The hall was packed with people anticipating Yang Chen’s arrival.
All of them held different facial expressions as they greeted one another. 
On the surface, they might seem friendly enough. But underneath the plastic smiles and warm handshakes were very different thoughts altogether.
They each grabbed their respective seats and the maids began to serve them tea.
The left side of the hall was occupied by the clan, political and military leaders, whereas the right side of the hall was occupied by those who were neutral to the Yang clan.
Amongst the people on the right were representatives of the other clans and military leaders who were not under the command of the Yang clan.
Their assistants and guards stood behind them with a stoic expression.
They chatted casually among themselves to lighten the atmosphere as they waited for Yang Chen’s arrival.
“Vice Minister Liu. Your attendance was quite unexpected. You must really value the Young Master.” A chubby bald man chuckled.
Opposite him was a slender and tall soldier, the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Defense, Liu Bingxun. He blew on his tea and looked towards the man with a fake smile. “He’s the grandson of Master Yang. He has been the highlight of several stories recently. I’ve been looking forward to meeting him.”
“Oh ya, Vice Minister Liu, I’ve heard from others that the businessman whom Ministry of Defense caught, was actually captured by the Young Master.” A bearded man inquired curiously.
Liu Bingxun nodded his head. “That’s right. I am here to express my gratitude.”
“I suppose so. I also heard that he was one of the Young Master’s father-in-law.” The man snickered.
People began to question amongst themselves. “One of his fathers-in-law? How so?”
The bearded man answered nonchalantly, “Haven’t you heard? I’ve heard stories he’s got enough lovers to form a football team.”
Most of them were aware of this but laughed along anyway.
“Looks like he’s really different from Commander Yang Pojun. I suppose it was to be expected seeing as he had been missing for more than twenty years.”
“I wonder what Master Yang thinks of this, that the Yang clan has such a ‘wonderful’ descendant…”
Those who weren’t part of the Yang clan snickered alongside the military leaders who were foes of Yang clan.
Whereas the clan leaders face darkened, including Liu Bingxun, the Vice Minister of Ministry of Defense.
At this time, a few servants walked up to them.
They brought along with them camera equipment and tripod stands, positioning them by the door.
The bald man stood up to yell, “What are you doing?! Who gave you permission to film us?”
The servants answered awkwardly, “Minister Chen, our Young Master ordered us to do so.”
The bald man frowned. “Young Master? You mean Yang Chen? Where is he? Why isn’t he out yet?”
Around this time, a lazy voice rang out from behind the hall. 
“Eh, you’ve never met me and yet you are dying to see me. Is there a closet you have yet to come out of?”
Yang Chen walked forward with a huge innocent grin on his face, accompanied by Yan Sanniang.
He then sat on Yang Gongming’s usual seat.
The atmosphere suddenly became quiet and the clan leaders stared at him curiously, confused at the same time.
On the other hand, Minister Chen and those on his side frowned in displeasure.
“You…you are the eldest grandson of Master Yang, Yang Chen?”. “Why are you the only one here? We’re here to pay Master Yang a visit.” Minister Chen was not happy.
Yang Chen was confused. “Pay him a visit? Are you hoping for him to fall sick?”
“What nonsense are you sprouting! Minister Chen doesn’t mean that.” A soldier raised his voice at Yang Chen.
Yang Chen smiled. “I knew it. Why are you guys here to visit him if he isn’t sick? Are you hoping for him to fall sick? Do you guys hate him or something?”
“You…you are twisting my words!” Minister Chen yelled. “We have nothing but the highest respect for Master Yang. Where’s your respect for him? You’re already sitting in his chair despite having been missing for over twenty years!”
Yang Chen frowned and asked, “Why can’t I sit here?”
“Hmph, the four clans are the foundation of Beijing and the whole of China, and you have only made your presence known for the lesser part of two years. Do not assume that you can do as you please here in Beijing.” Minister Chen lifted his chin cockily.
