him since Yang Pojun was always at the military zone in Jiangnan.
Yang Chen contemplated for a while and said, “He is neither related nor an enemy to me. I’ll do what is necessary to account for Mom’s feelings.”
Lin Ruoxi sighed. “I was also wondering if Yang Lie would be here. I’m sure you took a lot of precautions before coming to Beijing. I just hope that things will go on smoothly.”

Yang Chen’s eyes flashed with an unreadable emotion but he remained silent.

About an hour later, the car had arrived in front of an ancient looking mansion.
On top of the main door, there was a plaque inscribed with the phrase ‘Yang Residence’. They had finally reached their destination