“That’s right, why isn’t Master Yang here to meet us? Is Yang clan looking down on us? We might not be as powerful but that is no reason to look down on us.” The bearded man agreed with him.
Yang Chen grinned and turned to ask Yan Sanniang, “Granny Yan, who are they?”
Yan Sanniang slowly informed him. “Young Master Chen, this is Minister Chen from the Ministry of Public Administration. Mr Zhao, secretary of the CPPCC. And the rest of them are…”
“That’s enough.” Yang Chen smiled. “I know enough to assume that they aren’t random strangers but only public servants.”
Minister Chen and Mr Zhao were shocked at first but soon turned crimson out of anger immediately. How were they even remotely close to random strangers?!
On the other hand, Liu Bingxun and the clan leaders were secretly enjoying the situation.
Liu Bingxun got up and said, “Young Master, I’m the Vice Minister of Ministry of Defense, Liu Bingxun. I would like to thank you for your help with the criminal you caught.”
Yang Chen waved his hands. “You guys are on my side, right?”
His question was so direct and straightforward. He didn’t even bother to sugarcoat it which shocked everyone.
They were all so used to beating around the bush. Yang Chen had done the complete opposite where he went ahead and asked them to choose their sides.
Liu Bingxun exchanged looks with others. They were not expecting this.
Finally, an elderly walked up to him and smiled. “Young Master, we are indebted to Master Yang.”
Yang Chen tried to stifle his laughter. They were really good at beating around the bush. But it didn’t matter as long as they chose their sides.
After that, he turned around to face Minister Chen. “I’m a simple person. I simply cannot stand beating around the bush. Are you here to befriend me or cause trouble?”
“Young Master, I think you’ve been influenced too heavily by movies.” Mr Zhao snickered. “What makes you think we have come here to form factions? We’re here to confirm if the eldest grandson of the Yang clan lives up to the rumours we have heard. Whether or not he has a messy personal life and personality.”
Yang Chen snickered. “Can I assume that you have your answer?”
“Of course we do.” Minister Chen snorted. “Young Master, may I ask if you have any relations with the criminal’s daughter? The very same one who was captured for treason?”
Yang Chen raised his eyebrows. “You must have done your research, judging from the way you asked this question. That’s right, An Xin is my lover.”
“Alright, that’s the first question.” Minister Chen continued to ask, “From what I know, you don’t have a good relationship with Commander Yang Pojun and General Yang Lie, am I right?”
Yang Chen snorted. “That’s true. But I have no relations with them. Do you guys know where Yang Lie is? I’ve been wanting to kill him.”
“What a malicious child!”
One of the men from the opposing side stood up and lectured him. “You don’t deserve to be in the Yang clan! Your personal life is a mess and you’re related to a criminal. You’re not even on good terms with your own father and brother! Not to mention the fact that you are out for his blood!”
“He’s right. You might be the descendant of Yang clan but you’re a disgrace to the family and don’t deserve to be here!” Someone else agreed with him.
Mr Zhao said, “I think we have to invite Master Yang out. I strongly believe that he was sent by other countries to destroy China. We simply cannot hand the Yang Clan over to him.”
They all agreed to him and continued to condemn Yang Chen.
Those who were on Yang Chen’s side felt sorry for him. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. 
Although it was normal for a clan member to have more than one lover or be enemies with their brothers, admitting it publicly was pretty much taboo.
Any misfortune that occurred would not be easily settled as it was a battle of politics, power, and fame.
Yang Chen might have great capabilities but it didn’t mean that he was going to be a great clan leader.
Yang Chen watched them speak with a calm expression. He waited until they were red in the face before he made his move. Yang Chen dug his ears and grinned, “Are you guys done talking?”
The people in attendance had no idea what Yang Chen was planning.
“If you’re done, let’s get down to business.” Yang Chen smirked and walked towards Minister Chen who was the nearest to him.